Best Baby High Chair Reviews in 2018

Nowadays, a baby high chair is used by many to assist their infants in the whole feeding process and in other instances as well. We believe that the need for such chairs arise from the saying which goes “A family that eats together, stays together.” Do let us add this, “babies, no matter how messy or squirmy they may be on the dining table, are part of the family.” Including your babies in the family circle especially during mealtime gives them a feeling of belongingness and happiness. Many psychologists claim that when infants spend more time with their family, they tend to grow up with a more positive outlook in life. 

With this goal in mind, many companies have actually developed and manufactured high chairs for babies, be it portable, wooden and a lot others with different features. This review will give you an overview as to which baby high chair will be the right and best for your baby.

High chairs have been traditionally handed down from one generation to another, but not everyone necessarily feels comfortable picturing their babies on wooden heirlooms. If you are a first-timer or an experienced parent, you may find our purchasing guide helpful. We will gladly give you insights, reviews and additional reminders in purchasing a high chair.

What is a Baby High Chair?

Baby High Chair

A baby high chair is a tall chair that sometimes comes with a small table connected to it upon which the infant eats. Infants up to two or three years old use high chairs to facilitate the feeding process. A toddler, however, uses a high chair without trays just to enable them to adjust their height to the family’s dining table.

The very first high chairs are not the portable ones since they are made of prime wood. However, due to the advent in technology, many companies have come up with models having different features including portability and security of the child.

Now that you have a little background on the high chair and its functionality, it is best to be acquainted with the different products the market has to offer! To make this experience meaningful and informative, we have included an outline of the advantage and disadvantages of each product as you can see in the succeeding topics below.

How to Use a High Chair

Using a high chair requires precaution as many high chair related incidents have been reported leading to the recall of various baby chair products. The proper use of a high chair depends much on the guardian or parent who will put the baby into position.

First of all, the guardian must confirm whether the baby is already suitable for the use of a high chair. It is to be noted that majority of medical professionals do not recommend the use of high chairs below the age of a 4 months old baby. This is so because such infants do not yet possess the ability to effectively control their movements, especially their back. If you have confirmed your child's capability, you may begin with the steps that follow.

Basically, the baby's guardian must get the right equipment such as the baby chair, utensils, bib and others. Particular care must be given in the selection of this equipment! The guardian must make sure that the utensils are sterilized and BPA-free. Next, the guidelines for using the baby high chair must be understood. High chairs always come with a guide booklet so that the parts and features could be easily understood. When these steps are satisfied the guardian may gently place the baby in the high chair. Buckles and other safety features must be donned on in accordance with the guide booklet.

Feeding infants may entail mess due to the movements and bobbing. So, when feeding time is over, the guardian must refer to the cleaning instructions in the guide booklet to avoid damaging the high chair.

Types of High Chair

The designs and features of high chairs have evolved throughout the years so much that many people actually get lost in all the terminologies. Don’t worry! This review includes a simplified outline of the types of high chair in the market. So, before determining which brand of high chair you should purchase, it is imperative that you must have a background on the different types of high chairs as follows:

1. Traditional High Chair

It is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of high chairs. You know the one with four legs, removable tray, cushions and basket underneath. Despite the advent of modern technology, traditional high chairs have been the number one choice for tradition-bound parents.

2. Single-stem high chair

This is an improvised version of the traditional high chair. And you guessed it right – it only has one leg with a big base. This is so it could take up lesser space. Some companies have even developed innovations such as brakes and pedestals in the base of such kind of chair for security and convenience.

3. Folding High Chair

This type of high chair is devised for travel since it is considerably lighter than the previous two and it is convenient to transfer from one place to another. It is to be noted, however, that majority of the high chairs sold in the market nowadays have this feature as well.

4. Boosters

This type of high chair is placed on top of regular chairs just so the child could reach the table. It is not recommended for those below the age of a 12 months old baby. It is to be noted though that this type is not foldable.

