Your Baby’s Heart at 6 Weeks Pregnant


At 6 weeks pregnant, your baby is now similar to a size of a lentil which is a quarter inch long. This week, your baby is developing more of his major body organs.

Despite what you’re going through this week having surging pregnancy symptoms, there is much to come in the development of your baby and that’s the only thing that will give you great relief when you are 6 weeks pregnant!

Your Growing Baby this Week

Your baby’s progress

6 weeks pregnant

During this 6 weeks pregnant period, his little heart has the same size as a tiny poppy seed and is already beating with 150 beats per minute, beating twice as yours. This will also become a complex four chamber and is starting to pump blood. Right now, your baby’s heart can now be detected when you undergo ultrasound.

Your baby’s facial features start to form including the nose, mouth, and ears. Once you see the inside of your uterus, your baby has an oversized head with small body and you will also notice dark spots forming where his eyes as well as his nostrils are located. There are also pits on both sides of his head, where the ears will start to form. Another noticeable development this week is his developing protruding buds that will eventually become the arms and legs.

At this point, his muscles and bone tissues are also building up at the same time, the pituitary glands, which produce hormones, are also developing together with the brain. The blood is also starting to flow through his body. Your baby’s digestive system such as his stomach and intestines are also developing, together with the tissues of the lungs, which is now beginning to show.

A thin layer of see-through skin is covering the embryo and at the same time, the main organs such as kidneys, lungs and liver are now in place too. However, they are not completely developed enough to function well. Your baby’s head are developing jaws, cheeks and chin. His brainwaves can also be recorded during this week.

Checking your baby

Your doctor will be measuring the embryo to determine how much your little one grows as well as to have an accurate read on the full length body. At six weeks, the measurement of your baby is anywhere from a fifth to a quarter of an inch and growing.

Your Body and the Changes in You at 6 Weeks Pregnant

Initial symptoms

Still on this week, no major physical changes on you. However, there are common signs when you’re 6 weeks pregnant. Some of the symptoms are bloated feeling, craving of a certain food that you don’t usually eat and spending a lot of time in the bathroom than in your bed because of the urge to pee – the most annoying early pregnancy symptoms.

Urinating frequently is the most common symptoms of what you are going through right now. The reason why you’re experiencing this is because the HCG, one of the pregnancy hormones responsible for the changes inside your body, is adding more pressure of blood flow to your pelvic area. Another reason is that you kidneys are also becoming more efficient at discarding your body waste.

And the last reason is, as your uterus grows, your bladder is being pressed leading you to have inefficient storage to your urine (you may even want to pee when coughing). But when you are in your second trimester, your uterus will rise up to your abdominal cavity, which will then loosen the pressure. You will also experience heartburn and indigestion this week. Your muscle located at the top of the stomach that usually blocks digestive juices from backing up, loosens up. You will also experience mood swings caused by the surge of hormones present in your body.

When pregnant at 6 weeks, you will still see spotting or bleeding. It is the blood spots you see on your underwear and toilet tissue after you pee. It is one of the normal signs of pregnancy. However, if you experience severe bleeding, it can be a sign of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Contact your health care provider immediately if you experience this.

Regular symptoms

Other common symptoms that will be experienced all over again are morning sickness feeling, tiredness and general feelings of exhaustion. Your breast will become tender, swollen and you will see that your nipples are sticking out because your breasts is preparing for breastfeeding. Another is feeling nauseous and vomiting. When pregnant, your blood pressure tends to get lower, causing lightheaded and dizziness. Increasing progesterone and hormones will also give you tired feeling, achiness, crankiness, or a strange feeling.

What to Do this Week

Set an appointment with your health care provider and consult your condition. Do it regularly to learn how to best take care of yourself during pregnancy. Your doctor may advise you to take prenatal supplements, such as folic acid supplement with 600 micrograms (mcg). This supplement is important because it helps to prevent birth defects.

When pregnant, you should now begin to change your eating habits. Avoid eating unsafe foods or drinks such as excessive caffeine and alcohol. Your baby is on the developmental stage, eating the unhealthy foods may harm your baby’s health. Eat lots of nutrients, protein and calcium-rich fruits, vegetables, foods with fiber, and drink plenty of water.

Even though you have an additional baggage now, it’s not an excuse to halt all your usual activities or stop exercising. Being active is still important for you to get rid of all your stress and discomforts brought by pregnancy symptoms. Also, through exercise and active lifestyle, you will be able to bring yourself a great relief from fatigue.

If you have bad habits like cigarette smoking, being alcoholic or taking drugs, quit all those things now because these will risk your baby’s health, growth and development. While being pregnant, you and your baby are vulnerable to infections. Make sure to frequently wash your hands before eating. You should also avoid dirty places. When it comes to food, cook the food well especially meat, fish, poultry, and eggs. For now, avoid unpasteurized dairy products and juices. You may feel restless since you have learned that you’re 6 weeks pregnant. Try to take a rest or sleep as much as you can


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