27 Weeks Pregnant: Baby’s Auditory Development is Progressing


Big changes are happening to your little one while you are 27 weeks pregnant. By now, he weighs around 2 pounds and is about 14.5 inches. Brain tissues are developing which is why his brain is very active right now! His cute eyes can now be closed and opened, and will be waking and sleeping at a regular interval. He might even be sucking his thumbs at this very moment while you’re 27 weeks pregnant!

More Detail about Your Baby

27 weeks pregnant

Although his lungs have plenty of room to develop, they would be functioning really well once you reach your 27 weeks of pregnancy. You will feel more baby hiccups by now but you shouldn’t worry because each episode would only last a short period of time.

If you went into premature labor now, your baby would be cared for in a special care baby unit, and would have a very good chance of survival. His lungs are still developing, but would function with some medical assistance.

Do you know that at 27 weeks pregnant, your baby will be able to recognize his mommy’s voice? Auditory development is progressing rapidly at this point, although most of the sounds that he hears are muffled due to the vernix covering his ears. 

Despite this, this should be the perfect time to read and sing to your belly. So yes, this is the perfect moment to rush to the music store to get a pile of lullabies and nursery rhymes! It has been said that music aids a baby’s brain training.

The baby’s taste buds are highly developed at this point. In fact, he will have more taste buds now than he will ever have once he’s outside your womb. So if you eat your favorite dessert, your baby will be able to share the moment too! This should however be a reminder for you to eat healthy foods wherein you’ll be able to get nutrients from it. Want a proof of this? You can eat something spicy and later you will realize that your baby will respond to that spicy taste through a hiccup.

How’s Your Life at 27 Weeks Pregnant

Usual pregnancy symptoms

At 27 weeks of pregnancy, the second trimester is almost drawing to a close. Women often report that they start noticing new symptoms like aching back and muscle cramp at this phase of pregnancy. This may be due to the extra weight you will be carrying, plus, your growing uterus is adding more pressure to the veins.

The sad news is that the cramps can worsen as you progress with the pregnancy. If there’s any consolation though, it is the fact that leg cramps are only common at nighttime. When you have to deal with leg cramps, do not panic, instead stretch the calf muscle. You can also walk for a few minutes to alleviate the problem.

It is normal to experience an increase in appetite since your body is using more energy than before. Just be conscious of what you put inside your mouth, as the general rule, always eat healthy and be active.

When to be alarmed

Since there are different kinds of pains and aches that can happen during pregnancy, it is important to be vigilant. You should learn when to consider something as normal and when to be alarmed. Here are some signs of symptoms to watch out for, be sure to contact your healthcare provider if you experience any of them:

1. The baby is moving less than usual.

2. Severe abdominal pain or abdominal tenderness.

3. Watery discharge or vaginal bleeding.

4. Little urination or burning sensation when you urinate.

5. Severe vomiting, or if you vomit, you will experience pain or have fever.

6. Fever that is 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

7. Severe headache that won’t go away.

8. Headache that is accompanied by slurred speech, blurred vision, or numbness.

9. When you are experiencing blurred or double vision.

10. If you can see “floaters”.

When you suspect that something is wrong, call your healthcare provider right ahead. Never take any of these symptoms lightly. After all, you should take extra care of your health because it will have a direct effect on your baby.

Activities to Do

Breastfeeding class

A breastfeeding class is surely something that you can do when you are 27 weeks pregnant. If you are a first time mom who likes to breastfeed your baby, then a breastfeeding class is something to consider. Fortunately, help is just around the corner. You can ask your doctor or the midwife about a breastfeeding class that they can recommend.

Postpartum birth control

Although this may be the last thing on your mind right now but it helps if you can decide on your postpartum birth control as early as now. Although many would say that it is too early to decide about your birth control option after pregnancy, most experts agree that one should come up with a decision even before the baby arrives.

In case you like to go for a tubal ligation, please understand that most insurers will require you to sign a consent form 30 days before the procedure for it to be covered by insurance. So as early as now, you should be talking to your doctor or midwife about such preference.


You could also enroll yourself to a breathing exercise like pregnancy yoga to build your strength and readiness once the big day comes. In fact, you can share this moment with your husband as both of you discover the wonders of yoga.

Final Info

It is typical that you will be thinking more and more of childbirth. You will have a wide range of questions and thoughts of what delivery is like, especially if you are a first time mom! You can address all these concerns by starting with a birth plan.

Write down your wishes and plans. Who are the people you want to be with during childbirth? What kind of birthing process do you prefer?

You can also have a talk with your friends who recently had babies. Although some of them may talk about “horror stories” that you would rather not hear but they can actually serve as a lesson for you.

By learning something about others’ bad experiences, you will be able to prevent yourself from going through the same dilemma be it while you are 27 weeks pregnant or throughout your whole pregnancy.


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