About Us

Hello and welcome to Babiology. This site is founded by Sandra Henderson and Stephanie Su and We are on a mission to give you simplified and actionable pregnancy and baby development advice.

Babiology was established at 2015 and the purpose of this website is to provide pregnant women and moms with well researched information from my notes and experience. If you are reading this page, you may either be pregnant or already have a baby already. We want to let you know that you are definitely not alone on this road. Let’s all grow together and be a stronger women/mom no matter what. 

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​Sandra's Story:

Sandra Henderson

I never gave too much thought about any pregnancy issues. I was a successful news reporter and I used to exercise everyday. I was confident, healthy, and an ambitious girl. After I got pregnant, I started to put on more and more weight and started to have hard time sleeping. I had to go to emergency room due to intense bleeding and was told I couldn’t keep my exercise routine anymore. It wasn’t up until I was diagnosed with prenatal depression that I decided to open myself up to accept all the changes. Now I am a confident mom with four kids and I would like to share my experiences with all Babiology readers.

​Stephanie's Story:

Stephanie Su

My pregnancy and delivery have been a cultural conflict since I have been living in U.S. and my parents are Chinese. I was told not to eat certain "normal" food including vegetables after my delivery. My parents put together a "perfect plan" for me which involves with prenatal care from the western culture and post pregnancy recovery from eastern culture. Fortunately I did not have any postpartum problems and I am as healthy as I can be now. I am looking forward to sharing all the learning I've had to all the readers in this site.