Best Food for Baby’s Brain Development

It’s every parent’s dream to raise a smart child. Choose baby food which is good for brain development. Keep to a balanced diet and the child will grow up smart. Here are a few fish and dried fruits recipes which are beneficial for brain development.

What and How to Eat

Use deep sea fish creatively

brain development

If the child isn't allergic to fish, then you should use deep sea fish creatively. The commonly known brain food DHA is an unsaturated fatty acid which is the main component of the human brain. It's beneficial to the clearing up of waste in blood vessels and promotes blood circulation. DHA is more effective for growing children than for adults whose brain developments have ceased. Deep sea fish contains rich DHA. Moreover, green black backs fish are also rich in iron. If the child doesn't get enough iron, its brain function will slow down and may also lead to anemia.

The biggest issues when cooking deep sea fish are allergies, fat and the meat easily becoming sour. Therefore, you should only choose fresh fish and cook them thoroughly, which is very important. The oil, vitamins B, C, E and D and minerals which fish and dried fruits contain are very good for the child's brain development.

Enzyme supplements are beneficial to nutrient absorption

Supplementary enzymes are not only the nutrients which our bodies need. They also play an important role in nutrient absorption.

If growing children don't get enough protein, their growth will be impaired. Naturally, their intellectual abilities will also be affected. Protein contains brain cells-enhancing amino acid. After amino acid enters the body, it'll be converted into auxiliary enzymes (vitamins B1 and B12) which are good for various body functions. The protein in grains and vitamin E helps to clear the waste out of brain cells and revitalize them. Vitamin E can also prevent oxidation. When vitamin E is combined with protein, they enhance oxygen supply and prevent the accumulation of waste in the brain.

Familiarize yourself with various cooking methods

Children will generally find brain food unappetizing. So it's important to prepare them in the flavors the child likes and entice it to eat. For grains to be appetizing, cook them in such a way that they don't turn out hard and coarse. Cook grains thoroughly, drain and make them into rice milk-like. For meat, braise thoroughly and make them into meat stews. You may use them as soup bases when preparing weaning food.

Stage One Baby Food

Cucumber Egg Yolk Rice Milk

Ingredients: 15g rice, 10g small cucumber, 10g onion, 5g egg yolk and 4g sesame oil

Cooking method:

1. Wash rice and soak for an hour. Drain and grind in juicer. Grind cucumber and onion as well.

2. Beat an adequate amount of egg yolk.

3. Heat pan on medium heat, add sesame oil and fry pulverized rice in #1 until hot. Add cucumber and onion and top with 150c.c. of water. Cook until it becomes rice milk.

4. Add beaten egg yolk to rice milk and cook for another minute.

Stage Two Baby Food

Walnut Fruit Porridge

Ingredients: 20g foaming rice, 2g walnuts, 20g tofu, 15g tangerine, 10g pear, 10g apple and 10g cooked egg yolk

Cooking method:

1. Put foaming rice into juicer and grind. Put 2 big spoonfuls of water with walnuts and extract juice in juicer. Mash tofu, apple, pear, tangerine and egg yolk.

2. Boil walnut juice, add tofu, rice and 120c.c. of water. Bring to a boil on high heat.

3. Switch to low heat and add fruits. Bring to boil and add egg yolk.

Stage Three Baby Food

Walnuts Mixed Rice

Ingredients: 30g uncooked rice, 5g walnuts, 10g uncooked chestnuts, 5g carrot, 5g small cucumber, 5g peas, 3g sesame oil, 1g black sesame

Cooking method:

1. Soak rice for 1 hour, drain and mash.

2. Remove skin on walnuts and pulverize into powder. Chop chestnuts, carrot and cucumber. Cook peas till soft. Pulverize black sesame into powder form.

3. Heat sesame oil in pan. Stir-fry pulverized walnuts, chestnuts, carrot and cucumber.

4. Add 60c.c. of water, boil and then add rice, peas and black sesame powder. Switch to low heat and cook until rice softens.

Stage Four Baby Food

Soft Rice with Pork

Ingredients: 40g white rice, 20g pork. 5g finely chopped onion, 5g finely chopped red bell pepper, 2g peanuts, 20g finely chopped cabbage, 4g oil and a little soya sauce

Cooking method:

1. Add 40c.c. of water to white rice to cook until very soft.

2. Wash pork and mince. Put minced pork in bowl and mix with finely chopped onion. Finely chop peanuts and put aside.

3. Heat some oil in pan and stir-fry pork. Add peanuts, cabbage and red bell peppers and stir-fry thoroughly.

4. Add a little soya sauce to the mixture, add soft rice from #1 and mix thoroughly.

Macaroni and Almond Salad

Ingredients: 20g uncooked macaroni, 1 small spoonful olive oil, 20g onion, 10g celery, 10g corn, 3g almonds, 5g raisins
Salad dressing: 3 big spoonfuls mayonnaise, 1 small spoonful parsley, 1 big spoonful honey, 1/2 big spoonful lemon juice, a little salt and white pepper

Cooking method:

1. Cook macaroni in boiling water for 10 minutes. Drain and mix thoroughly with olive oil. Put aside to cool.

2. Blanch onion, celery and corn. Then finely chop onion and celery. Also finely chop almonds and raisins.

3. Put all ingredients into bowl and drizzle salad dressing. Toss thoroughly and serve.

Kid’s Meal

Mackerel and Tofu Patty

Ingredients: 20g mackerel, 80g tofu, 5g green bell pepper, 10g onion, 5g carrot, a little flour, salt and sesame oil

Cooking method:

1. Wash mackerel, pat dry with paper towels, remove meat and mince. Mash tofu and use cotton cloth to squeeze out water. Finely chop green bell pepper, carrot and onion.

2. Put mackerel meat, tofu, green bell pepper, onion and carrot in a bowl, add flour, salt and sesame oil. Mix thoroughly.

3. Make mixture into round patty shapes. Heat a little oil in pan and fry patties until golden brown on both sides.

And those are the details and some recipes that you can use when it comes to baby food for brain development.

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