5. Clamp-on Seats

This type of high chair is not in essence, a chair. It is more like a clamp with a cloth which is shaped like baby diapers. It is attached to a table using the clamps. One does not really need to worry about the effect on the surface of the table, though since the clamps are well-padded. It is not recommended for children below three but it is more relatively more convenient for travel.

Things to Consider When Buying a High Chair

In order to aid you in your buying decisions, we have outlined the most important factors you need to consider as follows:

1. Safety Features

This should be the top priority - be it harness, wheel safety locks, etc. Nothing beats the assurance that your child feels comfortable and safe at the same time.

2. Available Space

The high chair must be able to fit the space designated for its use whether in the home, office or car. Assessment must be made on the amount of space it will take up.

3. Design and Flexibility

This encompasses the colors and overall aesthetics. Children outgrow things at a faster rate than we do. So, it would actually be practical to choose chairs which could be adjusted for the height and other conversion features as the child grows.

4. Certifications

Certification stickers prove that the manufacturer has complied with the standards of ASTM International and that is has met the safety standards of Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). Although certifications do not guarantee safety, it at least provides a level of assurance.

Note that though these high chairs can be attached to tables, baby changing tables isn’t included on the list.

Shopping SOP’s

Sure, the factors enumerated above are crucial to the high chair which you must choose. However, those are not necessarily something you can assess at the first glance. When you are on the stores and malls and can personally assess whether the high chairs are of high quality, the following tips might come in handy:

1. Check the locks

When the high chair has fasteners, make sure to check that they can be conveniently opened by adults but not by the child who will use it. The lock, however, must not be so tight as adjustments may be required even during the time the child uses the high chair.

2. Test the trays

Trays are usually adjusted to put the child into place. Therefore, you must check whether they are easily adjusted. Like locks, trays must be stable enough so that only adults could adjust it. Another thing to also consider about trays is its compatibility to a more convenient cleaning. You may inspect the material of the tray to assess whether it can be easily placed in the dishwasher. Also, you must check on its design. Try not to choose those with small nooks and crevices where bits and pieces of food may get stuck.

3. Put the flexibility to test

High chairs usually have height adjustment features so that the child could eat with the family or the babysitter or guardian could conveniently feed the child. When shopping for high chairs, the flexibility of the height must be assessed so that factory defects on this feature could be immediately brought to the attention of the manufacturer and to avoid compromising the safety of your child.

4. Assess the Seat Cover

We know the seat cover is not just about comfortability. It is also about durability and the ability to be conveniently cleaned as well. When shopping, feel the fabric and note that it must not be too bulky or flimsy. It must be washable and easy to dry. It must not have many seams as it could entail more effort in maintaining cleanliness.

5. Check the wheels

When shopping for high chairs with wheels, make sure that the wheels have locks on them or that they could be immobilized by the weight of the child which will use the high chair.

6. Beware of Small Parts

Before purchasing a high chair, assess whether its small parts, such as screws and fasteners are securely attached in the proper places. Loose small parts pose choking hazard to children.

7. Try Folding the Chair

If you plan on purchasing a foldable high chair, you may ask the assistance of the store personnel to fold it as some foldable high chairs may turn out to be stiff or awkward.

Editor's Pick for Best Baby High Chair:

Stokke® Tripp Trapp Highchair - Walnut

Baby High Chair

Stokke Tripp Trapp Highchair - Walnut is our highest-scoring baby high chair. It is manufactured by Stokke, a Company dedicated to challenge the traditional thinking. According to their website, the overriding principle for their design is the goal that their products give what is for the best interest of the child.

Now this particular model, abides by such principles, nevertheless.

Curious about how the product functions for use? You may want to refer to this video tutorial uploaded by the manufacturer!

