34 Weeks Pregnant: Think about the Cost of Childcare


At this point, 34 weeks pregnant, your growing baby is about 18 inches long. He will be weighing heavier too, more like a five pound of flour. 

Aside from that, he will be covered with layers of fat which will help regulate her body temperature the moment he goes out of your womb.

Fats will be filling out his body which is why he will be rounder during this time that you are 34 weeks pregnant.

Baby’s Progress

34 weeks pregnant

If you can take a peek at him right now, you will be very delighted to see that his skin is smoother than ever.

He will have a well-functioning body; his lungs are continuously maturing as well as his central nervous system.

In case you have been fretting about preterm labor, then 34th week of pregnancy will give you some good news. Babies who were born at this point would normally do fine. Although they may need a very short stay at the neonatal nursery, they will do fine in the long run.

This phase is also interesting because this is when gender differences become so distinct. If you are having a boy then at this time, his testicle will slowly go down from the abdomen to the scrotum.

The baby will also start to develop his toenails and fingernails. Such toenail may be able to reach the tip of the finger at this point — the same nails that will have her pedicure once older!

Your Life at 34 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy symptoms

At this point, women may complain of wide array of worries. For one, fatigue may be prevalent at this point. The only consolation is that the problem you may be feeling now is not as severe as the one experienced during the first trimester.

If you find yourself always feeling tired then this should be understandable given the physical strain that your growing baby is giving to your body.

Furthermore, you may be stressed. Simply because it may seem that you are not able to pee just enough that this is causing you to wake up several time at night.


Physical examination is very important for a pregnant woman. Be sure to be conscious of your body and look for something odd.

For example, you may find that you are developing some itchy red bumps on your belly area, your buttocks and thighs. If you find that you have this, you may be suffering from pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy. It is better referred to as PUPPP.

It is rare for women to experience this condition; after all, only 1 percent is known to develop PUPPP. This is a harmless condition but can be very uncomfortable.

To rid yourself of worries, you can consult your healthcare provider. This is to know whether there is no serious health problem involved.

The doctor will also be able to prescribe the right medicine to ease out your worries. He will be able to prescribe the right cream to deal with the itchiness the safe and effective manner.

On the other hand, there are times when extreme itchiness of the body might signal a more serious condition like a liver problem.

This is the reason why you are advised to get yourself checked by a healthcare professional once you see something odd on your body.

On the other hand, all these concerns and advises are merely for reminders. Do not fret a lot about them, unless confirmed by the doctor that it is something to be worried about.

More often than not, all these bodily changes during pregnancy are nothing serious.


At 34th week of pregnancy, you will be asked to do an antenatal appointment. On this, the midwife will have to talk to you to ask about your preferred birth plan.

Also, you will be instructed of the various pain relief options that you may avail. This includes information about the signs to watch out for once the baby is prepared to go out. She will also give you some guides of what to do in case your water breaks or in case you start to deal with contractions.

Also, she will have to look for some signs of swelling on your ankles, hands, face, and other parts of the body. This is very important especially at this point of time wherein the risk for preeclampsia is high.

It is important to be honest with your midwife. Tell her in case you have been suffering from blurred vision lately or if you have been suffering from headache.

Furthermore, in case you are rhesus negative then this should be the time when your second dose of Anti-D is given.


There are so many activities that you should be doing once you become 34 weeks pregnant. These activities will help you not to get bored while waiting for the big day. Or When you will be able to finally see your little one for the first time.

This is also the perfect week to check your hospital bag to see whether you have everything that you may need.

When you are deciding about your baby’s stuffs, it will help if you can have backups with you. There are cases when you want to use baby cloth diaper but may later realize that disposable diapers are a more convenient option.

You should also take the time to check your nursery room — is it painted already? Is it clean? Do you already have a baby pillow? You can prepare the nursery room if you do not have one yet.

You do not need to prepare something that is very grand for your little one. Sometimes, you can actually do well with just using the simplest room of the house. The trick is to make the room comfortable, clean, and safe for your little one.

Final word

This time at 34 weeks pregnant, it is also the perfect moment to think about the cost of childcare. In case you are asking for some good news today, then this is for you.

A new tax-free childcare scheme which is said to be introduced in 2017. Under this system, all working families will get 20% of yearly childcare all paid by the government.


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