Best Baby Stroller Travel System Reviews in 2018

Do you have any idea what the fuzz is all about baby stroller travel system? Don't worry, will cover you on that shortly! You may have frequently heard about laughter being the best medicine. But do you know that walking is too? Many health articles discuss the benefits of walking – how it enhances breathing and strengthens the muscles on our legs. Given its benefits, it would be quite unfair if our babies, who do not yet possess the ability to walk, do not get to enjoy and benefit from walking! We even walk our dogs! So this is where the baby stroller travel system comes in.

Benefits of walking your baby

● Social development

Whenever you walk your baby, you get to let him or her meet different people, thereby enhancing the facial expressions such as smiling and frowning. It could also enable your baby to learn about the speech patterns of humans. A lot of studies further show that the exposure to such interaction with other people enables the ability of your baby to quickly develop speaking and listening skills.

● Sensory development

Baby Stroller Travel System

Your baby gets to explore the world when you take them out. The soft wind, the chirping birds and the blue sky catches his or her attention and the different senses of the body are put into use. This pretty much works like a practice for the still developing organs. This exposure could also aid to your baby's learning.

● Relaxation

If you are having problems on getting your baby to take an afternoon nap, “walking” your baby may do the trick. Babies usually tend to relax their nerves when they feel a sensation of being rocked back and forth. The fresh air blowing could also do its magic.

● Vitamin D

Walking you baby in the morning would be a great thing to do! You see, the rays could activate the Vitamin D in the skin.

● Better Disposition

Psychologists even claim that babies who are taken outdoors tend to have a happier and more cheerful disposition than children who are cooped up indoors.

Coincidentally, various manufacturers have sought to develop equipment to help you achieve benefits with the maximum convenience for you and your baby. We’ll drop you a secret, though. It is actually possible for you to have convenience while on travel at the same time! We bet taking your baby to different places on your family car also helps the baby feel welcome in the family. Not only that, it is actually twice the learnings!

Ever heard of baby stroller travel system? If not, this guide well help you get a background and aid you in your decision-making towards purchasing the right stroller for your baby. If you have already heard of strollers, then we hope this guide could be of some help to your buying needs.

What are Baby Stroller Travel Systems?

Baby stroller travel systems have actually developed from the usual baby high chair which parents use to facilitate the feeding process of their babies. Apparently, the need to have a secure seat which enables portability and convenience gave birth to the concept of a stroller – a cart for babies, to put it simply. This simple concept actually involves much jargon, so let us try to break into them one by one.

● Carriage

It is the term used for strollers which is designed so that the baby faces you.

● Pram

This refers to the old-fashioned carriages with large canopy and the baby lies down. This is usually typical for infants.

● Jogging Strollers

These are strollers with three wheels typical for jogging, as the name suggests. Also called baby jogger stroller. The feature enables more movement but the usual jogging strollers nowadays only feature the three wheels and not the entire mobility of a jogging stroller.

● Double Strollers

If you have twins, a baby double stroller is a must. Some double strollers have a side by side feature but others have a front and back feature.

● Travel system

As the name suggests, this is a stroller with a detachable car seat for your baby. These systems are compatible with rear-facing car seat and carrycot. Now, this is obviously very convenient for travel.

What are the things you should consider?

Every purchasing decision entails questions you need to consider giving emphasis to the vulnerability of your baby who will be using it. We have outlined the questions you need to ask yourself before deciding whether or not you should purchase a specific model as follows:

● How high is the handlebar?

The travelling feature would be meaningless if your height is incompatible with your height. This means that you should see to it that the handlebar is just right for the person who will push the stroller around, that is, he or she must not stoop down just to push the cart around. Again, the thing you must consider is your height and gait.

● Is there a sufficient storage space?

Strolling sometimes require that you bring along the feeding bottle, baby formula and change baby diapers. It would be pretty inconvenient for you to carry on another baggage while pushing the stroller around, wouldn't it? If you buy a baby stroller, try to check if a basket goes along underneath or if it has any feature for storage. This may even prove to be even more useful when you run around for errand while walking you baby.

● Would it be easy to fold and store?

The essence about travel system strollers is that they have chairs which can be detached to fit your car. If this is so, where will you put the stroller system itself if you plan to travel? The stroller must be foldable and the instructions to do so must be easy enough to remember. Before you buy a stroller, make sure that there are no lots of parts to memorize as it may overwhelm your mind. But try to test the stroller if it is sturdy even while folded just so you can keep it securely tucked and folded while travelling even on bumpy roads.

● Is it easy to steer?

Before buying a stroller, try to push it and determine whether it is capable of an easy maneuver especially in tight spaces. This crucial factor might actually make or break your purchasing decision as any instance of overlook on this feature results to inconvenience in the long-run.

● Is it light enough?

