6 Months Pregnant: 20 to 23 Weeks Pregnancy

Being 6 months pregnant, fetal muscles and nerves are fully developed. The fetus can now move independently. Amniotic fluid increases, and the baby moves back and forth freely in the amniotic fluid. Baby movement at 6 months pregnant becomes more apparent.

Note 1: Finger sucking, might drink the amniotic fluid too.

Note 2: The uterus is larger than an adult’s head. Tummy bulged greatly.

Memo of the month

Fetus size: about 25-30 cm

Fetus weight: about 650-800 grams

Symphysis-fundal height: about 19-21 cm

· Feeling oppressed and pain at the waist

· Take comprehensive urine tests and other examinations regularly

· Check for tooth decay

· Conduct mid-pregnancy ultrasound examination

· Unable to jump or walk as before due to bulged tummy

How Fast did the Baby Grow?

More Active Fetal Movement

The baby muscle is now fully developed and able to perform actions such as limb-stretching, hands grabbing, body rotation, etc. The bone gets stronger now. Your child is able to swim lively in the amniotic fluid and change positions often. Therefore, fetal movement is more obvious. The skin is red in color, wrinkled due to lack of subcutaneous fat, and the skin is covered only with vernix caseosa. The skin is very thin, appears red in color due to the light reflections of capillaries. Vernix caseosa is a type of white creamy fat for the protection of fetal skin in the amniotic fluid as well as for lubrication during delivery.

Drinking and Spits Up of Amniotic Fluid

6 months pregnant

Fetus urinates too. Residues unabsorbed by the body would became fetal feces and being stored at the rectum, being excreted as fetal feces. The drinking of amniotic fluid is to prepare for drinking of breast milk after birth. Improper swallowing would stimulate the diaphragm causing spasm and burp. The baby’s sense of taste has developed, have more taste buds than an adult, with very sensitive sense of taste. The baby would spit up bitter amniotic fluids, but swallow more amniotic fluids with sweet taste.

Mommy’s Body Changes at 6 Months Pregnant

Indigestion Symptom

The symphysis-fundal height is raised to 19-21 cm at 6 months pregnant. Your tummy has bulged a lot. As the belly ligaments supporting the uterine are being stretched, you will often feel painful. You will breathe more rapidly, burden on your heart increased, as well as indigestion, bloating, and other conditions. Due to active thyroid function, you will sweat a lot. Sometimes, you will experience headache and dizziness.

Bad in Blood Circulation

Due to weight gain, your lower-body blood circulation will be bad. You will feel throbbing pain in feet and a venous aneurysm might appear. Due to increase in blood volume, your blood vessels expand and your face, hand, and shoulder turn red readily. For severe cases, stains and gores will occur, which would disappear after delivery. If the symptoms are not very severe, don't be too nervous. Pregnant women with severe constipation might suffer from hemorrhoids and special attention should be given during bowel movements.

Checkup for 6 Months Pregnant

Precision Ultrasound Examination

At 21-23 weeks pregnancy, the development of fetal organs has completed and the sizes are appropriate, so it is now a good time for precision ultrasound. It is not possible to perform any artificial abortion for any deformities found during this period. The womb is now fully occupied by the limbs of the fetus, it is difficult to see the entire appearance of the baby. In general, a regular prenatal ultrasound examination is to observe the baby's position, size, and if the heart is beating or not. Through sophisticated ultrasound examination, the location of various organs and any abnormality or malformation can be observed. The examination takes 20-30 minutes, with a diagnostic accuracy of 60%.

Fetal Echocardiography Examination

This is an examination of abnormal fetal heart. The reason is the general ultrasound examination is unable to detect fetal heart abnormalities. Fetal echocardiography examination is a must for those parents who have family members suffering from heart disease, fetal heart abnormalities found in previous pregnancy, excessive drug taken during early pregnancy, etc.

Urine Examination

During mid-pregnancy, in case if protein is found in the urine, there is a high possibility that the mother is suffering from toxemia. This has to be determined from at least two examination results on urine. When in suspicious of cystitis or pyelonephritis, check for any bacteria in the urine.

Living Codes of the Month

· You should be heavier by 5-6 kg now than before you’re pregnant. A heavy burden on leg muscle causing you to feel tired easily. Pain in waist and back becomes worse.

· You need to pay more attention to food quality. Take sufficient amount of protein and nutrients such as calcium which would be a great help in developing the fetus’ body and brain.

· The womb is increasing in size, oppressing the intestines and causing constipation. You must develop the regular habit of bowel movements in the morning and daily.

· Even if you have no anemia, but for prevention, you must take iron minerals from now on until delivery.

· The fetus will feel the same when mom is nervous, happy, sad, or having other emotions. When the mother is nervous or anxious, her blood vessels would contract, hence reducing blood supply to the fetus causing stress to the baby. The worst case, this will hinder the growth of your child. Therefore, the mother should always maintain a pleasant mood in everyday life.

· For those parents who have family members or close relatives suffering from diabetes or abnormalities such as miscarriage, premature delivery, dystocia, congenital malformations, giant baby, premature delivery etc. that has been found in previous pregnancy, try to carry out sophisticated examinations.

Prenatal Care of the Month

Listen to various Sound of Nature

At this period, the fetal brain nerve cells develop in a vigorous manner. The child pays attention to the outside world. When the baby is awaken, he/she would always pay heed to voices outside, any stimulus or signals would be received completely. Therefore, it would be beneficial for the mom to go visit nature environment and let the fetus listens to diverse natural sound. In addition, fetal movement is more obvious. While speaking to the baby, stroking your belly softly along would bring better effect.

What Moms need to Know: Edema becomes particularly Severe

During pregnancy, water content in the blood increases, therefore it is easy to have edema. Especially frequent is the case of feet swelling in the afternoon. This would happen severely during post midterm period in pregnancy. Edema may be a symptom of gestosis and should be observed closely.

The uterus gets bigger in size, pushing upward towards the diaphragm in chest, bringing pressure to the heart, and downwards pressing the blood vessels, weakens the micro vascular function and cause bad blood circulation to lower body. To have normal heart operation at this time, you can speed up a little while walking, and when you are applying some force, take a deep breath to increase heartbeat.

Reduce Edema

· Try to raise your legs when sitting.

· Wear loose clothing and shoes to facilitate activities.

· Do not bend your legs when sitting.

· Do not wear tight fitting pants and socks which oppress your calves.

· Get involved in activities to excrete the body's waste. Edema is caused by water content. After excretion of water, swelling will disappear.

· Do not take salty food or you will get thirstyand drink a lot of water. The accumulation of water content causes swelling of the body. Eat less snacks, cakes, bacon, ham and biscuits etc. which contain a lot of salt.

Always take the necessary precautionary actions once you are 6 months pregnant.

Sandra Henderson

Editor-in-chief at Babiology and a proud mother of four passionate about sharing pregnancy and baby growth knowledges

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