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5 Newborn Reflexes – Mental and Muscle Reflexes

When we say newborn reflexes, the newborn is equipped with reflex instincts. By observing these reflex actions, one can determine its mental and muscles maturity levels which are very valuable information. Let’s observe some of the interesting and curious responses of newborn reflexes!Newborn Reflexes Include:Random reflexesIf the newborn’s palms are slightly stimulated, the fingers of […]

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Children Diseases Cause of Changing Season

Every season has a variety of epidemic diseases that are easy for children with weaker immune systems to become infected with. Below is an introduction to the possible epidemic diseases, and how to heal without complications.Spring (March – May) Epidemic DiseasesTypical Conditions: Measles, angina, rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, atopic dermatitis etc.Allergy irritants such as sand, dust […]

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