39 Weeks Pregnant: You may give Birth Anytime Now!


At 39 weeks pregnant, you are now almost on the finish line! Your baby is now on full term and is now ready to go out to meet you and the world. While you’re 39 weeks pregnant, his size at this point is 20 inches and weighs a bit over 7 pounds that is as big as a mini-watermelon. However, boys are a little heavier than girls.

Your Growing Baby

39 weeks pregnant

During this week at 39 weeks pregnant, your baby has fully used the entire space of your womb, so labor pains may start anytime. At this point also, note that you will give birth at any time now so be very prepared! It is the week that your baby is completely developed and has become large in size and heavier in weight. He is also adding neural connections and continues to grow his hair.

At 39th week, while inside your womb, his weight will increase. Babies born on this week also have healthy weight, which allows them to keep warm, can suck and swallow, and stay more awake following the birth.

Your baby may have thick head and long fingernails. However, the skull bones are not yet fused. If the baby decided not to go out yet and passes the due date, do not worry. Some doctors wait another two weeks before they consider it overdue.

According to the theories of researchers, the saying “babies know when they will go out” is probably true. They explained babies can transmit androgen chemical signals towards the placenta that results to labor. Your baby will have its first bowel movement, releasing a sticky and blackish material called meconium.

Newborn boys have large testicles when born, but don’t panic. It is because of the hormones in your body and it will soon change.

Your Baby’s Birth

If you give birth to your baby on this week, congratulations! Your baby is healthy and his body organs are capable to work on their own, including his lungs which become mature at this point. Your baby’s size will not change much from now on, however, his brain continues to grow. Tiny babies do cry a lot, but right after they are born, you can’t still see tears dropping on their tiny cheeks since their tear ducts are not yet available to function. You’ll see them after the first month.

When it comes to the skin of a newborn, your baby changes his color from having pink skin to white (even dark-skinned ones). After birth, pigmentation will happen soon. Your baby is also starting to gain new skin cells to remove the older skin cells. He is also capable of developing fat layers. These fats help regulate the temperature of his body.

Changes in Your Body at 39 Weeks Pregnant

Upon reaching this week, you may feel more discomforts such as trouble when standing up from lying or sitting position. You will also probably feel uncomfortable walking and carrying a much heavier belly (uterus) compared from the past week. An increase aching pelvis and Braxton Hicks contractions will be felt during this week. Despite the pain, it is a good thing, since it is the sign your body is getting ready.

Your breasts will grow, becoming more sensitive and experiencing breast leakage, producing a fluid called colostrum. Your body will also start to swell hence drinking more water is important. False labor contractions may start during this week, but to distinguish the real labor contraction from it, look out for these signs like finding it hard for you to talk and walk.

Your water may also break any time now and if it happens call your doctor or go to the hospital immediately. At this point, your baby is near your cervix. Your cervix is getting softer, thinner and shorter. This process is called effacement. When it occurs, your body is ready to give birth. Most women also experience diarrhea or nausea before labor. Some have nesting instinct or having the energy to clean and organize anything around their house.

Difficulty in sleeping is also your major problem since there’s an increase weight and size of your baby. You may find it hard to come up with a good sleeping position. You can try sleeping on a recliner. Most women say they can comfortably sleep in them.

Healthy Tips while Waiting

Waiting can be stressful and makes you become more nervous. However, to forget some nerve-wracking thoughts in your head, take time to check your baby while waiting. It is important to check your baby’s movement and inform your doctor right away when you notice something, like a decrease in movement. You should feel that your baby is still on his active state until the delivery. When you notice that his movements slow down, there could be a problem.

Also, while on the wait, try to spend a lot of time with your husband or your family. This can help you relax and stay calm. Talking to them might as well keep you distracted from negative thoughts.

Aside from your body discomforts, some of your relatives may be bugging you right now to know your condition. Try not to be stressed out and ignore them just for a while. A peaceful mind is what you need right now while waiting for the big day.

You can also relieve yourself from the body aches through some body stretches, walking every day, pelvic tilts or warm baths. Drinking more water and a well-balanced diet is important. Eat 200 extra calories a day on the final days your pregnancy.

Things to Do this Week

Check if you have got all the emergency contact numbers including your doctors, hospital, your family and your friends. Make sure that all the contact numbers are available and keep your mobile device fully charged and next to you. Have someone ready with a vehicle to get you in the hospital immediately.

At 39 weeks pregnant, check if everything is packed in your hospital bags including your emergency kit and your essential kit for your newborn. Make sure it is reachable and close to you.


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