9 Months Pregnant: 32 to 35 Weeks Pregnancy

For the period of 9 months pregnant, the fundal height is now the highest in your pregnancy and this is the most tiring time for new mommies. You will easily feel tired and be emotionally sensitive. Because of your large tummy, basic everyday tasks now become difficult to perform. At 9 months pregnant, you should now be focused on getting lots of rest and preparing for baby delivery or labor.

Note 1: The baby's sensory system is now fully developed and the baby will react to sounds.

Note 2: Stomach may feel very cramped as your uterus is now pushing up against your ribs.

Memo for this Month

Fetus size: approximately 45 to 48 cm

Fetus weight: approximately 2.3 to 2.6 kg

Fundal height: 28 to 32 cm

· Common to get leg cramps when you sleep

· Braxton Hicks contractions may cause discomfort in your tummy

· It's time to clean the house and buy all your baby necessities

· Your tummy may feel itchy sometimes and your belly button may have popped out

· Now is the time to stop doing strenuous activities such as sex, traveling and chores as they could bring on an early labor

How developed is the baby at 9 Months Pregnant?

Baby is now fully developed

Baby's little hands and nails are now fully developed. The wrinkles over the baby’s body have been smoothed now. And baby’s little hand and toe nails are all fully developed. Fat under the skin is now filling out the baby's wrinkles and its whole body looks rounder. The vernix caseosa (the waxy or cheese-like white substance found coating the skin of new born babies) to protect the skin is now getting thicker. Your baby’s development inside your tummy is now almost fully completed and you might now start to feel very sensitive around your tummy as there is now very little room and you should be more careful now as moving around can become very difficult.

Your baby will now resemble and react just like a new born baby

The ultrasound will now be able to show you your baby's range of facial expressions, from smiling to frowning. If mommy hasn't eaten much that day then your glucose levels may be low and your baby may also feel hungry and may suck their thumb just as they will do after birth. Your baby’s organs are all now fully developed and if you were to go into labor now, the chances of your baby surviving are now very, very high. All your baby's sensory systems are functioning fully and the baby can feel hungry and even taste. Try to avoid exposure to bright lights over your tummy as the baby's eyes are now very sensitive.

Changes to Mommy’s Body

The top of the uterus is close to your heart

At around 35 weeks, your tummy will be at its largest with the uterus pushing up against your heart and causing lots of discomfort for your stomach and lungs. You might now be experiencing shortness of breath and some chest pains. With very little room inside your tummy, your bladder is being constantly squeezed and you will want to pee very often. Frequent urination and urachal remnants will make mommy feel uncomfortable.

Mommy's aches and pains will continue

Unfortunately, as time goes by your aches and pains will continue. Your ankles, legs and hands may swell causing discomfort and your face may become puffy. You may experience stronger cramps and pains in your legs and more pain around your waist which will now restrict your movements. The bottom of your pelvis may feel continuously painful and you will be experiencing more vaginal secretions. It is common to feel dizzy and have occasional headaches along with bleeding gums and changes in your appetite.

Checkups for this Month


The ultrasound can tell you how healthy the baby is, how much amniotic fluid you have, the position of the placenta, the size of the baby and its position, and the doctor can also now predict the delivery date. Your baby is now getting ready to be born.

Heme checkup

This checkup is performed to see if mommy has anemia in preparation for labor.

Vaginal secretion tests

The vaginal secretions will be tested for monilia vaginitis and Trichomonas vaginalis and if needed, treatment will be administered for these conditions.

Life Changes that Need Your Attention this Month

· It is now even harder to do daily tasks than last month, so you need to be more careful and take as much rest as you can

· You need to eat on a regular basis and try to avoid foods that will cause you constipation or diarrhea by eating foods that are easy to digest

· Avoid sudden movements and bending over too much

· Try and wear cotton and it's now time to remove all your jewelry

· Maintain and control your weight

· Drink water only when thirsty and reduce your salt intake

· Rest when needed to avoid becoming over tired and start preparing for giving birth

· This month you can start to ask family and friends if they can offer their help and support after you give birth but also, you need to be careful of early signs of labor and other pregnancy complications so try to rest as much as possible

· Now that you are almost ready to give birth, you will feel bigger and heavier and moving around will become harder and harder and everything may feel like a daze, this feeling is completely normal and nothing to worry about

· Anxiety towards giving birth is not good for you or the baby, so if you feel a little pressure, take some time out and go for a walk or do a little pregnancy yoga

· Always take your medical documents when you go outside and it's better to avoid going outside for too long

· If you experience any bleeding or tummy pain or your water breaks, go to the hospital immediately

Prenatal Care this Month

Living happily with a peaceful mind

Your baby's brain is now fully developed and can feel and express emotions. The baby is already creating memories and feeling emotions inside your tummy. It will be smiling and frowning, reacting and exhibiting its emotions frequently. You and your baby are very much connected and your feeling will be interpreted by your baby, so you must try and maintain a happy mood for your baby's sake. If you are over excited or worried, these feelings may affect your baby, so it's best to maintain a peaceful mind.

What Moms need to Know:How to cure insomnia with your diet

Drink warm milk

Drinking a cup of warm milk before you go to bed will help you sleep. Milk and eggs contain amino acids that contain tryptophan which can increase serotonin levels in your brain to help stimulate sleep. Compared to cold milk, warm milk can warm up your body which makes you feel more comfortable before bed time.

Eat bread or spaghetti

The carbohydrates in bread and spaghetti can also help you sleep. But too much can cause leg cramps, chest pain and bad digestion, so you need to be careful that you don’t eat too much.

Eat a high protein snack before bed time

Having bad dreams, headaches and feeling cold can make you have a good night sleep harder and this may be because of low blood sugar levels, so eat a high protein snack before bed time and this will help maintain a good blood sugar level to help you sleep better.

Eat some simple, fresh snacks

Usually at 1 to 3 months pregnancy, you will have morning sickness which is reduced by eating some healthy snacks. Eating something healthy before bed time could help improve the quality of your sleep.

No smoking and no alcohol

Nicotine from cigarettes and alcohol are both very bad for your baby and also very bad for sleep.

Do not drink too much liquid at night

Drink the correct amount of water because it is very important while you are pregnant and it is better to drink more during day time and less before you go to bed. Drinking too much water before you go to bed will affect sleep as you will need to get up more frequently to pee at night.

Less caffeine

Black tea, coffee, soft drinks and chocolate all contain caffeine. Try to avoid these before you go to bed.

Do not eat too much spicy food before bed time

Spicy food or sour foods may lead to heart burn or bad digestion. In addition, eating too much before bed time makes it difficult to digest and will prevent you getting a good night sleep. Eating a simple healthy snack 2 or 3 hours before bed time is much better for a good sleep.

All those information would be beneficial at 9 months pregnant for newbie mom.

Sandra Henderson

Editor-in-chief at Babiology and a proud mother of four passionate about sharing pregnancy and baby growth knowledges

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