Best Baby Walker Reviews in 2018

Your child’s first steps are one of the most important moments of the first years of their lives. You look forward to their first steps almost as much as their first words. Most children learn to walk by the time they turn one year old, and a baby walker that incorporates a few toys for them to enjoy as well will offer them the support that they need. How do you know which baby walker is best for your child? Before we jump into the reviews, let’s discuss how a walker can benefit your child’s first steps.

Why Baby Walker is Great

Instills Curiosity

Baby Walker

The world is brand new to your baby, so it is important that you feed their curiosity with things that are fun for them as well as safe for them to experience. Learning to walk is a new thing, and being curious about a walker can be a great way to encourage them to stand up and take a few steps on their own.

Stimulates Imaginative Play

A child who uses their imagination is a creative individual who will thrive in life. Having a walker that stimulates their imaginative thought process is a great way to encourage their first steps.

Improves Coordination

When a baby first learns to walk, they are often unsteady on their feet. A walker is a unique way to give them something to hold onto when they feel unsafe. It provides them with a safety net that will give them the courage to keep trying, even after they fall down.

Features to Consider

There are a few different types of walkers that you can purchase for your baby. The first is one that has a seat where they can sit down and use their legs to move from place to place. This type allows them to stand up without having the chance of taking a tumble. The other type of walker is a stand-up walker that has a handle for your child to hold on to. It often will have toys that they can enjoy while standing in front of the walker, and it encourages them to stand and move without your assistance. The features of each of these walkers can vary, but there are a few features that you want to have regardless of the walker you select. Let’s take a look.


The material that the walker is constructed of is extremely important. You need to make sure that it is not toxic for your child because any young child is likely to place their mouth on the plastic material. Many parents prefer wooden walkers over plastic ones to ensure that their baby does not ingest any toxic materials. This is especially a concern for babies who are teething because they tend to put their mouths on everything.

A Sturdy Base

The size of the walker is actually a key component that helps decide how stable it is. If the base of the unit is too narrow, then there is a chance that your baby will make a sharp turn that can tip the unsteady walker. You never want to put your baby in unnecessary danger, so make sure that the base is stable before making a purchase.

Good Wheels

The walker that you select needs to have wheels that have a good amount of traction on them. You do not want your child to lose their footing because it could easily lead to an injury. Wheels that have traction will keep their momentum going instead of stopping it suddenly and causing your baby to stumble.

Height Adjustability

Every child grows at a different rate, which means that the walker that you choose needs to be able to adjust with them. Many walkers have three levels of adjustability that accommodates your child for a longer length of time. In fact, some can even switch from a sitting walker to a standing one when your child is ready to advance to a big kid walker.

Toys and Entertainment Features

Toys are an important aspect of a walker because they give your baby something to do while they explore the area. Try to find a walker that has toys that your child will enjoy. There are a number of options to choose from, which include rattles and musical forms of entertainment. You may even prefer a walker that lacks entertainment in favor just giving your child their favorite toy.

Safety Features

Safety is always a priority when it comes to children. No matter what walker you are purchasing for your baby, you need to make sure that it is safe for them. Make sure that the device will not put your child in danger; in fact, many baby walkers give you a height recommendation to keep them safe.

Now that you know what to look for, let’s take a look at a few reviews.

Five Best Baby Walkers

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Baby Walker

This Vtech walker is a sit-to-stand model that is designed for children who are as young as nine months of age. The front activity panel can easily be removed to encourage floor play for children who are not ready to walk on their own. When you child begins to feel brave about walking, reattach the panel and let them go. The wheels are designed with a textured tread that works great on both carpeted floors and hardwood ones.

The learning center has five musical piano keys, a shape sorter, and roller wheels. There is also a telephone on the device that encourages imaginative play. Each time your child answers the phone, an animal will be on the other end of the line. Unfortunately, the phone is not attached to the walker in any way, so it can be misplaced easily.

The unit is also motion activated, so each time your child walks with the device, a musical melody will play, which encourages them to walk more. This is a great feature for your child, but it can be irritating if you are on the phone or watching a movie.

It comes complete with light effects, sound effects, and fun phrases that will entertain your child. There is also a library of songs that they can learn to sing along with. Learning mode is designed to teach your baby shapes, numbers, colors, and animal sounds, while music mode plays more melodies while your child interacts with the walker.

  • Provides stimulation for your child
  • Keeps them entertained for hours
  • Activity center can be removed
  • Very stable base
  • Musical features
  • There are two-speed settings
  • The tires could have a bit more traction
  • The walker slips on hardwood floors occasionally
  • Makes sounds when your child is walking around
  • The phone can get lost easily

Joovy Spoon Walker, Charcoal

Best Baby Walker

When you are looking for a baby walker, you will want to have one that will be usable for years. This versatile walker is designed to help your child learn to walk, but it also serves as a high chair when they get hungry. It is designed with an extra wide base that provides stability and ensures that your child will not tip the unit over.

The seat of the walker has a removable pad that is machine washable, and the meal tray has an insert that can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. This walker does not come with attached toys, but there is plenty of space for your child to play with their toys on the tray.

