24 Weeks Pregnant: Avoid Preterm Labor


Now that you are 24 weeks pregnant, you will definitely notice the rapid changes that are happening to your body. As for your baby bump, it is very visible now, sitting above your belly button about one to two inches at 24 weeks pregnant.

Your Baby’s Stats

24 weeks pregnant

The size of your baby resembles to an ear of a corn. On the average, your baby weighs about 600 grams and his length around 12 inches. Hair starts to grow on his head, eyelashes would be visible as well as his eyebrows.

His lungs are now more mature than last week, which means he will be breathing air more than fluid. Still, he has wrinkly skin but his translucence will lessen eventually. The brain starts to grow quickly by now and his taste buds are becoming better.

Your baby’s footprints and hands are slowly forming. Isn’t it exciting?

Your baby is more active, responding to your voice by kicking or punching your tummy.

Let your husband talk to your baby and see if your little one also responds!

Your Condition at 24 Weeks Pregnant

Because you are now 24 weeks pregnant, your bump is too obvious to not be noticed. Your tummy is like a size of volleyball, and sometimes you can’t stop yourself from caressing it.

Since you are approaching your third trimester, you might experience dental problems like bleeding gums. It is recommended that you visit your dentist frequently to make sure that your teeth and gums will be doing fine; taking care of them will save you from losing a tooth during pregnancy. Just don’t miss your daily ritual of brushing, flossing and splashing your mouth with a refreshing mouthwash.

GCT Test

Having a GCT (glucose challenge test) is one of the important matters during your pregnancy. This test will let you know if you have gestational diabetes, a condition prone to pregnant women. If this is left untreated, you may be at risk of having a difficult normal baby delivery, since too much sugar can cause your baby to grow too large, especially on its upper body.

However, worry not if you get a positive result on your GCT because that doesn’t always mean that you already have gestational diabetes. Further tests will be needed to confirm this condition. It is always best to consult your obstetrician to know more about your health.

Pregnancy indicators

More often than not, heartburn will be one of the causes of your discomfort. You may also feel dizzy or worse, you may faint out. For sure your healthcare provider has given you the right vitamins to take, so you should always take it on time and never miss if possible.

Only a few have suffered from morning, afternoon and evening sickness during this term, but if you are still experiencing this, just take a rest and eat small meals every 2-3 hours. Eating small meals will prevent you from puking and feeling dizzy.

Now that you start to feel your weight as you stand or sit, or even when you get up from your bed, it is always best to take care when moving around. Also, avoid rushing yourself when standing up because you might feel that rapid flush of your blood to your brain.

To Do’s

Now that you are nearing the third trimester of your pregnancy, preterm birth is one of the things that you do not want to happen. Ask your healthcare provider about the signs and symptoms of preterm labor so that you would be aware of yourself and can prevent this from happening. If ever your baby would be born now, his chance of surviving is 50%.

Here are some of the signs of preterm labor:

1. Vaginal bleeding / spotting
2. You feel pressure in your pelvis – like your baby is pushing himself down
3. Any discharge coming out of your vagina
4. Severe backache

Sometimes these signs are confusing but it is better safe than sorry. Ask your healthcare provider about Braxton Hicks contractions, as this may be the cause of these symptoms.

When you feel or see one or more of these signs, call your doctor immediately.

However, you may prevent a preterm delivery by avoiding alcoholic drinks, using illegal drugs and smoking. Also, avoid carrying heavy things or forcing yourself to do physical activities.

But what if your baby will be born this early? There were cases in which premature birth has happened, and there were babies who have survived along the way.

The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is where your baby is taken to stay for quite some time for extensive medical interventions. Though the chance of survival is only half of a hundred percent, the advance medical technology makes sure that every premature baby would live longer. However, parents are being advised by the doctors about the long-term problems that may happen to the baby.

Ready for Shopping?

Isn’t it exciting to shop for your baby? Well, since it is still early to shop for clothes, you can start buying necessary furniture for your baby’s nursery room. Start from choosing the best yet affordable crib, drawers for your baby’s clothes or baby dresser, baby highchair and other things, a cot, and most specially baby changing tables.

If you already have an existing nursery room, you may want to paint the walls with another color or change the interior design. There are plenty of tasks to do but remember, do not exhaust yourself. Call out some family or friends! It would be more fun to do some nursery room stuffs.

At 24 weeks pregnant, you may also shop for your baby’s essentials as early as now – like baby diapers, baby wipes, alcohol, baby stroller travel system and feeding bottles (in case you’re going to try mix feeding).

But if you are on a tight budget, it is better to save first for your delivery expenses especially if you are going to have a caesarian section. You may also start checking out some of the hospital near you for you to have an idea of their rates and get some feedbacks about them.


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