29 Weeks Pregnant: Plan Your Maternity Leave this Early


Now that you are 29 weeks pregnant, your baby is already 2 ½ pounds and measures 15 inches long or up to 17 inches if she could only stand. Your baby is about the size of a butternut squash, his head now becoming bigger to give space for his developing brain. His lungs also continue to mature while you’re 29 weeks pregnant.

Your Baby’s Progress

29 weeks pregnant

Your baby’s skin starts to smoothen out evenly as fats are already plumped inside your baby’s body. These fats help your baby to keep himself warm. The lanugo (your baby’s soft hair covering his body) is starting to disappear although you may still see some of it when you give birth. His eyes are completely developed this time – can you imagine what they are seeing now? Also, his eyelashes are fully grown.

The buds in your baby’s gums are starting to get ready for your little one’s permanent teeth.

Because your child needs the right nutrition for his development, you will also need a lot of iron, protein, folic acid and vitamin C. You also need to drink more milk to give adequate amount of calcium to your baby because an average of 250 milligrams of it is being absorbed by your baby’s hardening bones every day.

Even if your baby comes out as early as now, you will still be able to breastfeed him. The placenta in your womb will make estriol, an estrogen produced by the adrenal glands of your baby. The estriol helps in producing prolactin which is the main factor in producing your milk.

Your Everyday Life at 29 Weeks Pregnant

Breast info

Since prolactin is already present in your body, you may notice that your bra starts to dampen. This is because colostrum is already being secreted by your breasts. However, if you see that your breasts are leaking great amount of fluids, you may opt to use nursing pads just to avoid being wet all the time. Have you been sleepy this time? That is the effect of prolactin, so taking little naps is normal.

Check up

This time when you visit your OB Gynecologist, she will tell you to monitor your baby’s movement (number of kicks each day). She will give you certain instructions on how to do this. It is important that you tell your doctor immediately if you notice that your baby is being less active because you may have to undergo a non-stress test. Your doctor may recommend a biophysical profile too, just to make sure your baby is doing fine.

Food intake

Eating a large meal can cause your digestive system to slow down because your abdomen becomes crowded, the main reason you suffer from heartburn. Thus, resulting to another problem which is constipation. You can prevent heartburn by eating small amounts of food every 2-3 hours, and for constipation you may try eating food with high dose of fiber, drinking lots of water and doing your regular routine of pregnancy exercises.

Pregnancy symptoms

Bathroom trips would still be frequent. Also, check out if you have hemorrhoids, since this is common when pregnant. Call your healthcare provider immediately if you experience bleeding in your rectum.

You may experience more of leg cramps. Try to do some stretching once in a while to help you relax your muscles. Doing this especially before hitting the hay will give you much comfort. Though the medical experts don’t have an exact explanation on why this happens to pregnant women, their theory is that this is caused by your gaining weight.

Decisions, decisions

Have you decided when to take a maternity leave? You can take your leave anytime you want, especially if there are pregnancy complications that come your way during pregnancy and your doctor decided to put you on bed rest. Try to check your employee handbook or ask the Human Resource personnel to know about the rules and policies when taking a leave.

Talk with your boss regarding your upcoming decision. Always suggest something that you know can benefit you and your company. But before that, settle out plans so by the time you face your boss you already have something in mind.

You also have to decide who will be your birth partner when giving birth, if ever your husband won’t be available or would be late going to the hospital. Having a birth partner will increase your strength and will give you more courage during your labor and actual child birthing.

Do already have a name in mind? Don’t forget that days pass by so fast, and thinking over on what to name your little one can be time consuming especially if there are many people (family and friends) are suggesting on what to name your baby. Do it now while you still have a lot of time to spare. You can check out some baby book names or surf the internet to know what the trending names are!


You have to plan on how you will spend your time especially now that you are close to giving birth. You may shop for the essential things and stock them up because it will be long before you can go out for shopping when your little one already arrives.

So, here are the important things that you will need when your baby comes out during his first weeks:

1. Unscented baby wipes, anti-diaper rash cream, and baby diapers (you may try cloth and/or disposable)

2. Add these to your emergency first aid kit: thermometer and nasal aspirator

3. If you are going to breastfeed your baby, you can buy as early as now some milk storage bags

4. Laundry detergent (newborn friendly)

5. Nail clippers

6. Comfortable clothes for you (loose clothes are better) and for your little one, too

7. You will bleed for more than seven days so it’s nice to pile up on sanitary pads

Did you know that breast milk contains lots of important nutrients? Letting your baby experience breastfeeding even for only the first few days of his life outside will help him become stronger. Breast milk contains antibodies, and also builds resistance to fight common infections.

So those are the information to guide you while you’re 29 weeks pregnant.


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