This walker is designed with three height positions that allow the walker to adjust to your child’s growth. It folds flat for easy and convenient storage, which is great for travel. In addition, all of the plastic material is BPA and PVC free.

The walker is not fitted with brakes, so when you decide to feed your child, they may decide that it is time to play instead. In addition, make sure that your living space is large enough to accommodate the base of the unit because small spaces can cause issues.

  • It has the option to adjust the height
  • The device is extremely simple to clean
  • The tray insert is dishwasher safe
  • The unit has a minimalist design
  • It is easy to fold and store
  • No toys or interactive features are included
  • This walker may not be accommodated in small spaces
  • There are no brakes on this walker

Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

Best Baby Walker

This Fisher Price walker is the perfect tool to help your young one learn how to walk on their own. It offers a colorful display of interactive activities that they can enjoy. There is a large ball in the center that can be spun in circles. Around the device, there are also doors that can be flipped, gears that can be turned, beads that slide across the unit, and spinning panels that can provide hours of fun.

Even though there are a large number of activities to entertain your child, they are not that educational or stimulating for their mind. It does; however, have plenty of space for them to enjoy their own educational toys.

The walker is great for walking and learning to stand and play, but when your child becomes tired, you can also easily fold the unit into a more compact design that allows them to play with it while they sit on the floor. In addition, this compact folded mode also makes it easy to take your baby’s walker with you when you go to visit grandma or another relative who may not have a lot of toys to entertain your young one.

  • The walker provides a stable base
  • Youngsters can easily pull themselves into a standing position
  • Works great on both hardwood floors and carpet
  • The unit folds into a compact travel size
  • The activities are not all that educational
  • The walker does not have tread on the wheels
  • Children who like to go fast may fall occasionally

Safety 1st Ready-Set-Walk Walker, Nantucket

Best Baby Walker

Safety 1st, as the name indicates, is a brand that has your child’s well-being at heart. This particular walker is great for ensuring that your child has a safe platform to play and learn on. With learning in mind, this particular walker employs several devices that will help your baby understand shapes, sounds, and how objects interact with each other.

To further his or her development, there are 12 songs that will entertain and engage your baby. As your young one grows, they will be able to sing along with the songs and enhance their mind.

The wheels of this walker are small when compared to most walkers, but they move in all directions to make sure that your baby never gets stuck in the corner of the room. If your baby is growing quickly or if you have a particularly tall child, the walker has a fully adjustable height that allows you to select from three different settings.

The feeding area is crevasse-free so that when it’s time for cleanup, you can simply wipe the surfaces with a soapy rag or even a baby wipe. The seating area is fully machine-washable, which is perfect for baby’s early months.

  • List Element
  • height is adjustable
  • Lots of entertainment
  • Wheels are designed to move to any direction
  • There’s a lot of stability in this walker
  • This is not the most portable walker
  • It does not fold very neatly at all
  • Its width can hamper your child’s explorations
  • Small wheels not good for carpets
  • Your baby will be able to reach everything around them

Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer, Pink

Baby Walker

Sometimes, even your baby feels that need for speed. When the need arises, the Combi All-in-One walker is perfect to make your little one feel like he or she is speeding down the highway. It has a wide variety of great features, including a speedy car front that even has some rearview mirrors so that your child can see his or herself and what’s behind the walker. You can even remove the car top so that your baby can eat on the flat area underneath.

In addition to the pink model that we’ve featured here, the Combi All-in-One also has four additional colors like black, blue, yellow, and red. This way, you can easily pick a speedy color that your baby will love.

There are four different buttons on the wheel that will play four different songs that will entertain your dearest one. In addition to this, if traffic is heavy, your baby can also honk the horn, which is situated in the middle of the steering wheel.

Unlike many of the walkers on the market today, this product has wheels that allow for a full rotation. This means that your child won’t be limited to just forward and backward movement.

When it comes to clean up, you will be glad to know that this walker can simply be wiped clean. In fact, the hood section of the car can be removed to make cleaning up even easier.

  • The buttons on the dash will stimulate your child’s mental growth
  • This is a very easy-to-clean walker
  • The car section can be removed and used as a surface
  • Can also be turned into a jumper
  • The seat back could be a bit higher
  • It doesn’t do great on carpet
  • The seat lacks support


All of the walkers that we have reviewed in this guide are great options for a young one who is just learning to take their first steps. Some of the options have a lot of interactive toys, while others feature more of a minimalist design. Take a look at the reviews and see which baby walker best fits your child’s needs. Remember that their safety is your priority, so take your time and make an educated decision.

If we were to pick a winner and name one of the walkers that we reviewed as the best baby walker for your baby’s first steps, then we would pick the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker. It is a standing walker that is perfect, whether your child wants to walk around or sit and play, this walker can accommodate them.

The base of the unit and the tread on the wheels offer a level of stability that is designed to keep your baby safe, and the activities on the device will keep your child entertained for hours. There is even a learning mode that can help them become familiar with colors, shapes, sounds, and numbers. In addition, the telephone that is included with the unit is adorable, especially when you hear your child saying hello and talking to the animals on the other end of the line.

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