23 Weeks Pregnant: Bigger and Heavier Mommy Plus Baby


At 23 weeks pregnant, the average size of your baby is about 10.5 to 11.8 inches – probably same size of a large grapefruit and weighs over a pound. As days pass, you’ll feel that your baby starts to punch or kick you and that is a great symptom because it only means that you have an active baby inside your womb while you’re 23 weeks pregnant.

How’s he/she doing Inside?

Well, if you’ll have an ultrasound at 23 weeks pregnant, you’ll see that your baby looks like a tiny baby doll. Cute, isn’t it? At this point, your baby still has this wrinkly skin as skin develops quicker than fats. He looks quite reddish as blood are too visible due to his very thin skin which can be compared to cellophane. His lungs are now starting to mature because blood vessels start to develop preparing for his breathing.

Pneumocytes are a type of cell that starts to develop around the lungs of your baby as well as the small capillaries which are also taking its form.

Attached to your uterine wall is the placenta which is responsible in filtering all the nutrients and toxins that goes to your baby. This also serves as a protective shield from all the infections your baby can get. The placenta plays a very crucial role between you and your little joy, and one more thing that helps is the amniotic fluid that is inside it.

Your baby has started to have his own sleeping cycle. Don’t be alarmed if at day he’s not so active because he might be resting or sleeping and he may be mostly awake during night time. When he’s asleep and you are doing something that requires moving, you might wake him up. But that varies from one baby to another.

His senses are more sensitive – can now hear you and everything around him. He may get familiar with everything he hears – from your voice to your everyday music (if you’re into music). So, it would be better if you start reading him some bedtime stories or talk to him frequently. You may not see him respond but sometimes you may feel it. And this can give you more excitement.

Your Body at 23 Weeks Pregnant

As your bump becomes bigger and bigger, your body is also adding up more weight. Every week, you should be gaining a pound or two depending on your lifestyle and diet.

Your feet and ankles as well as legs may be swollen. This is actually normal because it means that you are retaining more water in your body. You may also feel breathless as your organs adjust to make room for your baby. Frequent trips to the washroom from dusk till dawn will be part of your routine as your bladder is squeezed too.

Activities that can Benefit You and Your Baby

One of the things that you can do especially if you are not working at the moment is to do some gentle pregnancy exercises. This won’t do any harm as long as you take some precautionary measures. You may try to have a little walk every sunset or try to enroll in a yoga class that caters to pregnant women. Doing this can help you to learn how to breathe properly and improve fitness.

Who says you can’t go to spas? Well, you can really hang out there and pamper yourself. Lay yourself down and relax yourself as you get some facial. Though this type of relaxation is permitted, never forget that there are some products that can be harmful to you. Also, if you are sensitive to some aromas, you can always request for aroma oils that has no scents at all.

Some Tips that can Help You

There would be a day that you feel like you are so restless, but there is nothing to worry about as this is normal. Just take a lot of rest but don’t forget to walk around so that your blood will circulate just right. Also, you may experience indigestion and heartburn. Eating small meals every day, avoiding spicy and oily food can reduce heartburn and indigestion.

Sometimes your body temperature changes and it may cause uneasiness on your part. At night you may feel extra warm, and at times you may feel very cold. Just make sure that you cope up with your body so that you would be comfortable enough.

When sleeping, you may feel weak when you sleep on your back; it is recommended that you lie on your left side as this can let your blood flow freely to your organs. If you are experiencing pelvic pains, try using a pregnancy pillow which you can put under your bump for comfort.

Avoid standing or sitting for a long period of time; you can put your feet up while sitting to bring more comfort to you.

Since you are prone to urinary tract infection as your bladder is working triple than usual, drink more water to flush out those toxins from your body.

Avoid being stressed out because that can affect your baby. Try to be more cheerful – point is to do what makes you happy. You’ll have a little angel on your way and being problematic will just ruin your mood and your baby’s.

What Your Husband can Do

Your husband also plays a big role especially during your pregnancy. It would be better if he’s available when you attend your yoga classes, or accompany you when you shop for your clothes as well as your baby’s needs. He’s also a big help when it comes to how you feel – like when you’re feeling down and you’re having a bad day, him being an understanding partner can be of great help.

Let him tag along when you’re having your prenatal checkups at 23 weeks pregnant, or every checkup, and always update him of everything that matters to you and your pregnancy so that he would be aware of all the things that are happening to you and your baby. That way, he will be more involved and he will really feel that soon he’ll be a daddy.

Things you need to know during 24 weeks pregnant.


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