Prenatal Care for Abnormalities, Birth Defects while 10 Weeks Pregnant


At 10 weeks pregnant, your baby has officially become a fetus from being an embryo. Your baby is now as big as a kumquat fruit, measuring about 1 1/2 inches from crown to rump and weighs less than 4g. During this 10 weeks pregnant time, your small one is becoming more active, swallowing fluid and is kicking more.

Your Baby’s Development

External progress

10 weeks pregnant

Your baby is growing on a fast pace, and this week, he is now a fetus, which means his tissues and body organs will begin to grow and mature. The internal organs such as the main organs, brain, intestines, liver and kidneys are also beginning to work well. For the next three weeks, your baby will grow larger.

Other noticeable changes are toenails starting to form and his fingers and toes are no longer webbed; peach fuzz on his skin and becoming translucent and eyelids fuse, which serves as the protection of the eyes. It will not open until you’re on your week 26 of pregnancy.

If you talk to your baby while he is still inside your womb, your baby will be able to hear you since the inner part of his ears are now functioning. Neurons are also now extending to the spinal cord, spine outline can now be seen and the basic divisions of the brain are present. Your baby is also capable now to bend his arms at the elbows while his fingers are now distinguishable.

The small heart is also now completely developed and is beating two to three times faster than yours. Within this week, your baby will also be able to swallow fluid as well as produce digestive juices while his kidneys are producing larger quantities of urine. If you undergo ultrasound, your baby can be seen moving twitchy.

Internal progress

When it comes to the movements, your baby is making breathing movements although he still receives oxygen from the umbilical cord. The genitals are also continuously forming though, doctor will still not be able to determine your baby’s just yet. In the mouth, your baby’s tooth buds are forming as well, his jawbones, bones, and cartilage are growing and forming indentations on the legs while his hair is also beginning to sprout. His head bulges, but it is not permanent, it will change over the course of the weeks.

Your Body Changes at 10 Weeks Pregnant

Generally speaking

On the 10th week of your pregnancy, again and again, early pregnancy symptoms always show up. These symptoms are caused by pregnancy hormones, making many changes on your body system. Though you’re still not used to nausea, vomiting and morning sickness, now you have to, as you will experience these in the next weeks. You will also experience digestive problems including constipation due to pregnancy hormones affecting the smooth muscles.

Looking at your tummy, you’ll see that your waist is thickening and have a slight roundness in your lower abdomen. Your uterus is expanding, accommodating your baby who is growing inside. This week, your belly has now a similar size to that of a small grapefruit. If you closely feel it, your uterus is now above the middle of your pubic bone.

Another thing that you will notice on your body is the veins on your breasts and abdominal skin area. There are expanded network of veins that is working to carry the increased blood supply for your baby to be nourished. In the coming weeks of your pregnancy, the vein that is appearing on your hands and feet will become larger because when you are pregnant, there is an increasing level of blood volume. Your veins are working hard to keep up. While these blue veins quite not look good on you, once you give birth to your little one, they’ll just disappear as well as if you're no longer breastfeeding.

Your weight will also increase to one to three pounds, but you will feel you’ve gained more than that. Again, bloated feeling is still there, however on the end of your first trimester, these pregnancy symptoms including morning sickness, will become less intense. Other pregnancy symptoms you will still feel this week are feeling sick, tired, or lightheadedness.

Hormones check

On your first trimester, your breasts will be busier preparing for breastfeeding. The pregnancy hormone, progesterone develops milk glands, while estrogen stimulates growth of the milk ducts. Because of this, you will notice that your breasts are swollen and tender and that your bra size expands to 1 or 2 bra cup sizes. Another thing you will notice is that your nipples are more erect, darker and get larger, and veins are now darker. The pregnancy hormones are making the said changes to make sure your baby will find them easily.

What to Think and Do this Week

You should now meet your midwife. From your first appointment, you and your health care provider will discuss a lot of things making 10 antenatal appointments. Before you see them, take time to list your questions and concerns regarding your pregnancy.

You may also request for other tests to see and monitor your baby’s development. Your midwife may offer you to for a nuchal translucency scan to screen for Down's syndrome. Other tests are Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS), which can detect birth defects and abnormalities such as Down’s syndrome. However, this test will be offered to you if the screening test resulted high risk of the said abnormalities.

Now that you have reached your tenth week of your pregnancy, visit your health care provider regularly for checkups. You may also want to bring your husband with you to make sure he understands and knows as well about the development of your baby. Though, your baby bump is not yet that big, this is also the time for you to start shopping and personally choose maternity clothes.

As your pregnancy progresses at 10 weeks pregnant and your baby is rapidly growing, make sure you have the healthy foods to eat for your baby’s health and also to have nutrients for your own welfare. Remember that your baby is dependent on you to get all the nourishment he need for his development.


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