Baby Food Preparation Tips

As baby food only contain a few ingredients, you can prepare delicious baby food easily and quickly with a little creativity. We've gathered some baby food preparation tips that you can use so you can prepare the food deliciously and easily. Let's check them out!

11 Tips for Your Guide

Tip 1 - While preparing the adult’s meals, prepare baby food at the same time

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When you prepare meals, put the child's baby food in a heat-resistant bowl or steel bowl and put it in the electric rice cooker. This way, you can prepare baby food quickly and conveniently. As much as possible, don't let water seep out of the bowl – use a deeper bowl. Put rice into the bowl and top up with enough water to cook porridge, pop it into the electric rice cooker and you're done. It's very simple to make a simple bowl of porridge. If you want to prepare vegetable porridge, choose mild flavored vegetables such as pumpkins, carrots, potatoes and cabbages.

Tip 2 - Refrigerate bread

Bread is best stored by refrigerating it. This way, the evaporation of water is prevented. Even if the bread hardens, just put in milk or cook it in soup for it to regain its taste and softness. Cut or tear the amount of bread you need in one use, put it in a plastic bag, squeeze out as much air as possible and pop it in the fridge. While still frozen, cut and cook the bread. Preparing bread porridge for early stage baby food is easily prepared this way.

Tip 3 - Use a coffee strainer to strain fruit juices

When preparing baby food, use the more convenient coffee strainer to replace gauze or linen to strain food. Even the smallest grain can be strained by using a coffee strainer, extracting only the purest juice. After using the strainer, washing or disinfecting it is also easy.

Tip 4 - Use a piece of cloth to mash pulses

It's not easy to crush food like pulses. The amount needed in baby is very small and it's difficult to mash such a small amount of pulses. You may soften them by cooking and removing their outer skins. Then wrap them in a piece of cloth and use the back of a knife to crush them. Crush the pulses while they're warm as it's easier to do so.

Tip 5 - To steam potatoes, put them into the microwave oven for two minutes

Wash and cut the potatoes into cubes, put them into a plastic bag and microwave on high heat for two or three minutes. Compared to steaming potatoes in a steamer, microwaving takes a shorter time and destroys fewer nutrients. It's also very convenient to mash the potatoes immediately in the plastic bag.

Tip 6 - Use microwave oven to easily extract orange juice

Don't remove the skin of the orange or lemon – put the whole fruit into the microwave oven and heat for about 20 seconds. This softens the fruit, making it easier to squeeze out its juice.

Tip 7 - Line the chopping board with foil

Baby food should be placed on the chopping board to cut finely. As the amount of ingredients used in baby food is very small, most of it will be sticking onto the chopping board, creating quite a bit of wasted parts. Simply place a piece of foil on top of the chopping board when cutting the food, then gently scrape off the finely diced food and remove the foil. Doing this is both easy and hygienic.

Tip 8 - Use the child's milk bottle as a measuring cup

As there are measurement markings on the milk bottle, you may use it to measure small quantities. When preparing baby food, it's important to get accurate measurements of the various ingredients. So using the milk bottle as a measuring cup is very convenient

Tip 9 - Add milk to porridge if it's too dry

Reheating refrigerated porridge again will reduce its water. You may add a little milk into the porridge. Milk not only replenishes nutrients, it also makes the porridge silky smooth.

Tip 10 - Use microwave oven to soften and expand mushrooms and pulses

Put mushrooms or pulses into a small bowl, top with water and put into the microwave oven for three or four minutes. The ingredients will expand and become soft. When soaking mushrooms, adding a little sugar can expand them more effectively.

Tip 11 - Use a little corn flour to marinate meat to make it smoother

Even if the meat is thinly sliced, it's still tough for the child to eat. You may sprinkle a little corn flour on top and cook it in boiling for a short while. Rather than cook the corn flour directly, sprinkling it on the meat will soften it, making it easier for the child to eat.

And those are the tips that you can follow when the time comes that you have to prepare baby foods for your child.

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