Baby Room Decoration for Newborn to Toddler

A warm baby room must be available for the newborn to rest together with the mom. A hundred days after birth, a space must be provided to train the child to be independent. At one year of age, the baby needs a more spacious room for vigorous activities. The parents should know how to furnish the most suitable baby room corresponding to the child’s age.

Room Decoration for 0-5 Months Old Baby

It would be best to have a window for external view

baby room

A newborn baby’s room requires good lighting but direct sunlight as well. Therefore, it would be best to put the child’s bed in a room with a large window. A room with sufficient sunlight would help in the emotional growth of the baby. It would be better still if the window is low enough for exterior view. However, such residence is often not easily available. Hence, the mom should always try to carry her baby for a good view of the external world.

No toys on bed

Try not to put any toy such as bells and the like, tissue paper, gauze towel and other supplies on the baby’s bed, as these may block the child’s nose and mouth causing difficulty in breathing. There should be no rails around the bed as the child might knock on the rails while he is rolling about on the bed. Put only pillows and blanket, and protective cushion on the rails.

Diaper box corner at mom’s body height

In most families, diapers are being placed on the baby’s bed. It would be better to put all diapers in a box near the baby bed where it is convenient for the mom to access while sitting next to the bed.

All baby supplies to be collected in a corner

Baby supplies should not be scattered in the room in a disordered manner. Put it all in one place. There should be a corner place provided for concentration of clothing drawer, diaper box, feeding bottles or various toys.

Hang up some black and white pre-school educational toys and ornaments for 3 months old baby

A newly born infant is lying most of the time. Yet it is very important to stimulate his development at this time. Therefore, the best way is to hang an ornamental toy on the ceiling or bed, as long as the child could have a good view on it. The position is ideal if the child could touch it when mom is holding him. A less than 3 months old baby sees only black, white and gray, so you may change to colorful ornaments after 3 months.

A mirror to help in self-recognition

If a new born infant is able to look at the mirror, he would learn to observe his own appearance. Through a mirror, the child can assure of himself as a whole. Therefore, it would be good to hang a safe mirror or toy mirror on the child’s bed. If that is not possible, another way is to carry him and let him look at a mirror often.

Baby’s bed adjoining mom’s bed

It would be best if the baby’s bed is adjoining mom’s bed. When there is no bed, place the child’s mattress next to the mom’s mattress, for easy care.

Room Decoration for 6-12 Months Old Baby

Using tapes to change furniture outlook

A 6 months old baby onwards needs primary color stimulation at this time, so it is not recommended to have dark wooden furniture. A remedy way is to apply some colorful stickers on furniture at the child’s eye level. Changing wallpaper is a good method too. If still not satisfied, decorate furniture with ribbons and make the room colorful to change the interior atmosphere.

Much tactile stimulation to develop the brain

It is necessary for the child to receive much tactile stimulation at this time. Hence, the mom should let the child to sense multiple types of touching experience, such as sitting on hard wooden chair, lying on soft carpet, sitting on slippery floor, and rolling about on flexible plastic cushion.

Sticking wallpaper

When the mom wants to show her skills, pasting wallpaper would be easy. Paste by following the steps guided by books or magazines, and you can also apply various types of wallpaper on a single wall. The child is able to look at the pleasant designs on wallpaper, as well as to feel its protruding touch.

Pasting picture wallpaper at the eye level of the child

Wallpapers at a height leveling with the child’s eyes are the most important. That is a little higher position than the baby while he is sitting or crawling around on the floor, when the child starts to crawl. You do not have to buy it in the market, just any picture or cards available in your house will do.

Toys easily reach by stretching a hand

At this time, all the baby’s picture books and toys should be placed together. Try to make these easily accessible to the child just by stretching his hand. It is very important to create an open space for toys collection and space for the baby to play.

Make a floor for the baby to climb on

Preparing a sloping floor for the child to climb at this stage is very helpful to him. Studies had shown that a child who has many activities would help him in brain development. Making a slope beside the bed would be a good idea. Firstly, make a sloping surface with thick cardboard, then put some milk can or newspaper inside it to support the baby’s weight.

Safety device for 6 months old babies

About 7 months after birth, it’s a period when the baby stumbles or has accidents easily. It would be best if you could make some safety precautions or preventive measures at various places in the house. Close the video tape inlet as it may clamp on the child’s hand. Cover up all electrical sockets. Wrap all furniture corners with thick cloths. Prevent the child from pulling at dinner table cloth. Paste some attractive pictures or stickers on a cardboard and fix it on the inlets of video player or cassette player with powerful tapes would be safe enough.

Room Decoration for Babies more than 12 Months Old

Storage by bag or basket

A baby at this stage would look for picture books or toys at all times. Put the toys or picture books in a box and place it where the child is easily accessible. Do not put toys in hard wooden box or partitions, store in a basket or soft bag would be ideal.

Make a drawing board on the wall

A 12 months old baby onwards, at this stage, would like to hold something and wave around. You may want to buy a large soft wooden board and nail it on the wall as a drawing board. Paste some papers on for the child to draw. If you feel that changing it often is too troublesome, just fix a plastic sheet on it and draw with water-based marker, which could be wiped off with tissue paper. And the child can enjoy the freedom of drawing with no burden at all.

Both closed and open spaces are necessary

Most children like to play in closed space, but not always so. Try your best to induce him to play harmoniously both in closed space and open space.

Build for him an ideal playing space, by laying a soft mattress on the floor, with picture books easily accessible. The child would feel more secure while playing in a low-ceiling space.

Rearranging furniture to change the atmosphere

It would be good to change the layout of a child’s room often for a change in atmosphere. It makes everyone feel much better than a fixed arrangement and allows more freedom in thinking. However, if the room structure could not be changed often, one way to change the atmosphere is by rearranging the positions of furniture or large decorative ornaments. Moving large toys or cushions could achieve the same effect of changing the room lay out.

Creation of staircase in the room

Staircase is a good training place for playing to a child learning to step forward or walk. Making a special staircase in the room is a good idea. It is not necessary to buy a staircase toy, just put a box by the window where the child could climb up and down, or climbing up or down a chair would be fine. The child would still need the assistance of his mom at this time. The mom must watch her baby closely.

The mom makes a screen with her own hands

The best tool to create a peaceful space for the child is screens. Cut three hard cardboards of 40 cm in width and 120 cm in length, and join them up with tapes. Wrap around the edges with color sheets and draw some pictures on, or paste out some designs with colorful papers to create a quiet space for sleeping.

Those are some baby room decorations that would help you in deciding what to do with the room. Do remember precautionary actions for your baby’s safety.

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