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Babies are born curious. With their senses of touch and hearing nearly fully developed at birth, they take in a significant amount of their environmental stimuli. Sight, however, as many of us know takes longer to progress. As parents we can encourage sight development. Nurturing our children is as natural as the desire to have them in the first place. A baby mobile is one of the most productive and simple ways of enhancing your baby’s faculties. Offered with varying objectives, some mobiles are designed to soothe your baby while others are geared toward amusement and distraction. Since you know your baby best, you are the most qualified to choose. A little advice never hurt, though, right? Read through our shopping advice below to learn more about your many options. Colorful and active, these toys will enthrall and entertain your little one for hours.

Looking for a Baby Mobile

I’ve heard conflicting opinions about the benefits of baby mobiles

Baby Mobile

It’s true--baby mobiles have been the subject of controversy. Some research presented suggested that the bold colors and chiming music of mobiles cause distraction at bedtime, making it hard for babies to relax and fall asleep. Their lights, much like those of our own mobile devices, may cue infants’ brains that it is actually daytime instead of nighttime. This could keep them awake at the very time when you are trying to establish a regular sleep routine. The positives, it would appear, do seem to outweigh the drawbacks. Baby mobiles provide not only visual stimulation, but also encourage the development of motor skills, create relaxing sound stimuli, and educate the young brain by exposing it to different shapes and colors. With appropriate use and caution, baby mobiles can be a wonderful source of delight and surprise for your baby.

Are there different set-ups?

Selecting the proper mobile for your baby can often feel daunting. There are endless options and reviews. Decide whether you would like a ceiling mount or a crib mount, suspended from above the crib, ceiling-mounted mobiles are often hung on a hook or screw. A benefit to this choice is that the device stays easily out of your baby’s reach. As he or she grows, your little one will gain the strength to push up and possibly reach the suspended toys. A ceiling mount stays well out of their grasp while continuing to capture their attention. If drilling into your walls is not an attractive option, you might consider a crib-mounted mobile. These easily attach to the side of your crib and are simple to remove. Their ease of set-up makes them the most popular choice among new parents. These mobiles tend to be stronger, offering more support to toys and any incidents of babies grabbing and pulling them. Crib-mounted mobiles are often motorized--offering movement and changing colors as additional points of interest. A good thing to keep in mind, however, is if your baby is extremely active, reaching and pulling at any object in their grasp, you might need to choose a ceiling mounted mobile.

Will it move?

Another consideration is whether you are interested in movement. Wind operated toys do not rotate or sway unless triggered by a breeze. These tend to be lightweight if you are considering a ceiling mount. Their silence often adds a soothing tone and sense of simplicity to the nursery. Mechanically operated mobiles, as you might imagine, are either plugged in or battery powered. With on/off switches, these products offer constant oscillation. This is an attractive option that helps your baby track movement in a room. Patterns of motion vary from turning (including clockwise and counterclockwise directions) to vertical up and down patterns. Often accompanied by remote controls, crib-mounted mobiles are extremely popular.

I’ve heard that some mobiles play music?

Mobiles come in a myriad of options--one of the most popular being audio. With hearing being one of their most acute senses at birth, babies respond well to musical cues. Wind-up and battery propelled models are your two main choices in this category. Featuring a key or handle to turn, manually operated mobiles require your constant presence. This is a great option for those looking to use the device as a shared, bonding experience. They do, however, require more frequent attention than their counterparts. Battery powered mobiles, in comparison, can be efficient as they will continue to play songs unattended--often shutting themselves off after a set amount of time (this varies between manufacturers). Many of these offer multiple melodies--ranging from calming classical to invigorating sing-alongs. Occasional battery replacement tends to be their only maintenance issue. Regardless of which method of operation you prefer, most musical mobiles present you with selections ranging from soft and soothing to upbeat and boisterous. Music is a wonderful way to connect with your baby. An important aspect to consider, however, is whether or not your baby needs the added distraction. Some children are more soothed by peace and quiet. If your child is fussy or easily stimulated, a musical mobile might not be the choice for you.

Can I make my own?

Believe it or not, customize baby mobiles are available. These products provide you with a base, often a crib mount, which you can decorate. Choose toys to hang based on your baby’s established tastes. Even from the very beginning, many children gravitate toward particular colors, shapes, and toys. Seeing recognizable figures will encourage your little one to interact with the mobile. Affordability is another bonus. Since these items do not include toys, you are essentially paying for a blank canvas. Why not build a mobile geared toward the very toys and stimulants your baby likes best? The biggest drawback to this type of mobile is the time factor. Many parents, working full time jobs and trying to raise a baby, don't have the time to create their own mobile. If you think this might be the case for you, picking a pre-assembled and designed mobile will be the better choice for you.

Keep in mind...

When choosing a baby mobile, it is important to pinpoint your primary objective--entertainment or pacification. Many models offer both ends of the spectrum, but you will find that they often lean one way or the other. Lights, removable and interchangeable toys, glow in the dark shapes, and remote controls are all potential features. Knowing your child is perhaps the best place to start. Many babies are naturally active, curious, and resistant to sleep. They might not require added stimulation to their daily routine. Others are calm and quiet--potentially needing additional animation. Once you have identified which category encompasses your child, you will know which type of mobile to pursue.

Five Best Baby Mobiles

To help you narrow down the enormous selection of baby mobiles on the market, we have rounded up five excellent products to consider. Each item received a high rating and was both safe and entertaining.

Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow Smart Connect 2 in 1 Projection Mobile 

baby mobile

Although on the more expensive side, this popular mobile gives you several features for the money. In addition to the sweet, colorfully plush animals, captivating music is a strong asset. With thirty minutes of continuous playtime, Fisher-Price offers a generous mix of songs, white noises, and nature sounds, making it an excellent choice for those parents looking to relax their babies. Reviewers agreed on their appreciation of the full color projection light show displayed for the baby’s perspective. Sturdy construction and the tranquil amber nightlight were also lauded. Perhaps the most exciting characteristic of this product is its ability to be controlled from your mobile device. Via its convenient app, parents can manage it from cell phones and tablets anywhere in the house. The price point of this mobile is its biggest drawback, since it is listed on the higher end of its product class.

  • Attractive colors for the baby's eye
  • With soothing sound
  • Complete operational controls
  • Has a ceiling projection
  • Can be paired to your mobile phone for easy controls
  • Battery operated so better get a rechargeable one for Longer use

Goki Mobile Dragon Baby Toy

baby mobile

This affordable mobile targets children from zero to five years old. If you’re looking to test out a mobile for the first time, this could be a nice, wallet-friendly place to start. The Goki Mobile Dragon Baby Toy features a ceiling mount and wind operated movement, making it easy to keep out of your child’s reach. In tune to the progression of vision in infants, Goki offers a group of floating dragons to stimulate your little boy or girl’s sense of sight. Colorful and whimsical, this item quietly offers interesting shapes to captivate the senses. Customers were pleased to discover that it was exceptionally easy to assemble. They also reported loving the small, bright dragons. Some parents even stated that their children became attached to the dragons--wanting to kiss them goodnight. Despite its charm and friendly price point, some reviewers reported dissatisfaction with the basic construction. Complaints that some of the dragons arrived with chips already in them were also recorded. They also felt that the mobile was generally unbalanced.

  • With bright colors
  • Easy to assemble
  • Environment friendly
  • Very light
  • May easily break
  • No music or lights

Ikea Leka Mobile 

baby mobile

As every parent knows, having a baby is expensive. Why not start out with this reasonably priced, non-motorized baby mobile. Ikea’s Leka model is ceiling mounted, hanging higher than most crib mobiles. As your baby gets stronger and begins to push up, this product will stay far from his or her grasp. Lightweight with shorter tendrils, the Leka mobile is easy for parents to install. The best reviewed feature of Ikea’s mobile is its downward facing animals. Buyers loved that designers conceptualized the product around a baby’s perspective. The primary complaint listed for this item was that the mix of animals represented on the mobile could have been more diverse.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to hang
  • Other child/ parent may get bored with this
  • No lights and sounds

Shiloh Baby Musical Mobile Battery-Operated 60 Songs (White) 

baby mobile

This button-controlled mobile allows you to make adjustments to volume, music rotation, track choices, and play/start time at the push of a button. With one hour of play time and a thirty minute automatic shutoff function, Shiloh Musical Mobile offers users a generous selection of sixty songs. Whether your baby needs a soothing nap or stimulating playtime, this mobile has a song for you. Consumers appreciated that the item is made of durable ABS plastic and is non-toxic. This put users' minds at rest in case their babies grabbed the product. If you’re in need of calm, relaxing melodies for your baby, this mobile could be an excellent and affordable choice. With a sturdy hook at its base, you can attach toys of your choosing--making it a nice cross between pre-designed mobiles and the do-it-yourself models. It also functions well as a replacement for music box for any existing mobile you might already own. Negative reviews for this item stated that the motor on this crib mounted mobile failed within weeks of purchase. A couple of buyers also stated that within a few months of use, the mobile played music but would no longer spin.

  • Many music and songs
  • Can calm and sooth baby's
  • With option to switch song
  • With option to mute
  • List Element
  • battery operated
  • a little bit heavy
  • Some says after a week of using it, it breaks

Huanger Hanging Toy Projection Baby Crib Musical Mobile with Lights and Remote 

baby mobile

Colorful and sweet, this baby mobile does it all. Featuring 108 melodies, parents found that not only was there always a song for their baby’s specific needs, but they also loved the remote control to adjust volume--making it easy to customize the music to their baby’s immediate needs. This Huanger mobile also projects images of stars on the ceiling and walls--creating a dreamlike, lulling atmosphere in your nursery. Babies are mesmerized by the glowing, dancing lights. Customers praised the mobile for being true to advertising. Upon arrival, they felt that it was as colorful and well made as they expected it to be. Buyers also enjoyed the convenient remote control and loved the featured toys--helicopters, planes, and clouds. The many shapes and colors provided by this mobile give your baby more to watch and learn. There were very few negative reviews for this product. Those reported, however, did express dissatisfaction with the sound quality; they felt it was shallow and tinny.

  • With remote 
  • Different music or sounds
  • With charger
  • May not be suitable for newborns because of sound volume
  • Not for soothing
  • Plays simultaneously, lights and sounds

Making a Choice

So, that is a lot of information to digest. Begin your processing by taking into consideration your baby’s needs, your needs, and the needs of your nursery. Once you’ve done this, it might be time to make a choice. Babies spend a significant amount of time in their cribs, so keeping them engaged and entertained can be a challenge. While each reviewed product is a strong choice, we recommend the Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow Smart Connect 2 in 1 Projection Mobile. Because it also offers the most significant educational opportunity for your money. In addition to enhancing their senses of sight, vision, and touch, you can start introducing words--naming the myriad of colors, animals, and vehicles depicted on the mobile. The convenience of controlling the mobile via your cell phone or tablet is also a hard asset to ignore. This investment will last for years to come--seeing your baby through some of the most important steps of his or her growth. Being the one to guide them, by providing the equipment and means needed to advance at this tender age, is a unique privilege reserved for parents. The right baby mobile can bolster your baby’s interest in naptime--buying you some much needed rest of your own!

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