Best Baby Pram Stroller Reviews in 2018

Have you ever heard about a baby pram stroller? Sounds like a part of the Little Drummer Boy Christmas Carol right? Don't worry, this review will get you covered on the topics relating to baby pram stroller – the shopping SOPs, products we have browsed through from Roan Company and the features you need to consider at the first instance.

There are actually lots of benefits from breathing in fresh air such as, but not limited to, improved digestion, general alleviation of mood, calmed nerves, improved heart rate, stronger immune system and the exhaling of toxins in the body. These benefits are not exclusively reaped by adults only. In fact, many pediatricians recommend that babies must be given an opportunity to breathe in fresh air as well at their early age. Since they are still developing, the effect of fresh air on adults is magnified in those tiny bodies.

This need is greatly addressed by pram strollers. Now, it is kind of confusing, isn't it? In fact, there are many kinds and types of strollers in the market, how can we tell which among them is a pram stroller?

What are Baby Pram Strollers?

Baby Pram Stroller

Strollers, in general concept, are baby stroller travel systems for babies and toddlers alike. These come in different versions depending on the usage. Specifically, a baby pram stroller, or pram as it is commonly known, is also a baby-conveying cart. The term is a shortened and altered version of the word perambulator which is of British origin. Through the pram stroller, the baby is laid down, with his or her face facing towards the person who shall be pushing the cart around. This set-up is perfect for a 1 to 3 months old baby but a lot of products in the market have features which accommodate toddlers as well. The latter shall be discussed in detail in the sections that follow.

What is best for me?

You know, there are lots of pram strollers in the market and the different features will probably overwhelm you but your choice lies heavily on your lifestyle and the way you do things. Amid all the products in the market, pram strollers can generally be classified under two types – those with three wheels and those with four. Many parents prefer those with three wheels for maneuverability.

In choosing between the two, you need to consider your frequent habit and the terrain around you. So, if you usually shop, you will need a stroller which is not too wide or bulky with a decent size of basket. If you do a lot of jogging or walking, pram strollers with inflatable tires might be perfect for the job. However, if you wish to take public transport, you need to have a stroller which is light, foldable and portable. And if you wish to walk in the park or through rough terrains, big wheels might just do the trick.

These features may nevertheless overwhelm you, so we have crafted a simplified list of things you should consider in buying prams as shown in the next section.

What are the things I should consider?

Indeed, there are lots of things to consider when buying a pram because of the vulnerability of the baby it shall carry. To date, there are lots of products in the market, each focusing on quality or price or both. Please be mindful though that not all pricey items are of greater quality and vice versa. This being so, we have outlined the following questions to guide you on which features to consider other than the brand and price.

1. How long do you intend to use the pram?

A lot of features may be needed based on your answer to that question. Generally, prams can carry babies from birth up to four years, if feasible. Normally, if you intend to purchase your pram for a newborn baby, it must recline for at least 130 degrees to be suitable. Remember that newborn babies cannot fully support their weight yet. If you wish to use the pram until the latter years, you may want to check out the "grow with the child" feature of the product and the maximum weight it allows.

2. Is it easy to manoeuvre in general?

The primary reason of the purchase of prams is the ability to enable transport for your baby. Thus, it is only expected that you should check whether the wheels permit such requirement. In relation to this, you may also want to check whether the wheels are sturdy and has locks.

3. Is it convenient for transport?

Now, most parents prefer to go on picnics, shopping, etc. These activities may require that the pram be safely stowed in a corner requiring the least amount of space. Not only that, you must also check the weight of the product.

4. Will you need a big storage?

This is quite relative based on you and your baby’s needs. Some parents might find a large storage basket an inconvenience. So if you wish to multi-task while walking your baby or you wish to be always prepared for your baby’s needs, checking the storage basket size would be a great help.

5. Can it provide enough shade and view at the same time?

Most prams come with flexible shades to protect your baby from the harsh rays of the sun or the strong wind. However, bigger shades do not necessarily equate to better baby pram strollers. That shade must also allow a view for you to watch your baby from time to time while pushing the pram.