Take note that the weight of the travel system will matter when you push around a relatively heavy baby. A heavy stroller travel system might make you exert effort which could have been avoided. While a lot of parents believe that lightweight baby strollers are not sturdily made, such belief does not hold necessarily true. Most often than not, relatively light strollers offer a greater chance as portability than others of heavier weight. They are even made of quality and sturdy materials. So you see, weight is not directly proportional with quality.

● Does it have the necessary safety features for your baby?

You see safety features actually differ on the needs of your baby. Straps, lock on wheels and the lack of small parts which may expose the baby to choking would be the basic safety features. Whenever you buy a stroller, take some time to read its manual and check the safety features whether they really exist and operate.

● Is it easy to clean?

The ease of cleaning is considered. Some strollers come with a snack tray which is pretty much like those in high chairs. If this is so, you must check the material of the snack tray and determine if it could easily cleaned by wiping and simple brushing. Also, check whether the chair and seat cover are made of easily washable materials with easy-dry features.

Editor's Pick for Best Baby Stroller Travel System:

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System, Papyrus

Based on our assessment, the product we think best for your baby would be this travel system from Chicco.

For your reference, we have researched about the reputation of this manufacturer and have found out that they are the largest baby brand in Europe, being part of the global Artsana Group. That quite rings a bell, right? Chicco has more than fifty years of experience for excellence. It had its humble beginnings from the founder, Pietro Catelli's personal passion for wellness. His childcare products expanded and as a symbol of his dedication to the welfare of the children who uses his products, he named his Company after his firstborn Enrico. The fact that this manufacturer has had a warm story fitting for families, says a lot about their products. The Chicco Company even named their laboratory equipped with the best machinery and made stronger by top researchers. The Happiness Laboratory tells us a lot about how they take the happiness of children seriously.

This particular model is also showered with the same love and affection of Mr. Pietro for children. Combined with its innovative features, we believe that this model could easily be the best one for your baby. Let us try to go over its features one by one.

● Trio System

The quirky name is based on the modes this particular product is capable of.

1. KeyFit Carrier

This mode is best suited for infants. In this mode, the travel system serves as a lightweight car seat carrier. In order to switch into this mode, you just have to remove the stroller seat and its canopy. After that, you will then attach the adapter and tap the KeyFit button.

2. Travel System

This mode is suitable for babies who can already support their weight into a sitting position. This mode could easily be used in conjunction with that of the first. In order to do so, just click the KeyFit. Simple. This mode together with the first comprises the product’s Bravo feature.

3. Toddler Stroller

This is best for babies who have outgrown the product’s Bravo feature. It is best for everyday travel and can even support a toddler weighing up to fifty pounds.

● Multi-position recline

This product enables flexibility by having an adjustable seat recline so you would not have any worries about your baby being too stiff.

● Extra-Large Canopy

Strolling under the sun is a big okay for this product since it offers a canopy large enough to protect your baby from the harsh ultraviolet rays from the sun.

● Folds

The product could easily fold by its one-hand fold feature. You can easily grab the handle for travel or storage. It is also easy to store as it can stand upright on its own in a folded position. This is greatly convenient for loading and unloading the travel system.

● Smoother Travel Guarantee

This particular model is not just about comfort, it is about convenience as well. With swivel wheels, this product ensures a smooth travel for you and your baby. The wheels could even be suspended at the same time and the brakes are easy to use as they are linked to the rear.

● Parent welfare

It does not only prioritize your baby's welfare but this product also aims to help you feel comfortable. First off, it offers a three-position height adjustable push handle, so you actually get to determine what is best for convenient travel. Also, it has cup holders and a large storage compartments for your baggage and personal needs.

This product comes in different colours such as papyrus, empire and lilla. We have only one downside with this product and it is the difficulty encountered in opening the canopy fully but we believe that it is fully compensated by the benefits this product offers. Should problems such as the downside is encountered, you may contact the manufacturer and they actually offer you free ship and free return based on their policies.

For more information about the installation and the use of the product, you may check this video: 

Best Value for Money:

Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System, Millennium

We believe that this particular product would be able to provide you with a wonderful combination between value and quality. This model is manufactured by Baby Trend. Our light research on this manufacturer allowed us to know a bit about its reputation and its history.

We found out that Baby Trend is one of the leading manufacturers of baby products for twenty-eight years now. Throughout its existence, it has sought to innovate to comply with safety standards and protocols with affordable and quality products. The Company was the first to win an award for its famous Snap-N-Go and Sit N' Stand Strollers. The Car Seat products have received much appreciation from the market so that it has maintained its spot at the top of the industry over the years.

With this, you can easily trust that although their products are relatively cheaper than other brands in the market, they nevertheless possess the quality of a Baby Trend brand.

