26 Weeks Pregnant: More Kicking and Moving


Time flies so fast, isn’t it? You’re already 26 weeks pregnant and by this time, your little one has developed more of its senses.

Your baby now weighs 2 pounds and measures 14 inches long. Your baby’s size is about a large kale. Since his ears are now fully developed (cochlea and peripheral sensory end organs), he can hear pretty much your voice as well as your partner’s because his sense of hearing has become more sensitive. At the end of this week, your baby’s alveoli (air sacs of the lungs) will be developed and will start to produce surfactant, a substance responsible for keeping the lung tissue to not stick together. His eyes are already opening but his sense of vision is not that developed yet.

Your baby may respond to the loud noises around you by giving you a solid kick or will have an increase in his pulse rate.

The amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby will be inhaled and exhaled by him, thus helping your baby’s lungs to be fully developed while you’re 26 weeks pregnant.

You at 26 Weeks Pregnant

You will now experience more sleeping difficulty. Try to ease your discomfort while sleeping by positioning at your left side. Lying on your back will give you and your baby more discomfort and this may place your uterus on a major artery which may cut off your blood flow.

If you are suffering from pregnancy insomnia, try to avoid drinking lots of fluids before going to bed. Also, a gentle dose of exercise can help you to have a comfortable nighttime sleep.

There will be times when you will feel very hot and sweaty. The remedies to these hot flushes are wearing loose clothes, bringing a cooling spray, and slurping lots of cool drinks.

Tummy talk

Now that your bump is growing only means that your tummy is already stretching out – you may experience itchiness around your stomach and your skin may dry out. Use products that are gentle to your skin, or you may try using organic skincare to avoid any irritations and pregnancy complications. If you are not sure about a certain product, ask your healthcare provider for guidance.

Sometimes you may see or feel your baby’s foot surfacing on your tummy and it’s all natural. But sometimes, the kicking may give you pain. Well, you have no choice but to endure this. However, this is a good sign that your baby is active. This also means that his nervous system is developing greatly and that his strong movements indicate that he is becoming more powerful. When your baby is kicking or punching hard, try changing positions or do some stretches.

Body alert

If you see that your eyes are puffy or your face is swollen, call your doctor immediately as you may be suffering from preeclampsia, a condition where your blood pressure reaches a high level. This is normally seen when you are 37 weeks pregnant. However, this may also happen earlier and is not a good sign. When you feel these symptoms – severe headache, abnormal vision (blurry vision, seeing flashing lights, or momentary loss of vision), strong pain or softness in your upper abdomen, or vomiting, your doctor is badly needed.

Because you have gained more weight, standing, walking or sitting for a while may bring pain or discomfort especially on your joints, legs and back. To relieve the pain, a hot compress or warm bath would be a good idea. You can also dip your feet into a basin with warm water in it to add more relaxation to your body.

Activities that You may Enjoy


Are you planning to go on a trip? Now is a good time to do it. However, you should know what to do when travelling. Check out the following for tips:

1. If you will be on the road for hours, make sure to stop every hour and do some walking to help you circulate your blood. Massage your legs and ankles to prevent them from swelling.

2. Put more leg room while in the car by pushing your seat back as far as you want.

3. Never miss a pee break to avoid any urinary infection, and this may also lessen the pain when you are trying to control your pee.

4. When using a seatbelt, put it below your belly and across your thighs just to be safe. It’s also more comfortable that way.

5. Bring some comfy pillow or anything that can support your back. A soft cushion is recommended for added comfort.

6. When travelling by plane, an aisle seat is better so you can walk around without any hassle.


Are you also starting to decorate your nursery room but on a tight budget? There’s lots of thrift shop around so it would not be a problem to shop for the necessary things for your nursery. You may try purchasing thru online websites to avoid the hassle of moving and walking around malls. Make sure you sanitize the second hand stuffs you have bought.

But always take extra care when buying second hand things. Cribs, baby car seat, mattress, strollers (like the lightweight baby stroller) should be bought brand new as you may never know what have happened to these things while they were with their previous owners as you may put your baby at risk. A hand-me-down breast pump is not recommended, too. It may have an issue on hygiene and cause you unwanted results.


Take time to look for a good pediatrician. Weeks are passing by so quickly that one day you’d wake up and it’s already time for you to give birth, and you still haven’t decided who would be your child’s pediatrician. Well, you may start by asking your family and friends if they can recommend a good one. It won’t bring you any harm if you try to research about some pediatricians while you’re 26 weeks pregnant. Looking for their patient’s feedbacks will always give you hints if they are worthy to be part of your big journey to motherhood.


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