Swelling Fingers at 22 Weeks Pregnant


Your baby is as big as a spaghetti squash at 22 weeks pregnant! He could be around 11 inches and weigh almost a pound. If you can take a peek of him, you will see that he’s starting to look like a miniature newborn. You will be able to see his cute lips, eyebrows, and eyelids that are more distinct at this point. He will even have his tiny tooth buds! At 22 weeks pregnant, his eyes are formed although those tiny little irises still lack pigment.

Your Developing Baby

At this point, the brain has entered a phase of very fast growth. He will be five months at this point and his fingernails are fully grown. The organs are functional and by now, he will have those cute little lips already. His molars and canines are coming below her gum line. 

His blood is now travelling through the umbilical cord to supply nutrients and oxygen. It will be such a joy to know that your baby looks like a miniature newborn by now.

Your baby has eyebrows and eyelashes too, and they are well formed. There will even be hair on top of his head! But one thing that will amaze you is that the hair has no pigment yet, so it will be bright white.

He will develop his sense of touch while you’re 22 weeks pregnant. His grip will be more developed that there will be times when he will have to grab the umbilical cord. His sight is also getting better that he will be able to perceive light and dark more distinctly than before. But since it is too dark inside your belly, it will mostly be dark for your little one unless you direct a flashlight on your belly. He will also start to hear your voice, your stomach, and even his own heartbeat!

How Your Life is Changing at 22 Weeks Pregnant

Being sensitive

People will start noticing your baby bump and although they do not mean any harm, it is okay to tell them to stop if you are getting uncomfortable with their gestures. If some would notice that you are getting bigger or that you are too small for a 22 week pregnant woman, you should not worry because each pregnancy is unique and different women may have different experiences.

Stretchmarks and getting bigger

If you are prone to developing stretch marks, they could start showing at this point. You can have pink or dark brown marks, which will vary depending on your skin color. You will also realize that although stretch marks often appear on one’s tummy, you could have it on your thighs, buttocks, breasts, hips, and any part of the body.

At this point, different changes may occur to your body. As your belly grows, you may soon realize that your breasts are also growing!

Hairs all over!

During the 22nd week of pregnancy, you may be shedding hair much slower than usual. So if you enjoy getting a thick hair then this is a time to rejoice. If however you hate the idea of getting unruly hair then have a stylist work on a solution. Remember that these changes aren’t going to last forever so the best thing that you can do now is to enjoy.

Amazing, you too will realize that the hair on top of your head aren’t the only one growing because even those on other body parts will start to grow rapidly! Androgen, which is a sex hormone, can push the hair to sprout on areas of your body like the upper lips, chin, cheeks, and jaw. Other parts of your body like the arms, belly, back, and legs can experience this change. If you are worried that your body hair start to grow uncontrollably then you can always try waxing, shaving, and tweezing.

Aside from your hair, your fingernails will also grow faster and changes in their texture can occur. There are those who complain that their nails become more brittle during pregnancy but there are those who enjoy harder nails.

Skin changes

When you are 22 weeks pregnant, some skin changes can also happen. Many women love the idea that their skin becomes silkier and smoother during pregnancy. There are also some who suffer a different fate since there are women who may experience aggravate of annoying skin conditions like acne. If you are dealing with the latter then you can ask your doctor’s advice of which acne-fighting product you can use.

Speaking of skin changes, skin discolorations can also occur. The increased melanin on your body can darken some area of your face. The thing to remember is that this condition can get worse if you spend too much time under the sun. In order to protect you, it is best to apply sunscreen that provides both UVA and UVB protection. Also, avoid sun exposure during peak hours.

What You Can Do Now

At 22 weeks pregnant, you will see that your fingers can start to swell. If you are wearing rings, it is best to take them off right now. If you do not like to remove your wedding band from your body then you can just put it on a necklace that you can wear.

It is also best to be more active on your childbirth lessons. Take the time to really attend the classes. This is the perfect time to understand the lessons and advises by heart. You can also find a friend who can share the same pregnancy pains and joys with you.

This time will truly be an exciting moment of your pregnancy so bask in the moment. Do the best that you can to enjoy it. Although there are changes that may not be as pleasurable as you expected your life to be now that you are 22 weeks pregnant, but remember that those things will not last forever. Sooner or later, you will be back on your usual body shape and size. So the best thing to do now is to enjoy the moment. After all, you are past half your pregnancy journey!


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