This particular product adheres to such philosophy. In the comparison table we have previously provided, it can be noted that this product is of lower price but it has a high score. This is so because of its innovations and special features as follows:

1. Expedition LX Jogging Stroller

This product is designed like a jogging stroller as it has three wheels. The front wheel easily swivels for easier maneuverability. The wheels also have a quick release for folding and storage and are made of material which can smoothly glide over all types of terrain.

2. Flex Lock 5-30 pound infant car seat

The product comes with a detachable car seat which includes a lock on its base to fasten and secure it in your car. This specific car seat has been one of the most renowned products of the manufacturer and to have such product in combination with the jogging stroller is a big bonus and adds value to your money.

3. Parent Convenience

This model includes a large storage basket underneath so you would not really need to worry about your belongings whenever you run for errands. You can easily attend to your baby’s needs as well. It also includes a parent tray for the babysitter’s food and beverages. Such tray could cater up to two beverages and it’s covered. If you are a sporty person or someone with an active lifestyle, the jogging stroller feature even lets your toddler keep up with you!

4. Child safety features

You need not fret about your child’s safety that much with this model as this includes a five-point harness and tether strap. Also, reflectors are provided in the foot rest to provide greater visibility and ensure your child’s smooth ride. The car seat even has EPS energy-absorbing foam for superior head protection. This chair can accommodate a child up to 50 pounds and 42 inches tall. It also includes a large adjustable canopy with covered sunroof ratchets to protect your baby from harmful ultraviolet rays, strong wind and mildew.

5. Convenience for Cleaning

The car seat, pads and inserts are readily washable and easily dry which is perfect for squirmy babies who make a lot of mess while feeding.

With all these features at a relatively lower price than competing products in the market, we believe that this gives more value. Interested enough? You can find out more about the how-to’s regarding this product by watching this video: 

Best for Double the Fun:

JOOVY Scooter X2 Double Stroller, Greenie

Looking for a side-by-side stroller for your kids? This stroller by Joovy might be the best for your needs! With this, looking after your babies will be a much easier task!

Joovy, the manufacturer is a lifestyle brand based in the United States. Its designs are innovative among its competitors in the baby accessory market. One of its notable commitments is for the easy mobility for growing families. Their mission is to provide parents with products that are both fun and functional with emphasis on durability, utility and on-trend design.

With this kind of background from its manufacturer, you can be assured that this particular stroller model is designed for the safety and comfort of your family. The following are its main features:

1. Double the Fit

Probably one of your main concerns for double strollers is their width. Will it fit through our narrow doorway? Well, this Joovy scooter takes such worry away. This design is lightweight and narrow fit for standard doorways with up to 30” width!

2. Double the Useful Life

This particular model can safely handle a 3 months old baby and could carry them up until the time they weigh 45 pounds each. The product also uses a graphite frame thereby adding up to its stability score. It is sufficiently flexible with adjustable reclining system so it actually adjusts to your babies well.

3. Double the Size

Having two babies along require quite a larger storage space right? This model has a larger-than-life storage box underneath. In fact, the basket size is larger than any product in the market.

4. Double the Convenience

You might wonder whether this model is easily stowed away in a corner despite its size. Well, the answer is a big “YES!” with a one-hand fold, you can easily store it in a corner and it consumes the least space possible.

5. Double the Swivel

The product’s wheels are made bigger and even better for a refined and smooth ride. You get to maneuver it easily too! The double front wheels create a strong foundation and gives stability to the stroller’s structure.

6. Double the Creativity

You don’t have to fret about having lesser choices as well! This Joovy stroller comes in five colors – Greenie, Black, Blueberry, Orange and Red!

Sounds like everything makes the whole experience double the fun, right? You may even watch this video for double the information! 

Other Popular Products in the Market

Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35 Travel System

Although this product is a bit pricey, this Agile Stroller is best for the safety of your baby! This is manufactures by a Europe-renowned best-selling car seat brand and now has expanded their market to American families since 1996. They specialize on impact protection and transformed safe seat installation!

It is made from lead-free materials and no re-thread. It even has a five-point harness system and head pad. Among others, it has a Safe Side Impact Protection feature which evens out the crash forces and shields your baby from vehicle intrusion. It can cater to newborn babies and toddlers weighing up to 55 pounds because it has a 30-pound weight capacity for safety and comfort for your baby’s first year. It is also designed so you can easily fold it with one hand. For your baby’s security, you may rely on this product!

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller

Another quality product from Joovy, this model is considered to be one of the most lightweight strollers in the market. It can also cater to two children weighing up to 45 pounds each! What’s more? It is even offered at a very affordable price! It also has a large canopy to protect your babies. It even has two cup holders for your babies! This particular model has met the certified frustration-free standard and offers up to three reclining positions. You would not also need to worry about storage issues as it has larger basket storage as well. So if you are looking for an affordable double stroller, this Joovy Caboose stroller could be a very good choice!

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