33 Weeks Pregnant: Harder and Stronger Kicks from your Baby


At 33 weeks pregnant, your little bundle of joy should look like the size of pineapple. He is likely to weigh 4 pounds. By now, he is starting to lose those wrinkled skin that others regard to be like an alien. His skeleton starts to harden too. 

He may be able to move more freely at this point because the bones in his skull are not fused together, which will allow him to go through the birth canal easier. Do you know that these bones don’t really fuse until adulthood? This important feature allows expanding of the brain and other tissue after 33 weeks pregnant.

Your Baby’s Progress

33 weeks pregnant

Speaking of bones, they are starting to harden by this time. The immune system at the 33rd week of pregnancy is fully developed and the baby is now shielded with antibodies that he will need once he is on the outside world.

The amniotic fluid is starting to lessen as the baby grows continuously and take up more space. Because the fluid inside lessens through time, you are likely to feel his sharp kicks more significantly.

The midwife will be giving more and more attention to your little one’s position at this point. Interestingly, there are cases wherein babies decide to turn back round again.

If this is your first time to become pregnant, it is likely that your baby’s head will move to your pelvis at this week and will be pressed firmly to your cervix. This is normal for almost about half of first time mothers. However, if this is the second time of pregnancy, this will likely happen a week before your labor. Do not worry too much about your baby’s position at this point because there are babies who may not position rightly until the very start of labor.

More about You at 33 Weeks Pregnant

There will be changes that will happen to you when you are 33 weeks pregnant. For example, you will start to notice that your ankles and your feet are swollen. This condition is actually due to water retention called edema, which can get worse during warm weather and when late at night.

Surprisingly, the worries of water retention can be reduced when you keep yourself hydrated. Your baby and your body will need plenty of fluid so keep yourself fully hydrated. But if you see that your body is swollen or if your eyes are puffy, consult your doctor right ahead because this can be a sign of preeclampsia.

Looking at the mirror, you will probably appear to be very pregnant at this point. In fact, you can be carrying that pregnant lady waddle. Despite the difficulty of walking and moving around, it is highly recommended that you remain active even at this later stage of pregnancy.

One of the activities that you can do is swimming because this is a great way to relax and remain fit. Eating healthy is also important, you can try energy boost meals like iron rich snacks. And although you might have extreme cravings over sweet stuffs, it is important not to give in.

Activities to Try

Talk to someone

There are some women who complain that they are having a hard time sleeping at this point. This is not just because of your growing baby bump but also because of the weird dreams which may happen later in pregnancy. However, do not stress yourself too much about this because it is okay if you make it up at daytime.

If you are worried about your dreams then you can always find someone to talk it out. Ask a friend to listen to you or your husband. These dreams may haunt you sometimes but these can easily be dealt through a good conversation. You can also seek for someone to perform dream interpretation for you.

Pictorial while you have bump

Another thing that you can do is to prepare your pictorial while your baby bump is still at its fullest, and while still giving you time to move around because you are not yet in your full term of pregnancy. Try to book someone whom you can work comfortably with.

Also, you might want to work on a theme to improve your pictorial’s outcome. If your budget is limited, you will be able to find free in-hospital portrait sessions wherein you can pose according to your heart’s desire, with no obligation to buy. In case you are going to avail their service, do not forget to bring baby receiving blankets, a soft cuddly toy, feeding bottles, mittens, a good outfit for you and your baby, and more.

Preparing necessary things

During your free time, try to pack your hospital bag. You can find loads of free resources online wherein you can get a list of items to pack. Be sure to add in some spare clothes just in case something comes in. Bring a list of toiletries too. Do not forget to carry your breast pump to help you in your breastfeeding. You should also pack your camera to ensure that you will be able to catch this very important part of your life.

Aside from this, you might want to wash your little one’s clothes and items at this point in time. All those adorable baby clothes, baby swaddling blankets, sheets, baby or toddler bedding set, etc. must be washed properly before use. Wash everything that will go near your little one’s skin. This will ensure that you are able to rid any irritants that can come near your baby’s skin. Aside from this, it is a must that you use the gentlest detergents there is, particularly those that are made especially for babies. Go for detergents that are hypoallergenic and those that are good even for sensitive skin.

Final say

At 33 weeks of pregnancy, it is important that you work on the above activities so you ready yourself once the big day comes. Although you may be able to do some of these activities later on, some women may find that they can’t be able to move once their bumps start to grow bigger and bigger each day. After all, doing household chores at 33 weeks pregnant is also a great way to move around and remain fit despite the very large baby bump.


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