Best Baby Jumper Review in 2018

All moms want their baby to be happy, but we all know holding a baby all day long is exhausting. Moms need a break to catch up on chores, connect with friends, or just let their arms relax. Baby jumper is a fun way for mom to get this break while keeping her baby happily occupied.


baby jumper

There are many things to consider though when trying deciding which baby jumper is right for you. Understanding which features are most important as well as how to safely use one will have a great impact on which one you choose. Each mom will have a different idea of how to weigh these features, but they are all important to some degree.

Types of Jumpers

Door Frame

These jumpers have a soft seat that suspends from straps and springs hanging from the doorframe.

Freestanding Frame

Similar to a doorframe jumper, these have the same type of seat, but hang from a tall, freestanding metal frame instead of a door. This is the least common type of baby jumper.


In this style, the seat is closer to the springs, has a shorter support frame, and often has a wide, metal base.

Most Important Features in a Baby Jumper

1. A washable seat is necessary for any baby gear. The baby jumper is no exception because diaper blowouts, spit up, or worse can happen at any time, especially when a baby is very active and bouncing. Preferably, a baby jumper will have a machine washable seat that dries quickly.

2. Toys should be removable and washable as well. Anything that is permanently attached should still be cleanable with wipes or disinfectant spray, but if there are any soft toys, like plush animals, they should also be removable and machine washable.

3. It has to be easy to use if it is going to save a mom’s sanity. You should not have to struggle with straps or tight fitting seats in order to seat your baby comfortably. The toys should be within easy reach of the baby to avoid frustration.

4. Is the baby jumper easy to assemble? This is an important question if you expect to use it right out of the box. The more parts a seat has the more likely it is to be complicated and time-consuming.

5. Toy trays are the main draw for many moms choosing a baby jumper. This is part of what they expect to keep the baby occupied while they catch up on laundry, social media, or attend to the other children. Whether or not you want this will depend almost entirely on personal preferences, but most jumpers do come with some toys.

How To Use Baby Jumpers Safely

1. If you settle on a baby jumper that hangs in a doorway, then it is very important you verify the molding is secure and the right width for hanging the jumper. It is important to choose a doorway wide enough that the baby will not begin bouncing into the doorframe and getting hurt. Most modern homes will not have to worry about this.

2. Each one has specific weight or height limits. The average weight limit is 25 pounds, but this does vary by manufacturer and model. Height limits are a little more flexible though because some babies are long in the torso but short in the legs. You will need to use your best judgement on this point, especially as you reach the upper limits of any particular baby jumper.

3. Babies should never be left in a baby jumper unsupervised.

4. Always wait to use a baby jumper until your baby can hold its head up for more than a few minutes. If they cannot do this, then they should not be in a jumper of any sort.

5. For proper development, babies should spend no more than 15 to 20 minutes in a baby jumper at a time. Just a couple of sessions a day is all a baby needs to get both physical and mental stimulation. Tummy time is just as important for developing core strength.

What Doctors and Therapists Say About Baby Jumpers

It is easy to Google baby jumpers and find all sorts of alarms being sounded about the overuse of these types of jumpers, walkers, and exersaucers. Indeed, those warnings should not be taken lightly when they come from medical professionals. However, when you get down to it, the majority of pediatricians and physical therapists will allow that limited use of this type of gear is not going to be detrimental to the development of a normal baby.

Baby jumpers are not meant to be a baby sitter for our children. Even when they love the bouncing sensation, limiting their jumparoo time is important to their development. Spending time on their tummies is the most important thing for their core strength. These jumping toys are meant for fun, to help babies see the world from a different perspective, and maybe to give a mother’s arms a break.

Five Best Baby Jumpers

Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper

baby jumper

This baby jumper may be one of the least expensive, but that does not mean it is the least worthy of your baby. It is based on simple mechanics and has fewer parts than other jumpers on this list. That helps Graco keep the costs down. It works by clamping above the molding around the typical interior doorway. The door clamp is spring loaded so it might take some strength to open wider than the molding, but once it is attached, it is incredible secure. Graco claims that their wishbone shaped clamp will not mark the walls.

The weight limit is 25 pounds and there is no specific height limit. It seems most babies outgrow it sometime between seven and nine months old, depending on how quickly they are growing. The seat is made of polyester fabric that is machine washable. Of course, if you are in a hurry, you can quickly wipe it down with an extra wipe. Parents should make sure they know which doorways they can use it in before purchasing this seat.

