7 Months Pregnant: 24 to 27 Weeks Pregnancy

The uterus is getting bigger and bigger, belly is protruding, and pigmentation occurs once you are 7 months pregnant. Along with the swelling of abdomen, your waist would tilt backward and feel backache when you walk. Constipation and hemorrhoids may also occur. The fetus’ sleeping and wake up time is now fixed. At 7 months pregnant, your belly would project up suddenly, like a mountain being squeezed out.

Note 1: Nutrients and oxygen are supplied by the umbilical cord.

Note 2: Sudden pop up of the belly, seems being pushed out from inside.

Memo of the month

Fetus size: about 37-39 cm

Fetus weight: about 900 grams-1 kg

Symphysis-fundal height: about 20-24 cm

· Time to prepare for childcare articles

· Decides the place of baby delivery

· Do not miss the periodical examination

· Hold your belly while walking

· Watch out of gestosis

· Do not sleep on your back

How Fast did the Baby Grow?

Able to distinguish between day and night

7 months pregnant

Although the baby couldn’t see the outside world, it’s able to distinguish between day and night. At 7 months pregnancy, particularly 27 weeks, fetus possesses the ability to see things now. The eyes are closed most of the time, but often blink. Morphology of the face becomes sharper, limbs get longer, and hairs grow about 5 mm in length.

Lungs begin to grow

On the development aspects of fetal internal organs of this period, the most rapid developed organ is the lung. Alveoli in lungs start to develop. In order to absorb the necessary oxygen and to emit carbon monoxide, blood vessels around the alveoli increase in length. Nostril flow smoothly, looks like breathing is taking place. Boy testicles begin to appear.

Auditory function is more developed

The fetus can hear more sounds than before, seems able to have dialogue with the mom. It can be seen through ultrasound that, when the mother speaks, fetal heart beats faster. When the dad sings or speak to the fetus, the fetus can hear too. Putting your hand gently on the abdomen, you can feel the fetus’ activity, baby movement becomes more active.

Mommy’s Body Changes at 7 Months Pregnant

Stretch marks appear

The symphysis-fundal height is 20-24 cm. Your tummy bulges up suddenly due to an increase in amniotic fluid, and a sudden expansion of the abdomen. Your lower belly, breast and nipples would turn red, and stretch marks appear too. You will have dark untidy skins. Brown and dark skin pigmentations appear on your face. Stretch marks at this stage would disappear on delivery.

Feeling all kinds of pain

Due to much gain in weight, the burden to your feet increased. You will have swollen and fatigue feet, and cramps might occur when the situation gets severe. The situation becomes critical while sleeping at night. As the fetus grows, uterine would raise up the ribs. The bottom most piece of rib would be curved, and you will feel the pain. Further, uterus oppression to the stomach and small intestine would cause indigestion, and oppression to the large intestine would cause constipation worse.

Checkup of the Month

Gestational diabetes examination

Gestational diabetes can induce abnormalities such as congenital malformations, stillbirth, hypoglycemia, etc., so the risk of mother developing diabetes after delivery is increased. The detection of gestational diabetes during early period of 6 months pregnancy up to 7th, particularly 22-28 weeks, is very important, so it is necessary to have gestational diabetes examination.

Anemia examination

In order to reduce the risk of danger during pregnancy or childbirth to the minimum, it is necessary to examine the hemoglobin again. In case anemia is found now which did not exist before, or becomes more severe, the amount of iron intake has to be adjusted.

Living Codes of the Month

· Due to your enlarged belly, it would be more difficult for you to get balance, and you could easily fall through carelessness. Do pay special attention to this.

· Take a rest in comfortable position immediately when you feel stomach ache. If you could not lie down on your side, try to put your waist to a lower position. If the throbbing continues, it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination.

· Take more iron-rich foods such as beef, chicken, liver, green and yellow vegetables etc., as well as high-quality proteins such as fish, cheese etc. Also, absolutely no overeating.

· Walking with a huddled stomach causes backache. Always try to walk with a straightened back and waist posture.

· From now onwards, it is very difficult to turn over. Special care from the husband during sexual intercourse is needed.

· Particular attention must be given to gestosis. If excessive weight is gained, it is necessary to reduce intake of salts and water.

· The husband too should have intimate knowledge of childbirth. The role of husband after childbirth should be discussed in advance, getting ready to be admitted to the hospital calmly at any time.

· You will feel backache and lumbar pain if you sleep on your back. You would feel more comfortable if you sleep on your side.

· Do not do your exercise such as gymnastics for pregnant women and walking lazily. You have to do it in a diligent manner. Of course, you must not stand too long or carry out excessive exercise.

· You will get swollen easily, take more low-salt foods.

Prenatal Care of the Month

Antenatal training by brain breathing

This is the time to have complete brain development.The mother must provide an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients. Performing prenatal brain breathing such as forest bath, meditation, shallow breathing, brain exercise, etc. could put the fetus at ease, and develop potential ability. At this time, the fetus can distinguish the feeling of like or hate to sound, and the response by kicking could be observed. Reaction to external stimulation becomes agile, and the baby could be seen kicking at position where the mother is patting her belly. It would be very good to keep speaking to the fetus for emotional sharing.

What Moms need to Know: Bulging venous aneurysm appears

Venous aneurysm begins to appear during mid-pregnancy, due to the vascular wall becoming too thick, hindering blood flow and concentration of blood. Blood volume increases during pregnancy, the weight of uterus too hinders blood circulation. Veins on mom’s legs will bulge out. Swollen veins look like tumors and a slender vein looks like a snake. Venous aneurysm main appears on the leg and sometimes on genitals too. Hereditary has a strong effect to it. When greenish veins could be seen on a mother's leg, her daughter has a high chance of getting venous aneurysm. In addition, other causes include too much gain in weight, standing or sitting too long. A body part having venous aneurysm would feel heavy in weight and suffers burning pain. Special attention must be given if the venous aneurysm in affected vulva or vagina has ruptured during childbirth or urination.

Ways to reduce edema

· Do not bend your legs when seated, do not press against your inner thigh.

· Keep to upright posture for smooth blood circulation.

· Do not sit or stand in one position for too long.

· If you want to wear a girdle pant, wear a highly flexible and loose underwear for pregnant women.

· Do not wear tight nylon stockings or socks which oppress your calves.

· Try to raise your legs when sitting or lying.

· Venous aneurysmis likely to appear if your weight is too heavy. Weight management is necessary.

· Smoking is prohibited.

· Do some light exercise or have a walk any time to help blood circulation.

That’s all for the information a mom-to-be needs to know ​being 7 months pregnant.

Sandra Henderson

Editor-in-chief at Babiology and a proud mother of four passionate about sharing pregnancy and baby growth knowledges

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