25 Weeks Pregnant: Important Test you need to Follow


Your little bundle of joy will be 13.5 inches at 25 weeks pregnant and weighs 1.5 pounds. At this point, his long and lean look is now changed to baby fat. He will also lose his wrinkled skin and will now smoothen out. He will be able to see better that he will be able to discern different colors and textures. His hair will be growing longer too when you’re 25 weeks pregnant!

The baby will be moving more frequently than before. You can see that he will respond to sound and touch too. In fact, a very loud noise can wake him up or make him kick or jump. This is such an amazing experience because you will be able to feel it.

At this point, the baby will be passing urine to the amniotic fluid. There will be times when the baby will get hiccups, and you will surely be able to feel the jerk.

He will continue to put on weight. In fact, he will be growing bigger very fast at this point. The lungs, brain, and the digestive system are formed, although they are not yet fully mature.

It will be such a joy to look at your baby at this point because he is looking more and more like a real baby! And yes, there will be hair too!

The Many Changes in You at 25 Weeks Pregnant

Amazingly, your baby isn’t the only one who’s growing more hair than usual. You too will see that your locks look fuller. However, it is not true that you are growing more hair, what is actually happening to your hair is its sticking around longer because of the hormonal changes taking place on your body.

So the best thing that you can do now is to enjoy the moment because those thick and lustrous locks won’t last that long! After childbirth, your usual hair’s look and texture will go back.

You will also realize your inability to move around more freely. Despite this, it is fine to continue with your pregnancy exercises but ask your healthcare provider’s go signal first. Also, it helps to follow basic safety rules. For one, never lie flat on your back. Do not exercise when you feel dizzy, there’s the presence of pain, or if you are having shortness of breath. Never ever go into an exercise where you might lose your balance.

At this point, it will be handy if you increase your water intake. It’s also advised that you visit your doctor regularly. For one, you will be asked to undergo a glucose screening test. You will be checked for anemia and the healthcare professional may prescribe you with an iron supplement when necessary.

What can You Expect during Your Visit to a Doctor?

Checking your baby

The doctor will have to check your little one’s movements. He will talk you through the need of counting your baby’s movement every day. Instructions will be given of what to do just in case the baby becomes less active.

He will also assess your baby’s heartbeat and will do an abdominal exam. This is needed to check your baby’s position and size. He will also look at your cervix, but do not worry because a pelvic exam is not something that should be done at every visit. In fact, not all healthcare providers will do it, not unless they suspect a preterm labor.

Checking yourself

You will be working carefully with your doctor as you go nearer and nearer childbirth. The doctor will ask you how you are feeling emotionally and physically. He may ask some issues that had been raised from your last appointment. He will also check whether you are having issues like unusual discharge, vaginal bleeding, contractions, headaches, or if you are feeling depressed or anxious lately.

At 25 weeks of pregnancy, the doctor will physically assess your wellbeing. He will look for signs of preeclampsia and may warn you against urinary tract infection. So do not be surprised if he checks your hands, your ankles, or even your face. He is just looking for some signs of swelling. Furthermore, he will likely take your blood pressure.

It is normal to have achy fingers, hands, and wrists at this point of pregnancy. This is because the carpal tunnel that carries the nerves and tendons are swollen. If this is something you can relate to, you can wear a brace to help alleviate your condition. You can ask your doctor for advice on how you can cope better with these bodily changes.

Tests to take

There will be tests that the doctor will ask you to do, here are some of them:

· Hemotocrit/Hemoglobin - This is a test done to check for anemia and it will likely be repeated during your third trimester.

· Gestational Diabetes Testing - You are lucky if at this point you get a normal result for your glucose screening because you are likely be freed from some trouble until you gave birth. In case you did not take this test yet, the doctor will ask you to do so at 25 weeks pregnancy.

· Tests for Sexually Transmitted Diseases - There will be times when a healthcare provider will do cervical cultures to look for gonorhhea or chlamydia. Also, your blood will be tested for the presence of syphilis. It is also advisable to be restested for HIV at this point in case you suspect that you’ve contracted one.

Final Word

Urinary Tract Infections or UTIs can be very common for 25 weeks pregnant. This condition can be caused by the failure to urinate promptly. One of the most common signs of UTI is the need to urinate frequently in urgency. It is normal to feel pain when urinating or you may complain that your urine has an unpleasant odour. It is best to call a doctor immediately if you suspect the presence of UTI.

There are warning signs to watch out for especially when you are 25 weeks pregnant, and high blood pressure is one of them. Also, watch out for severe itching which can be a sign of a rare liver disorder.


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