31 Weeks Pregnant: Nanny for Baby, Day Care or Relative?


You’re already 31 weeks pregnant and still counting for the weeks that will come until your big day! Isn’t it amazing how time goes by? What other changes on your body and your baby happen when you are 31 weeks pregnant?

Baby Check

General info

Weighing 3 1/3 pounds and measuring more than 17 inches long, your little one’s size can be compared to a coconut. Fats have also plumped up in his body which is a sign that he has become bigger than ever. He will gain more weight as weeks pass by, where 900 grams will still be added to his body before birth. 

His five senses are already functioning, though he can’t really smell this time because of the amniotic fluid that surrounds him. However, his other senses are doing their part actively. His brain development is also at a very fast pace.

Thinking about his recent activities inside your womb? Well, he might be already sucking his thumb! Fact check – some babies are born with callous because of their frequent thumb sucking while still inside your womb. Can you believe it?

His bladder is already passing water, a good sign that his organs continue to mature.

Now, your baby has become more developed and is likely comparable to a newborn. Each week, half pound will be added to his body which may cause difficulty for him in moving inside your womb. Though he might be moving only a little at a time lately, monitoring his kicks and punches is still necessary. If you feel that he has not been active for a while, contact your doctor immediately.

Baby movements

Keeping track of your baby is very important at this moment. Your health care provider will instruct you to monitor your baby’s movements every two hours wherein you will have a “kick chart”.

It should not be less than 10 kicks / movements. However, don’t forget that you should do this while your baby is awake. If within two hours you have not felt any movement, try to drink a glass of fruit juice to check if your baby reacts on it. If not, you can try again for the next two hours. But if it still happens that there really has no movement at all, call your doctor as soon as possible so that she would be able to address your concern.

It’s either she would advise you to just keep on tracking your baby’s movements for the next few days or she would ask you to have an evaluation regarding your situation and an ultrasound may be required if needed.

Your Changing Life at 31 Weeks Pregnant

In general

Since you are already approaching the final weeks of being pregnant, gaining weight is practically normal.

Have you felt the tightening muscles in your uterus? Braxton Hicks contractions may be the cause of it, a certain condition where most pregnant women feel during their second trimester. This is generally normal which sometimes lasts for 30 minutes. However, if this becomes frequent (either it hurts or not) you may be already on a preterm labor.

If you ever feel these preterm labor symptoms like abdominal pain, any vaginal discharge (especially if it’s watery or bloody) and pain in your lower back, call your doctor immediately. Do not get confused by the symptoms of preterm labor from Braxton Hicks.

Have you bought a nursing bra yet? It’s more comfortable to use than ordinary bra especially if your breasts are leaking some milk already. Choose a size bigger than your size right now, because as soon as your baby arrives and you start breastfeeding, you’ll be thankful you have saved an extra space.


Sleeping nowadays can really cause you a lot of discomfort. First, your frequent trips to the bathroom will make you feel more restless, also when you are already on your bed and still can’t sleep because of finding the best position that will work. Patience and your partner’s cooperation are needed at this very moment as you both will struggle on coping up with these things.

If you cannot breathe properly, it’s because your diaphragm is being pushed in to your lungs. Lucky you if your belly is a bit lower because you will not experience this.

Hemorrhoids, on the other side are not to be taken lightly as these are one of the causes of your discomfort. These are painful, especially when combined with constipation. However, avoiding constipation can help you from having these hemorrhoids. Ask your doctor on how to have a regular bowel without any stress of being constipated.

One of the causes of these hemorrhoids is standing for long hours. Also, maternal age can be counted in.

Here are some tips on how to treat hemorrhoids:

1. If your hemorrhoid is itchy, try applying either a dry or wet baking soda on the affected part.

2. You may try adding some baking soda on your warm bath.

3. Lemon juice can help reduce the swelling and/or bleeding.

Pain during Labor: With or Without Drugs?

All people have different coping mechanisms especially when it comes to pain tolerance. However, not all feel the same pain during labor as well as giving birth. Some want to relieve their pain by taking medication while others choose to just feel the pain. However, it would be up to you on how you will handle the pain level during your pregnancy labor. There are options for you, and talking to your health care provider about it will give you some light on how to manage pain come the day of your labor.

If you have attended or are still attending child birth classes, you will learn the methods about pain relief during labor. If you are really firm on having a drug-free birth, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques will be discussed to you.

Child Caring

If you are going to return to work after a few weeks after you give birth, you should already have something in mind on who will take care of your baby. Ask around if they can recommend you a nanny or a day care. Or better if someone who’s a relative can attend to your baby for a while.

These are the information you may need to think of while you’re 31 weeks pregnant.


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