Less Pregnancy Symptoms Felt at 21 Weeks Pregnant


At 21 weeks pregnant, your baby is about the length of a carrot! He will weigh around three quarters of a pound and will be 10.5 inches long, although this may vary from one baby to another. He will also be starting to gain more weight. If you can take a peek of what’s inside, you will see that he’s starting to grow that chubby appearance while you’re 21 weeks pregnant and you’ll definitely notice that once you first set eyes on him!

What’s up with your Baby?

21 weeks pregnant

At this point, he will be more like Jackie Chan as he works on her martial arts and tries to kick all parts of your belly. The fluttering movements will now become full-fledged nudges! This will be exciting since you will be able to discover a pattern in his movements as you try to know him better.

There will be eyebrows and eyelids. He will also experience his first blink when you are 21 weeks pregnant! Your baby will develop his taste buds and so he will be able to taste a wide variety of flavors, which can vary on the food that you eat and what’s going into the amniotic fluid. His eyelids are sealed but his eyes are now active.

Your little bundle of joy will look different at this point as he will get a coating of white substance known as Vernix Caseosa.

This waxy fluid will protect his body from the effects of amniotic fluid. Once your baby is born, you might be able to see some of it on his body.

Every second of the day, he should be able to start on his project of putting on more weight. Amniotic fluid will be drunk regularly for nutrition and hydration. He will urinate the fluid and even breathe it in and out. Well, you don’t have to worry about your baby drinking this fluid because fortunately, it refreshes itself in every three hours!

Your Personal Body Changes at 21 Weeks Pregnant

Being 21 weeks pregnant will give you the privilege of feeling comfortable. Possibly, you are not that big yet and the symptoms that are felt during the first trimester will be gone at this point, at least some of them.

Stretch marks however may appear on your butt, belly, thighs, breasts, and hips. They can come in pink, brown, red, or purple streaks. Do not worry because this is normal as your body expands and your belly and breasts start to grow. If there’s a consolation, it is the fact that only one among two women can experience stretch marks. You will likely become a candidate if you can see stretch marks on your mom’s belly.

The truth is that there is nothing you can do to prevent stretch marks although there is no harm in applying some good cocoa butter moisturizers. Although they can be depressing to look at but you shouldn’t worry too much about stretch marks since they do not last forever. Also, some women would consider these marks as their battle scars, so why should you fear it?

Furthermore, you will become more susceptible to varicose veins at this point. Since your baby bump is growing, your body will have to deal with an increased pressure on the veins of the legs. It is typical for a woman to develop varicose veins if her family members have it too.

Activities to Indulge In

Support group

When you are 21 weeks pregnant, you should start to book your antenatal class in case you like to attend one. Talk to your midwife as she will likely have some information about some free local groups that you can join to.

Several pregnant women admit that they were able to find lasting friendships at their antenatal groups. So if you want to create a support group with people who could understand what you are dealing with at the given moment, this will be an excellent group to join to. It is also a way to guarantee that your little one will have lots of same age playmates in the future!


You should still be able to do some pregnancy exercises but be sure to go for low impact movements like yoga, swimming, or walking. Be extra careful at this point because you will become more susceptible to injuries as your ligaments start to relax.

Other activities

If you find yourself absent mindedly caressing your bumps, do not hinder yourself. In fact, you should stroke your bump more often when you are 21 weeks pregnant. Why? Your baby can hear and feel you at this point. So go on and talk to him since he will likely hear your voice and recognize it once he is born.

You can start to read story books or sing lullabies. You can sing nursery rhymes to your bump or play classic music. If you are observant enough, you will see that there are certain tunes that will make your growing baby become more active. But remember that talking or caressing is an activity that even dads can participate to. So invite your husband to share the moment with you as it will become a great way to bond with your little one.

Every woman should understand the benefits of moving more while they are pregnant, and it should be done from the first to the last trimester of pregnancy. To help build your endurance, it is best to do long walk outside. You can also use a treadmill when exercising but just take extra precaution to prevent falling. In order to keep your pelvic and uterus muscle toned, you can do Kegel exercises.

Final word

In case your doctor advised you to avoid sexual intercourse because of the risks of preterm labor, you can talk to her about positions that may still be safe for you.

At 21 weeks pregnant, your belly will become more distinct and your growing baby will have more rooms for growth. So give yourself a pat on the shoulder for the job well done. Reward yourself with some treats. How about a good prenatal massage? Or how about a good movie date with your husband?


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