30 Weeks Pregnant: Are You Nervous about Giving Birth?


You’re now 30 weeks pregnant and that is totally awesome! Your baby weighs around three pounds (you can compare him to a large cabbage) and he is about 16 inches from head to toe. There is still a few amount of amniotic fluid surrounding him but eventually it will lessen out because your baby will be getting bigger and your uterus will be more cramped up while you’re 30 weeks pregnant and so on.

Baby’s Progress

30 weeks pregnant

Though your baby is already fully developed, his lungs are not that mature enough. Should he come out early as today, a special unit in the hospital will surely take care of him. And of course, there is a large chance of him surviving.

As of now, there will be red blood cells which will be produced by the bone marrow. His brain also continues to develop fast which eventually will turn out to look like an adult’s. Your baby’s digestive system is also getting ready for oral feeding in the outside world. His eyes can already recognize light, which came to a theory that light helps in the development of your baby while inside your womb.

If your baby is in a weird position right now, worry not because it’s normal. It’s what healthcare providers call “transverse lie”. This position is going to change over the coming weeks.

Your Changing Life at 30 Weeks Pregnant

Well, these past few days you may have been feeling so tired. One reason is difficulty in sleeping – and it’s all normal. Your bump is bigger than the last few months that’s why sleeping is sometimes troublesome. There will be days that you’re being too clumsy. Again, that is perfectly fine since you are much heavier than before. Your weight is one of the main causes and the changes in your hormones loosen up your joints as well as your ligaments, which results for you to become unbalanced.

Worried about your sex life? You can still have sexual intercourse unless your healthcare provider tells you to not do it while pregnant. Just come up with the right and comfortable positions so that you would still have an active sex life.

Attending childbirth classes can be of great help to you. You can pretty much learn from these classes and can help you a lot about childbirth.

Thinking too much about Giving Birth?

Well, most first time moms have experienced being nervous before giving birth to their child. Some said they have been thinking about it since the first trimester. So, coping up with these fears is essential.

Managing fears, first 3

Here are some tips on how to manage your fears and get over them:

1. Getting in to the hospital right on time – your healthcare provider may have told you about your estimated pregnancy due date, so when you are already coming closer to that big day be always prepared. Though if your baby would come out earlier, home birth can be a good but unusual idea. However, you should have the proper instructions when in an emergency situation like this.

2. Afraid of being under the knife – this is totally understandable. Most mothers would like to have a normal delivery rather than a caesarian section. At the moment, you still have time to make it to have a vaginal birth if you really want it. Proper diet, especially exercise is a great factor for you to have a normal child birth. Just try to keep walking around, this also helps.

3. Thought of having a bowel while giving birth – some women think this is too embarrassing and are really afraid they might do this. However, you just can’t stop this from happening while child birthing. Just relax and always keep in mind that all of your healthcare providers in the delivery room will take care of it. No one will bat an eye about it.

Other tips

4. Episiotomy – this is a surgical procedure wherein the doctor has to cut a muscle between your anus and vagina. This is to enlarge the opening of your vagina. But this is what most women fear of – sometimes the tear becomes uncontrollable that it requires more stitches than the normal ones. To understand more on episiotomy, talk to your doctor about this.

5. Pain tolerance – some mothers think about how they will handle the severe pain while giving birth even when they were just in their first trimester. There are options about how you want it when giving birth – painless or painful? Some don’t want painless child birthing because they want to savor the moment of giving birth. Others though, would want to relieve the pain.

Time to Ready those Baby Things

Have you already shopped for crib, baby jogger stroller and drawers but have not set it up yet? Well, this is the right time to assemble those things. Ask your partner or a family to help on putting together these baby essentials, especially if it’s your first time to be setting these baby gears up (it may be tricky on putting some parts together).

Also, this is the time for you to take care on what to put inside your hospital bag. You need to pack for yourself – large shirts, undergarments, adult diapers and toiletries which are necessary after giving birth. Of course you also have to pack for your little one! Toss in your bag the baby clothes that you want your baby to wear when he comes out. Include diapers and towels as well. This is quite important because you don’t want any hassle during your labor.

“Me Time”

You may have a big tummy now at 30 weeks pregnant but that doesn’t mean that you cannot go out and pamper yourself. Call your girlfriends and try going into a salon, get a new haircut or have yourself a manicure and foot spa with pedicure. Some spas offer great package deals for pregnant women, so grab this while you still have your baby inside! Remember, if your baby comes out already, it will be a long time before you can do this again. This will relax you big time, and take you away from thinking about all the things you’ve been thinking about giving birth.


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