32 Weeks Pregnant: Have you Prepared Everything?


Hurray at 32 weeks pregnant! You’re already on your third trimester and you are all ready to face one of the biggest challenges in life – and that is to be a mom. Maybe you are more excited than ever while 32 weeks pregnant, since it’s really exciting to know that only a few weeks more your little one will already come out.

By now, you may be advised by your doctor to have a checkup every two weeks. This is just to monitor your baby’s movements and growth. Eventually on your last month of being pregnant, you will be seeing your doctor once a week.

Your Little One

32 weeks pregnant

So now, your baby is weighing around 3 3/34 pounds and is measuring about 17.5 inches long. His size is as big as a jicama. It’s good if you are gaining at least a pound each week because your baby gets half of that. Now, his body is plumped up with fats resulting for his skin to become more supple and not that wrinkly anymore. 

He’s almost like a newborn as he already has nails on his toes and fingers as well as real hair (or at least traces of it on his head). His skeletal system has completed fully though his bones aren’t hard yet.

It’s already practice time for your little one to breathe and swallow. All the kicking and sucking inside are great moves to prepare him for the outside world. He is very much ready come the big day because his digestive system has developed completely.

Did you know that at this time when your baby sleeps, he already has dreams? Yes, that is a big fact. According to experts, babies at this moment are having dreams while sleeping and their sleeping cycle is very much like the adults.

As for your baby’s position, do not worry if he is still in a breech position (feet first when born) as he may be still taking up his time in changing his position. However, if he does not achieve the normal position which is head at the bottom, there will be options for you (for giving birth) to be given by your health care provider.

Just in case your baby comes out now, he has a great chance to survive without any pregnancy complications that would threaten his life.

Your Changing Life at 32 Weeks Pregnant

Munching up small meals now that you are on your 32nd week is highly recommended especially if you are experiencing heartburns most of the time. Avoid eating food with so much sodium in it as well as sodas. Catching up your breath lately? It’s because your womb and your diaphragm are cramped up inside. Your uterus is being pushed up close to your diaphragm, causing this little discomfort. If you notice that you have preeclampsia (sudden puffiness of your hands, face, feet and legs), contact your doctor immediately.

Since you are already approaching your big day, you may feel some pain in your lower back. However, it is very essential that you check out on how you are feeling every now and then. Always remember the signs and symptoms of preterm labor to avoid confusion.

However, if it’s not a preterm labor sign, one cause of your pain discomfort is your growing uterus. Your weight along with your big belly are heavy enough to cause you back pains. Even standing up can be a great struggle, especially if you are carrying twins. Tip? Have someone around who can give you a hand when standing, sitting or even when you are about to go to bed.


Leaving ones at home

Yes, you will be needing help especially when your labor day comes already. While you still can plan about some things, try listing down all the possible duties that you may miss during the big day.

1. Pets – do you have pets at home? You may want any of your neighbors to take care of them like feeding and walking them out (if you have dogs). Make sure you stock enough food supply for them.

2. Food – friends can be of big help when it comes to this. They can setup a menu, sign up and bring you lunch or dinner. There are lots of online tools to choose from.

3. Kids – if you have underage kids, you can ask help from a family or friend to check them out for you while you’re still at the hospital. It would be a bonus if they can extend their help while you are recovering at home.

In the delivery room

Have you decided whom you’d like to see inside the delivery room? It would be nice to decide as early as now so that you won’t be anxious on whom you’d like to see while you’re inside the delivery room. It may be your partner, family or even a friend. It’s totally up to you, since you are the one who will be getting strength from them and support as well. No matter who you want it to be, what’s important is to have the courage and strength when you give birth.

During labor, a doula (labor coach) can be of help, too. Nurses and hospital staffs have different shifts and you will never know how long you are staying in the hospital. A doula can attend to you personally without any interruptions until you give birth. Studies show that having a doula by your side all throughout may spare you from having labor complications. However, this is just an option for you.

Baby shower

Excited for your baby shower? Do this at least a month or two before your expected pregnancy due date. This may give you enough time to shop for the ones you haven’t received during the shower.

Extra Activities

Yes, you may want to seize the moment while your baby has not come out yet. Why not try asking some friends out? Swimming is one of the best pregnancy exercises for women. Going out to the movie theater while you’re 32 weeks pregnant sounds good, too. Pamper yourself as often as you can since it will be long before you can go out and have fun again.


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