6. How squirmy could your baby get?

It is very important to evaluate the safety features of the pram stroller even if it is not intended for well-behaved babies. You must check the harness and locks. Usually, five-point harnesses offer the best protection for your babies. Also, check the safety certifications of the product, those able to pass the Australian Safety Standard AS/NZS 2088 are safe.

7. Is it convenient for regular cleaning?

Hygiene is an important aspect of looking after your baby. This being so, you must check the materials composing the pram strollers and determine whether it is easily washable. Usually, seats without many folds are the right one for the job. Also, check if the materials dry easily. You would certainly not want your baby to be without a stroller just because of some cleaning issues, wouldn't you?

How to use the Pram Stroller?

There are certain precautions which must be observed in using the baby pram strollers. These include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Always use the safety harness.

The pram stroller’s sturdiness could never compensate for the risk of your child falling over. If you are dealing with a toddler, be firm in informing him or her that you would not move unless the strap is properly put in place.

2. Don't hang bags in the handles.

Storage for pram strollers is designed for safekeeping and convenience. If you have extra luggage, keep it in the storage basket below, so that the stroller would not lose balance and trip over.

3. Don't carry too much things.

Be efficient. Do not carry too much stuff with your baby such as pillows. Doing so would suffocate your baby.

4. Avoid rough ground.

Sure, a lot of prams are well and able to adapt to rough terrain but don't push it unless necessary. Doing so would increase the chances of injuries to your baby and damage to your stroller.

5. Double check your stroller for folding mechanisms.

Make sure that the features for folding are securely locked to avoid collapse of the stroller midway.

6. Put the wheel brakes on whenever you stop.

Brakes are designed to prevent unwanted movement of your baby. Since babies can be squirmy or wriggly, this procedure can prevent them to roll the wheels again.

With all these matters into perspective, we have evaluated various products from Roan, a leading juvenile manufacturing company. Below is a summary of the matters we have considered in evaluating the different products:

About the Manufacturer

Roan, the manufacturer of the two products, started out as a family business. This being so, it has inculcated in its core, the values and the warmth of the family from 1970s up until this day. Such is made possible by the tight bond of the Roan family from one generation to another. From a traditional family business, the Company has evolved into a modern one, giving birth to innovative solutions to the needs of consumers in the juvenile market. They have established their reputation along with their large customer base.

The primary goal of their Company is to provide satisfaction to customers. This being so, they have focused their efforts towards maintaining and even improving the excellent quality of their products.

With this strategy, the Company has achieved in leading the Poland market and even internationally. In fact, in the recent years, seventy percent of the Company production is shipped to Europe and Asia.

Many consumers buy Roan’s for safety, high quality unique design, durability and service. With regards to baby strollers, the Company has five product lines – Marita, Marita Prestige, Sofia, Emma, Kortina, Rocco, Bass, Bass Eco Leather and Teo. For the purpose of this review, we shall only discuss Rocco and Kortina in detail.

Roan Rocco Classic 2-in-1 Pram Stroller

Looking for a cross between classic prams and modern style? This Roan Rocco Classic Pram might just be what you are looking for!

This is one of the lines offered by Roan, the manufacturer, and this particular product scores highest in our independent evaluation and, coincidentally, this also scores higher in Amazon, a web-based buying and selling portal. Further, this product ranked 14th in the Prams category and 393rd in travel system.

Wondering why? Here are some of the product’s notable features:

1. Grows with the child

This product indeed grows with your child. You can convert it from a baby carriage into a stroller easily; hence, the two-in-one feature. You even have the option to let the baby face forward or to the rear. Indeed, flexibility at its finest. Not only that, the manufacturers have also enhanced its frame so that it could accommodate a child from birth up to three years old who weighs approximately forty pounds.

2. Comfortable Suspension

The product offers your baby comfortable suspension. Simply stated, you can actually rock your baby gently back and forth. You know how some babies crave the sensation of being rocked. Convenient, isn’t it?

