5 Weeks Pregnant and it’s Symptoms


At 5 weeks pregnant, your baby, which is now an embryo, is similar to a size of an orange seed measuring 1 to 5 mm in length. Your baby is also growing so fast as well as his developing body organs.

​The past week, your baby has developed and now consists of three sections, the ectoderm, the mesoderm, and the endoderm, which will soon become all of his organs and tissues. At 5 weeks pregnant, your HCG (the pregnancy hormone that is present in your body) is now high that a pregnancy test will show a positive result.

Your Growing Baby while You're 5 Weeks Pregnant

Overview of how he is inside

5 weeks pregnant

Inside your womb during 5 weeks pregnant, your baby is in C-position with a top, bottom, front, and back. His form is similar to a small tadpole. His limbs are beginning to grow with nubs turning to small limp flippers, and the precursor to the legs and arms are starting to grow.

Your baby is now developing all his major and minor organs such as stomach, lungs and heart and at the same time, bodily systems such as digestive, circulatory, nervous and other. However, it takes a lot of time. Among the systems in your little one’s body, his circulatory system is the first to function, circulating blood together with one of the main organ, the heart.

At this point, you may be able to see your baby’s little heart beating through ultrasound. Usually, it can be seen during 6 or 7 weeks pregnant. His heart now consists of two small channels called, heart tubes and is working. However, when those tubes fuse together, his heart will be completely functional, though it almost certainly has its grip on yours already.

The heart is starting to separate into four chambers and beginning to pump blood. A groove has developed at the back of the embryo which will seal and develop into the neural tube. The developing neural tube is beginning to take shape, becoming your baby’s spinal cord and brain.

The placenta also develops, together with the umbilical cord which delivers nourishment and oxygen your baby needs, are already working. You will also begin to see that his eyes, ears, nose, mouth, fingers, and toes also begin to show. The embryo is also inside defending membranes and connected to a yolk sac which produces the embryo's distinctive blood cells.

Going into more detail

Summing all the developments in each section, the first section, ectoderm layer is where your baby’s brain, nerves, spinal cord, and backbone grow. It is where his mammary, sweats glands, nails, skin, hair, and tooth enamel develops.

The second section, the mesoderm, layer is where his heart as well as the circulatory system starts to develop including his cartilage, bone, muscles, and subcutaneous skin tissue. While the third section, endoderm, is where his intestines, lungs, and early urinary system, even his liver, thyroid, and pancreas develops.

Body Changes and Pregnancy Symptoms at 5 Weeks Pregnant

Inside your body and symptoms

The level of your HCG hormone is increasing at week 5, which means that when the presence of it shows up in your urine, it will show a positive result when you take a pregnancy test. The common signs similar to PMS start to attack you this week such as mood swings. But it is just on a normal level. You will also experience early signs of pregnancy such as surge of fatigue and exhaustion, tender breasts, cramping and nausea.

Morning sickness commonly begins when you are 6 weeks pregnant; however, some women say they are already experiencing such earlier than expected. It does not only happen in the morning, you may also experience this any time of the day, added to that, with nausea and vomiting. You can also feel lightheadedness this week because when you’re pregnant, blood pressure becomes low. This can lead to dizziness and fainting. You will also experience frequent bathroom trips to pee. The cause is that while the uterus expands, your bladder is being press resulting to frequent urination. You will also experience abdominal cramping and bloating, since the egg implantation on your uterus cause to stretch.

Talk about hormones

This week, you will also notice a bleeding in your vagina, light bleeding or spotting. It occurs when you missed your monthly period. As mentioned, you may suffer fatigue which will make you sleepier because of the increasing progesterone in your body.

Aside from having tender breasts, your breasts will also become sore or you will have fuller breasts because of high level of hormones in your body. This is among the earliest and the most common symptoms of pregnancy soon after conception. Other changes in you are having weird cravings and averting certain foods, constipation and amplified vaginal discharge.

Three of pregnancy hormones are estrogen, working to maintain the levels of progesterone and HCG up; progesterone that keeps the function of the placenta and smoothen the muscles of the uterus from contracting and stimulates breast tissue growth; while the HCG backs up corpus luteum in delivering nourishment to your baby until the placenta can finally do the work. It will take about 10 weeks and regulates the amount of progesterone necessary.

What to Do when 5 Weeks Pregnant

Now that you’re experiencing pregnancy symptoms or have confirmed that you’re expecting, the first thing you need to do is to set an appointment to your health care provider for prenatal visit. It is important to go on checkups especially if you are on the early stage of pregnancy. Your health care provider will also advise what you need and must do. They may also advise you to take prenatal vitamins such as folic acid supplements. These supplements reduce the peril of birth defects. Other vitamins they may advise you to take are with DHA as well as EPA. These are important for the development of your baby especially in the brain.

Eating healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, lean proteins, nuts, and dairy is a must. Your baby is also absorbing the food you take so it is important to be careful on what you eat. Ensure that the foods are not harmful because there’s seafood containing mercury or unpasteurized dairy products which can cause infection to your baby. Now, during 5 weeks pregnant, is also the time to quit smoking, drinking too much alcohol or taking illegal drugs.


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