Do Non-exhaustive Pregnant Exercises while You’re 14 Weeks Pregnant


At 14 weeks pregnant, your baby is now measuring 3 1/2 inches and weighs 1 1/2 ounces, about same size of a lemon. Seems like your baby is busy growing bigger and faster! And major developments on your little one’s body continue. Being 14 weeks pregnant is also your second week of your second trimester. You can now relax and be used to the changes brought by pregnancy symptoms!

Your Baby’s Development this Week

General info and external changes

14 weeks pregnant

When you are 13 weeks pregnant, your baby is now capable of doing amazing and cute things. If you could peek through inside your womb, you will see that your baby is squinting, making a frown and grimace faces as well as thumb sucking. This is because your baby’s brain impulses and tiny nerves are working on his facial muscles, making your little one do those cute facial expressions.

Being 14 weeks pregnant, your baby’s facial muscles are beginning to develop and becoming more flex. You may be able to see these things when you go for an ultrasound. The ears and eyes are shifting to their final settled locations.

Your baby’s body is now getting bigger in a fast pace and is stretching out, while his head slows down to give way. 

The arms are growing long and are now proportion to the rest of his body, while his legs are still lengthening. His neck is getting longer as well, aiding his head to stand more erect.

His thin skin is now covered with downy hair called lanugo which will eventually go away before birth. Your baby’s hair is also starting to sprout and grow on his head as well as the hairs on his eyebrows. However, the color and texture of the hair will soon change after his birth. He is now ready to punch as he is already capable of making a fist and clench (but not yet in full force punch!).

If you could look on your baby’s fingers, you’ll be able to see that your baby now has fingerprints. While inside, he is constantly making jerky twitchy movements, but you can’t still feel anything right now, even if he throws punches and kick. His hands and feet are becoming more flexible as well as active.

Internal changes

His body organs such as his kidneys are already functioning now, producing urines into the surrounding amniotic fluid. Your baby’s intestines are also already in place, his liver is already secreting bile, which will make your baby be able to digest fats, his spleen is also beginning to produce red blood cells, and his pancreas are already producing insulin – a hormone responsible of converting sugar to energy.

At this point, your baby is fully developed and becoming bigger. His body system is also becoming more operational and is still expanding. Your baby’s heart beats twice as fast as yours and is completely normal for a developing baby. Other developments this week include some changes on the digestive system, meconium being produced by the intestines which is the waste. After birth, it will create the first bowel movement.

Your Body Changes at 14 Weeks Pregnant

As your baby is making significant developments inside you, your body is also making changes to accommodate him. But now that you are on your second trimester, this may be every pregnant woman’s awaited week – pregnancy symptoms continue to subside. You will be feeling livelier after all the pregnancy discomforts from last trimester (at least just for a moment). As these early pregnancy symptoms are almost gone, you may notice that your breasts aren’t much tender. You may also feel that you’re energetic and can do anything.

Some pregnancy discomfort may still linger such as morning sickness as well as frequent bathroom pee. Good thing, you will experience this less. Now’s also the time for you to get your maternity dress, the uterus is expanding out of the pelvic area and into your lower tummy. You might even be able to feel fundus which is the top of the uterus, if you press down just right on top of the pelvic bone in your lower stomach.

While most of the worst pregnancy symptoms are almost disappearing, another one adds. You will also experience round ligament pain as your uterine grows, feeling a sharp achy pain on your abdominal side area and it usually starts during this week. The reason why you feel this pain is because while your uterus is expanding, your supporting ligaments is stretching and thinning. Your weight then pulls the supporting ligament causing the said pain. Your waistline continues to thicken and may gain more weight.

You’ll also start craving for food or getting hungrier like you’re eating for two people. Other things you’ll notice is that your spots and freckles are getting darker. You may also see new moles on your body however, this is normal as there are still pregnancy hormone activities in your body.

What to Think and Do this Week

Now that you have regained energy and that you’re feeling healthy, this is also the perfect time for you to go on active lifestyle like doing pregnant exercises, non-exhaustive recreational activities or prenatal yoga. Yoga can help you gain more strength for your upcoming labor as well as develop your flexibility, agility, balance and posture more.

You may also do Kegel exercises which will also help you, strengthen the vaginal and perineal muscles as well as give you more control of your body such as pushing and lessen the tearing during birth. Other good activities that are right for you are water exercise, Pilates, walking in groups, or you can also enter a prenatal dance class.

This is also the right time for you to go out shopping and look for maternity dresses! Pick colorful maternity dresses that are right for any weather (always choose a dress that is comfortable for you to wear). While you’re still in a good mood and you’re mind is free from distress, you may also want to think of a good name for your baby. Take time to relax or plan something fun with your family and your friends while you're 14 weeks pregnant. This will help you ease your worry of what’s coming ahead of your pregnancy.


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