  • Small toy tray with two small toys
  • Easily portable
  • Protected straps
  • Actually allows your child to jump
  • Can be adjusted base on child's height
  • Only works in doorways with molding
  • Blocks the doorway
  • Seat is a little bit low
  • Not fit for all doors
  • May cause injury if not properly use and assembled

Baby Einstein Activity Jumper

baby jumper

Bright colors surround your child in this baby jumper. A yellow sunflower, red bird, and a variety of colorful music notes are there to entertain. There is no shortage of fun, bright objects for your little one to inspect and play with when they are sitting in this activity jumper. The unisex colors make this a favorite for many families because they can pass it down to younger brothers or sisters. A feature I really like is the language discovery. English, Spanish, and French are all available in this mode, which stimulates the neural connections being made by the thousands every day of a young child’s life.

This jumper can grow with your baby because it has five height settings. Instructions are included that explain how to choose the proper height for your baby. The height is easily adjustable by pushing in the buttons on each leg. When you are not using this piece, you can store it flatter and slide it under most beds. Many parents will also love the volume settings on the front as well.

  • 12 activities for baby
  • Extra links for adding favorite toys
  • Five height settings
  • Difficult for some children to spin in
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Requires batteries

Fisher Price Jumperoo

baby jumper

The fun thing about Fisher Price Jumperoos is that they come in several themes and styles. Parents can choose between a barnyard, zoo, or rainforest theme. This will help you make sure one of the largest baby gear items you will buy fits in with your nursery theme and size too. Each Jumperoo comes with between three and five height settings. All of the springs are fabric enclosed for added safety.

Whichever theme you choose, you can be sure there will be several toys for your babe to play with everywhere they turn. The seat spins in all the themes except the Spacesavers and gives them many options for animals, buttons, mirrors, flip pages, and more. Each Jumperoo stands alone and you do not attach it to anything else to be secure. The frame is made of steel tubes that provide a very stable and strong base. All of the models have a removable seat for washing, which is important if you have a sick baby or experience one of the inevitable diaper blowouts. Just be sure to take it out of the washer promptly and hang it to dry. These seats have a 25-pound weight limit.

  • Multiple themes to choose from
  • Ten minutes of music
  • Toys and seat can be machine wash
  • Sturdy
  • Requires batteries
  • No height adjustment
  • Some toys can do some harm to your baby so parental guidance is advice

Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper

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Evenflo has also created a few different themed jumpers in their Jump and Learn series. The options include Jam Session, Jungle Quest, and Safari Friends. The base model is Safari Friends and Evenflo advertises that it has 45 different learning activities. Jungle Quest is the next step up and they advertise it as having 58. Jam Session is the highest model and it has 67 learning activities. Each model has three height levels and a removable seat that is machine washable.

The Evenflo baby jumpers are nearly three feet wide. This is not the largest jumper you can choose, but it is at the very top of the size range in this category of baby gear. The Jungle Quest and Jam Session models have a balance base that is unique to this type of product. It is a soft landing pad that Evenflo says, “promotes stability in early development.” All three models feature “Take With Me” toys that are removable and let you customize the play experience for your baby.

  • Multiple themes to choose from
  • Ten minutes of music
  • Take along toys
  • With height adjustment
  • 2x bounce
  • Machine washable
  • Requires six to 12 AAA batteries
  • Large footprint
  • Some toys are hazardious
  • Some parts easily breaks after months of use

Jolly Jumper with Super Stand

baby jumper

This baby jumper is unlike anything else on the list because it is free standing and has no toys. Unlike similar jumpers, you do not need to attach this to a doorframe and you can even use it outdoors. This provides a wonderful way for your baby to be near you while you are working outside or their older siblings are playing. The entire unit stands about six feet tall though, so moving it from indoors to outdoors frequently may not be easy. Fortunately, it is easy to break down for relocating or storage.

At 28 pounds, this baby jumper has a higher weight limit than most others. Jolly Jumper designed the saddle that holds your baby to be snug, similar to the belts worn by weight lifters or back supports worn by people who must stand all day. This security and support actually gives your baby more freedom to move.

The Jolly Jumper improves balance, helps develop rhythm & coordination as well as strengthens muscles. The saddle is designed to fit your baby like a second skin, similar to the fit of surgical back support or weight lifter's belt.

  • Very portable
  • No batteries needed
  • Sturdy
  • Great bouncing
  • List Element
  • Expensive
  • Difficult to get in the baby in the saddle specially for grandparents
  • No toys to play with


Picking the winner of this baby jumper round up is not easy. There is such a wide range of prices to consider among the best seats, that it really comes down to personal preference. I chose the Baby Einstein Activity Jumper as my top pick for a few reasons.

First, it has a wide and stable base and it is easy to adjust the height to one of five settings. This is more settings than most of the other top jumpers offer. Second, it has links to add extra toys in case I find something my child especially loves. Third, even though it requires batteries, and we cannot escape that fact for all of the stationary jumpers listed, it does something useful with the noises it makes. The multiple languages are very appealing. My baby is not likely to learn a new language because of it, but by sharing new sounds with them, I can increase their capacity to learn another language when they are older. The neural connections being made now will strengthen their abilities as they get older.

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