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5 Types of Viral Infections for Children – Symptoms and Care Instructions

Mild, moderate and severe diseases can be due to a viral infection.What to do now if you have acute laryngitis, asthma, sinusitis, pediatric tuberculosis or pertussis?Read more below cause we have outlined care instructions for the latter kind of viral infection.Viral Infection: Acute LaryngitisCauses and SymptomsAcute laryngitis arises from respiratory system conditions such as mycoplasma […]

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5 Types of Respiratory Diseases for Babies

Aside from digestive system diseases, there are also other diseases that we should pay attention to. Respiratory diseases would be one of those.Such disease includes influenza, pneumonia, bronchitis, common cold and acute tonsillitis. Let’s talk about the details of the respiratory diseases mentioned.Usual Respiratory Diseases InfluenzaCauses and SymptomsAs the mucus in the respiratory system becomes infected […]

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