3. Spacious Bassinet

The bassinet offers a huge space for the baby. Specifically, it measures 31.5 inches in length and 14.7 inches in width. Your baby cannot feel too stuffy inside. Indeed, comfort at its finest.

4. Inflatable Swivel Tires

This product offers you and your baby comfort while walking around! With inflatable wheels of 12.5 inches, you are assured that your baby would not feel the rough bumps that much. This model even comes with non-swivel feature for durability and sturdiness.

5. Height Adjustable Handle Bar

Handle bar height flexibility can actually make or break your pram strollers as it dictates your posture and convenience along the way. This product comes with a height adjustment ranging from 27.5 to 43 inches. Simply stated, this model is also flexible to the needs and stature of the baby sitter.

6. Ventilation option

This product offers your baby yet another comfort feature and something you will love as well. It has an adjustable hood and it comes with a ventilation option. It actually lessens your worries especially on hot days. Cool, isn't it?

7. Maximum security

The juvenile market has that distinct inclination towards products which could offer a five-point harness system as this restricts the baby quite sufficiently and the locks cannot be undone by the baby. Well, this product offers such security feature as well.

8. Easily Washable Materials

The fabric of this product is composed of 100% polyester according to OKEO Tex 100. Polyester is the raw material for cushioning and home furnishing and as such, it is easily washable.

9. Aesthetic Flexibility

If you hate dull colors, don't worry! This product caters to your creative needs. It comes in six different colors – coffee, graphite, lime, red, pearl, and marine. Also, it has a design which is crafted not only for comfort but for overall pleasing aesthetics which is friendly to the eyes of your baby.

10. Freebies and more!

Ordering this product through Amazon, may entitle you to freebies such as insect bug mosquito net and rain cover. We will be discussing in detail such freebies in another section below. However, you may check the promotional details in this link: HERE

Many customers have reviewed this product as something as solid as a tank due to its sturdiness, great air-filled tires despite rough terrains and its ability to rock back and forth from side to side! The only downside we have noted is its sometimes creaking sound but that is quite immaterial compared to the different features it offers. If you wish to know more about the how-to's of this product, you may check these videos below:

Roan Kortina Classic Pram Stroller 2-in-1 with Bassinet and Seat 

Like the Roan Rocco model, this product also offers you a cross between the classic and modern pram stroller. This being so, it could have easily made it to being the better pram stroller in our independence but there are certain factors which lead us to conclude that the roan rocco is of better quality and features. Worry not, though. We believe that this model is just as great. After all, it comes from the same manufacturer!

Well, moving on, let us begin with this particular model's ratings in the market. Customers at Amazon, a selling internet portal, have given this product a relatively high rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Consequently, this product has come to be at the top 24 in the prams ranking in the same website.

In order to support such high rating, we have made a research on the different features this product has to offer and those are as follows:

1. Grows with the Child

This particular feature is quite popular in the pram strollers market. Consequently, this product is also that flexible. It is even able to seat a child from birth up to three years of age. With a maximum weight requirement of 33 pounds, you can be assured that your three year old toddler is well-supported.

2. Comfortable Suspension

The essence of pram strollers is that they are comfortable for newborn babies who love to be rocked back and forth. Well, this product enables you to do just that through its comfortable suspension. It could even rock your baby side by side! Great feature!

3. Folding chassis

If you wish to store this stroller in the trunk of your car, worry not! This comes with a folding chassis to facilitate easy dismantling and storage. You also would not need to fret about the folding to be too much flexible that it might collapse while your baby is on it since it has features which prevent such catastrophe.

4. One step parking brake

Now, this feature is actually quite unique. It enables you to put the whole stroller into a complete stop just by using one step. This prevents your squirmy baby from setting the wheels in motion on his or her own while you are on a temporary stop.

5. Flexible backrest and footrest

This flexibility feature allows your baby to sleep on an ideally flat surface. This ensures maximum comfort especially for sensitive babies. In fact, you can bring your baby along smooth walks while he or she feels like lying in bed.

