28 Weeks Pregnant: Your Baby might be Dreaming


Once you’re 28 weeks pregnant, your baby will weigh 2.5 pounds and will measure 14.8 inches. He will be able to blink those cute little eyes, which now come with lashes! Because his eyesight is continuously developing, he will be able to see the light when you focus a flashlight on your womb.  

His brain will be developing thousands to millions of neurons. He will also add in more fat when you’re 28 weeks pregnant to prepare him for a life outside your tummy.

How’s Your Baby?

28 weeks pregnant

By now, the little boy should be settling into the right position for birth wherein his head will be facing downwards. He will be doing lots of works in a day like coughing, hiccupping, intense sucking, and of course, better breathing.

Do you know that at exactly this moment your baby might be dreaming? Your baby will be dreaming more and more as he reaches 28 weeks. 

Brain wave activity shows rapid eye movement in a developing baby, which is a signal that dreaming could be occurring.

Here’s a good tip: invite your husband to put his ear on your bump because he might just actually here the baby’s heartbeat! The heartbeat can be picked by a stethoscope too aside from a Fetal Doppler that is normally used during your midwife’s appointment. This will be such an exciting phase of pregnancy because lots of changes and development are likely to occur!

Watch Out For Preeclampsia

General info

The risk for preeclampsia can happen, it is said to affect 5 percent of pregnant women. Typically, a woman will be diagnosed with preeclampsia if she suffers from high blood pressure after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Other symptom must also be present to diagnose preeclampsia, which can be kidney abnormalities or the present of protein in your urine.

It is typical for women to develop mild symptoms of preeclampsia before their due date. Although a serious condition, preeclampsia can be a manageable case for moms and babies when proper care is done. But on those cases wherein preeclampsia is severe, it can cause damage to many organs and can even lead to life threatening problems.

Signs and symptoms

How would you know if you have preeclampsia? It is important for every woman to understand that this condition can come suddenly, so it is always safe to understand the signs and symptoms of this condition.

For one, swelling of the face and puffiness around the eyes can happen. For others, it could be the swelling of their hands, ankles, and feet. Some women complain of persistent headache, abrupt weight gain, change in vision like blurred vision, double vision, flashing lights, sensitivity to light, to temporary vision loss. Some signs of pregnancy like nausea and vomiting can also signal the present of preeclampsia. Furthermore, pain or tenderness of the abdomen should be something to watch out for.

There are cases though that preeclampsia can occur without any visible signs. In fact, most women would simply consider the symptoms of usual pregnancy worries. Because of this, several cases report that women were only able to understand what they are going through after their prenatal visit. For this, it is important not to miss any of your doctor’s appointment.

Can you prevent it

Sad to say, doctors have yet to discover ways on how to prevent preeclampsia but several researches were conducted on this area. For some, they are looking for the possibility of restricting salt intake, while others encourage the use of more calcium supplements and vitamins.

Studies also show that women who are in high risk of developing preeclampsia can manage the symptoms by taking low dose of aspirin. But again, never make it a habit to take any drug, including aspirin, when you are pregnant unless a doctor tells you so.

Activities for Moms at 28 Weeks Pregnant

Get a camera

Were you able to consider whether or not you like to record your childbirth through a video? If yes, were you able to get your batteries and camera ready? While phone cameras are good, you don’t want to rely on them when taking such an important milestone in your life. After all, phone cameras always run out of charge and they may not take the best quality video there is.

You may also want to get your camera ready after delivery. You will be spending lots of time just gazing at your beautiful baby, and so you may want to record this too! Also, do not forget to take videos of your visitors. Surely, you will be able to record precious laughter and giggle from them.

Deciding about circumcision

Another issue to consider is whether or not you want you baby to be circumcised after delivery; this is if you are going to have a boy. It is best to talk to your partner about this matter. Both of you should also talk to a pediatrician about such option. There are pros and cons involved, so weigh in the matter well.

Rh Vaccination

You should also learn about your rhesus status (Rh) at 28 weeks pregnant. It is critical to know this because if you are Rh negative and your baby happens to be Rh positive then you will need to have vaccinations with Rh-immune globulin, better known as RhoGAM.

Final say

On the other hand, there are some women who may complain that their breasts feel weird at this point of pregnancy. If you happen to find a lump, you shouldn’t worry too much. It is common for tender lumps to appear during the third trimester of pregnancy but remember that this thing should never be ignored. You can ask your health care provider for a breast exam during your next visit.

At this point, your baby will be absorbing iron better than before. Hence, it will be such a good idea to try iron-rich foods like beans, chicken, tofu, spinach, beef, and cereals. Just remember not to overindulge on something. Too much of anything can still be bad for you, no matter how healthy the food may be. The key to a good diet is balance.

At 28 weeks pregnant, different changes will happen to your body. But the most important thing to do is to enjoy the moment.


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