36 Weeks Pregnant: One More Week to Go


At 36 weeks pregnant, your baby will grow similar size to a romaine lettuce head and to be exact, he will now weigh 5 to 6 pounds or 2.6 to 3.1 kg and over 17 ½ to 19 inches long or 44.5 to 48.3 cm! Added to your excitement during 36 weeks pregnant, only about a month left to meet your baby! Congratulations in advance!

What’s up Baby?

36 weeks pregnant

When on this week, your baby will start to prepare himself and will soon greet you and the world outside. He is also getting down on your pelvis and is gaining a few more pounds with each passing days of the week.

At this point, you will also still feel your baby’s movement but in the lower down area of your tummy. While it continues to gain weight, you may think that your baby will have no enough space to do some growing.

Your baby’s downy hair, which covers his body, will be removed on its own.

The same thing happens with vernix caseosa, a wax-like substance that envelopes the baby’s skin for protection while submerging on his amniotic fluid bath for nine months. These substances will be swallowed by your baby together with other secretions and will produce meconium, a black in color substance on his first bowels.

Your baby’s skull and bones are also mostly still soft including his cartilage but then it will become hard when he grows up.

His blood circulation as well as immune system is also about ready, which will serve as his protection against viral infections and diseases when he goes outside your womb.

His digestive system is still not fully prepared for solid food intakes as it still needs a few months. Since your baby has been depending on an umbilical cord to get food, his digestion is still not working well despite its development.

When looking through the baby inside you, you will see that he is in the head down position. There are cases however when this does not happen and your health care provider may suggest you to go on an external cephalic version. It is a procedure which allows turning your baby from breech position to head-down position.

Changes in Your Life at 36 Weeks Pregnant


You will also feel that Braxton Hicks contractions (also known as prodromal labor) give you an increase pain during this week. More women also rush to the hospital ahead of their pregnancy due date because of the double amount of pain they are experiencing caused by Braxton Hicks contractions.

It is actually a false labor experience according to doctors. While false labor gives you disappointment, this occurrence may also be a good thing to prepare yourself when the time arrives that you actually need to run to the hospital.

Early, Full, Preterm, Late, and Post-Term

Experiencing tiredness during pregnancy is expected. However, just always note that your baby will get all the advantages while it spends the last moments inside your womb. At 37 weeks pregnant, your baby will be considered early term. While if it's 39 to 40 weeks, it is full term; 37 weeks is considered preterm, and 41 weeks is late term, and 42 weeks is considered post-term.

Tummy talk

As mentioned, you will feel like your baby is taking so much space in your tummy. This may lead you to feel that it is hard to eat the normal amount of food. If this is the case then you can simply eat smaller portions as this will be more convenient.

Despite of it, during 36 weeks pregnant, you might be comforted by the fact that you can now easily breathe. It is because your baby is adjusting way down into your pelvis area. You will also experience less heartburn from this moment on.

However, when your baby starts to drop, it is called lightening process. An added pressure on the lower part of your abdomen will be felt in which you may find it uncomfortable to walk around.

You may also experience frequent urination. When your baby is in the lower part, an increasing vaginal pressure as well as discomfort will be felt. Pregnant women who have experienced this say that they feel like there was bowling ball on their lower part!

There’s also a pain in your pelvic area. This is because of the increased pressure from your baby's head which burrows deeper and deeper into the said area.

One of the effective ways to relieve yourself from such pain is relaxing your hips while it is elevated or be engaged on some pelvic exercises. You may also soak yourself in a warm bath or use warm compresses to ease the discomfort. Some women also have massage and therapies.

Preparation for Pregnancy

You might already have prepared for your delivery. Organizing the things you need for the hospital is a must now that you have reached 36 weeks.

Some of the basic essential needs to put on the list are your health insurance documents or cards and breast pads. Breast pads are important to stop breast leakage even if you will not breast feed. Sanitary pads are also important for heavier discharge.

For baby’s necessities, you will need an infant car seat and infant head support. Some hospitals are not permitting patients to leave the hospital without these things. That being said, it will be more convenient to prepare one already.

Other necessities are clothes for infant and baby diapers for newborns. You can also seek for more advice from your friends regarding the preparations.

While pregnancy can be exhausting, you can’t deny that it is also a very gratifying moment. Not to mention walking around with your bowling size ball belly.

Being a bit anxious for the future arrival of your baby is pretty normal. However, if these feelings are greatly affecting your daily life or your relationship with your family, raise these concerns to your health provider. You may also talk about it with your partner in order to get more support.

At 36 weeks pregnant, the arrival of the new member of the family is surely an anticipated event. Therefore, those unwanted feelings and concerns should not affect you too much, just think of the positive feeling it will give you later on.


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