6. Cool Bassinet and Seat

This product's bassinet comes with a huge space (32 inches) so you don't really have to worry about your baby being too stuffed while in this pram. The bassinet (for babies) and seat (for toddlers) can be installed facing front or rear. This offers you more flexibility and actually caters to your preferences. What is even great in both features is this – the bassinet has handles and comfy covers while the seat has the popular five-point harness feature!

7. Large Metal Shopping Basket

If you are the type who goes around in errands while walking your baby, this large shopping basket will be very convenient for you. It is even made of metal, unlike most of its competitor in the market. Therefore, this offers much durability in the long-run.

Many customers have given this stroller a high rating because it can actually keep the baby comfortable even in Michigan winters and in forest paths in the summer and it can actually give your baby comfort even if you go through snowy roads and dry summer paths. However, few customers believe that the downside of this stroller is the need to make a complete U-turn making this product pretty much difficult to handle in very tight spaces like churches. Some customers also complained about the squeaking sound from the wheels but this can nevertheless be resolved by lubricants. We do not generally consider those as complete downsides as those can be mitigated by certain measures.

If you are pretty much curious how this stroller and its features work, you may check the video here: 

Some Great Freebies!

Guess what? Roan is on a giveaway spree for some of its complementary products for your preferred pram stroller purchase! That is, if you purchase your stroller at Amazon. Check this link below to find what the conditions are: HERE

Classic Pram and Bassinet Rain cover

This rain cover is available from Roan at $15.99 but you get it free when you purchase any roan pram stroller (Roan or Kortina) through Amazon. This weatherproof rain cover can be used for Roan's Baby Carriage, Pram or Bassinet and can protect your baby on rainy, cold or windy days. It is made of clear material so your baby can still see the view. This material is very soft and highly transparent foil. It does not only keep the wet feels out, it also keeps your baby warm inside as it is highly resistant to low temperatures. This is very much comfortable in winter. Moreover, this material does not leave fold marks whenever you store it so that the overall aesthetic appearance is maintained in the long run. This product only weighs two pounds and measures 10x10x2 inches. Many customers have found this product to be the best in the market by giving it an overall Amazon rating of 5.0/5.0 stars.

Insect Bug Mosquito Net for Classic Pram Stroller

This mosquito net is not a product of Roan. It is manufactured by Ania but it is offered by Roan in its Rocco and Kortina strollers through Amazon. This particular product fits all of Roan's prams and bassinets and is made of soft fine mesh netting. It has a zipper for your convenience and it also includes a storage bag for better safekeeping. It is easy to install as well. All you have to do is slip it on the stroller and it actually stays compact. This product is very much convenient for travelling or camping outdoors as it keeps out all flying or crawling bugs away from your baby. Don't worry though, the fine mesh system is breathable so that your baby may not be suffocated inside the bassinet. This only weighs 2 pounds and can expand up to 7x7x3 inches. This product is actually available for independent purchase at $15.99 but if you can get it with your pram wouldn't it be value-adding?

Must-have Goodies

If you wish to innovate your Roan pram, there are many accessories available in the market depending on your preferences. In general, those accessories are classified as follows:

1. Climate related accessories

These are those which help you keep your babies cool or warm depending on the temperature.

2. Entertainment related accessories

These accessories help you keep your baby occupied while you go on a little while on necessary chores.

3. Storage related accessories

These items could help you store your items while you walk with your baby.

4. Practical accessories

These pertain to items catering to important needs such as attachments for your car seats if you wish to bring your baby along.

While some strollers already have the aforementioned items built-in, parents may need to look for other accessories to make their experience a better one. Parents often buy cup holders, sun canopies and even stroller locks to keep their strollers safely parked in an area while they enter a building or an establishment.

It is to be noted, though, that the experience of walking your baby using strollers like the baby pram stroller is priceless and it is only right that you take into account not only what.

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