At 35 Weeks Pregnant Everything you need should be Ready


Your baby has only a small number of weeks left 'inside' when you’re 35 weeks pregnant he’s now nearly ready to go outside the womb! He will possibly weigh in approximately 5.5 lbs. and will be around 50cm in length.

By this time, he has already done a lot of practice when it comes to performing sucking movements, to get ready for the first post-birth feed. Your baby will initially be going further down your pelvis, at 35 weeks pregnant, to be ready for the delivery day.

More Information about Your Baby

35 weeks pregnant

​By this time, your baby looks like a newborn. He will get a little bit heavier before he is born though.

Currently, he has close to 15% fat on his body and will be closer to 30% by the time he is born in a few weeks time.

He isn't likely performing flips anymore because it's so cozy in your womb, but the amount of times he kicks ought to stay the same.

His liver can already process some waste materials. On the other hand, his kidneys are already fully developed now.

Most of his vital physical growth is now complete. He'll use up the next few weeks adding on weight.

You at 35 Weeks Pregnant

Only 5% of babies get to be born on their mom’s actual pregnancy due date. By this time, you might think that every ache you feel is a sign of labor.

In case your baby arrives now, he/she will still be considered moderately premature. However, he/she would most likely be fine with a few extra care.

A few weeks are left for you to prepare your hospital bag. It should be good to go anytime. Make sure that your freezer is full of baked meals and that your cupboards are stocked with healthy food as well.

It is very important to have all the important phone numbers saved up on your mobile phone. It should include contact numbers of maternity unit, GP, etc. which should also be accessible by your relatives or those living with you.

You should make sure that everyone knows what they should be doing once you go into pregnancy labor. That is in case anyone hasn’t experienced assisting a pregnant woman yet in that case.

Someone should also take care of your other children. Arrange someone able to accompany your children if they will be going to school. Someone who will pick up and drop them off at school.

What You should Think about

You can try and give your child a hand by doing a bit of moving around. That is in case your baby is not yet in the proper position for birth (head down). Some moms confirmed that by spending time twisting and turning their hips, they tend to help their baby turn. Others use a birthing ball to gently bounce on and also help in changing their baby’s position. It is also called labor ball. Another tried and tested method to get your baby to the birthing position is to scrub floors and sit backwards on a seat. Your bump will then be towards the backrest.

Don’t forget to prepare for your portrait photo shoot showing your lovely bump. Some hospitals offer Bounty Portrait sessions for FREE with no obligation to buy. Some also provide a FREE portrait gift – choose from any of the three gifts. This includes a FREE announcement service where you can share your photos with loved ones.

Here are some things you may need:

  • A great photo prop that can be used is a soft cuddly toy
  • Either a bought or a knitted blanket, it will make your picture a great souvenir
  • A plain top that you can use in case you want to be seen on the photos
  • A special baby outfit for his/her pictorial

What to Do at the Hospital?


If you already have an existing file in the hospital where you’re going to be admitted for your due day, there will be less process. You will only need to follow the instructions given to you by your doctor. It may include just appearing on their reception or front desk area, and then going directly to the hospital’s maternity ward.

In case you don’t have any file yet in the hospital, you may need to stop by at their reception area to check-in. Some details will be asked from you by the receptionist or whoever the nurse-on-duty is for any paperwork necessary.

Succeeding process

They may lead you afterwards to the birthing room and forward you to the labor and delivery nurse.

The nurse will assist you to the exam room. If for any instance it’s still not clear that you are in labor, she will assist you to the exam room. Another scenario is if you already need a hospital admission for other reasons, you will still go to the exam room.

A nurse or doctor will then evaluate you from there to see if you’re ready to be admitted.

Next thing is that a urine sample will be asked from you by the nurse or your caregiver and you will need to change your clothes.

Your vital signs will also be checked as well as further information. This include how are your contractions? When did it start? What is it's frequency and duration? Did your water broke already? Did you have any vaginal bleeding? How’s your baby’s heart rate?

Other details will also be asked from you like how’s your baby? Has he/she been moving? Did you recently eat or drink? How are you coping with the pain?

After that, you will undergo an abdominal and vaginal exam from your caregiver.

You will probably be sent home if it looks like you are still in early labor. You will also be sent home if you’re not in labor and everything checked from you is okay as well as your baby. Otherwise, you'll be admitted.

Once I'm Admitted, What will Happen?

Your birth plan will be asked either by the nurse, doctor or midwife. Still share your preferences and needs with the staff even if you don’t have a written or birth plan. This also includes your feelings about using any pain medication during labor.

Then, they will get a blood sample from you to know what your blood type is and an IV may be started.

If you test positive for group B strep, you will certainly need an IV to obtain antibiotics. You will also need an IV for hydration in case you can’t maintain or lack fluids. Same thing is needed in case you want an epidural or anesthesia in your spinal. This also includes if you need oxytocin (Pitocin), or if by any means you have pregnancy complication or any health problems.

Those are some brief information about being 35 weeks pregnant. Head on to our article about 36 weeks pregnant to see what’s up next for you.


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