  • "grow with the child" aspect
  • Made of cultivated beach wood
  • Can adjust 22" high
  • Supports 300 pounds
  • Easy to clean
  • Adjustable & flexible
  • Sturdy material with harness
  • Does not include a table
  • Straps are hard to adjust
  • Other parts are hard to clean

Best Value for Money:

Graco® Blossom 6 in 1 High Chair Seating System

Baby High Chair

Now, you may ask where the value is in purchasing this product. Well, one thing is that, it has a “grow with the child” feature which is very much similar to other high chairs in the market. Specifically, it comes with a 6-in-1 seating system, that is, six different modes. These modes help ensure that your baby sits comfortably during mealtime and in any other occasions. It has a maximum weight capacity of 60 pounds so you are confident that it can fully support the weight of your child as he or she grows. Graco recommends the following for the age and weight compatibility among the four stages:

  • Affordable and good quality
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be seated by 2 children
  • Seat pad is machine washable
  • Buckle maybe unfastened by toddlers.
  • Wheels lock are not working too well
  • Some report says that the tray is not dishwasher safe

Best High Chair for Your Baby's Development:

Fisher-Price® Rainforest Healthy Care High Chair

Baby High Chair

We have to admit that this particular high chair has almost been our top pick. While other high chairs showcase convenience and portability, this specific model provides a value-adding feature which, we believe, puts the welfare of your baby in consideration as well – entertainment and exercise. It is even available at relatively lower price than its competitors in the market.

This is manufactured by Fisher-Price, which had its humble beginnings as a toy manufacturer. They claim to have started everything with a smile and it has been their goal to manufacture baby products which can bring happiness for generations. Specifically, they aim to produce baby goods which appeal to the imagination, does something new and surprising and funny.

  • With music, sound & lights detachable toy
  • "grow with the baby" feature
  • Provides three-position recline, seven-level height adjustments, removable pillow for youngest babies and multiple tummy adjustments
  • has individual brakes for its wheels
  • Foldable
  • Has complied will all flammability requirements
  • Covers and trays can be easily wash
  • Portable cause it is light
  • Toy requires battery
  • Can only accomodate up to 50 pounds 
  • Some report says cushion are not comfortable
  • Tray is difficult to put with just one hand

Other Popular Baby High Chairs in the Market

OXO Tot Sprout Chair, Taupe/Walnut

Baby High Chair

This chair is manufactured by OXO, popular for its kitchen utensils and office supplies. This company is dedicated to the safety and comfort with style and ingenuity. That actually gives us a background on the type of high chair they manufacture.

Well, this high chair model focuses more on convenience. To be specific, it offers a tool-free adjustment for seat height and depth for five-levels. So, basically it includes a "grow with me" feature as well. It weighs only 28 pounds and can accommodate up to 60 pounds. This product also caters to your preferences as it is offered in Birch, Taupe and Walnut!

  • No cushion to wash
  • Nice design (fashionable)
  • Tray can be removed with one hand
  • Crotch post keeps baby from submarining under the chair
  • With complete harness
  • Tray may not fit to all baby's, it can be too wide for most baby's
  • May not be fit to your table when your baby is old enough to join you on the table
  • May not be fit to your table when your baby is old enough to join you on the table

Boon Flair Highchair 

Baby High Chair

This particular high chair model is manufactured by Boon Inc., a company which began from a messy toddler bathtub. The founder is a designer, Rebecca Finell who practically did not stop the innovation on that troublesome bathtub.

Also, it has an automated weight lifter by means of a foot pedestal so you won’t really need to be all geeky about using tools for adjusting its height. And you’ve guessed it right, since it glides smoothly on all types of floor, it also has a foot pedal for single-foot braking.

Not only that, it is easy to clean as well. Its removable seat is seamless so the food bits would not get stuck in small, hard to clean, spaces.

  • Unique design
  • Modern features
  • With pedestal base making it sturdy
  • Base comes with six urethane casters
  • Food may stock under the tray
  • Needs cleaning immediately or else it will leave the stains
  • Other parts of the high chair is not also easy to clean


There may be lots of features from different types of baby high chair models in the market, but it is indeed noteworthy to emphasize on the safety of the child. No amount of safety features could replace a parent’s proactive attention on the baby. A lot of baby high chair injuries have been caused by negligence, so always supervise your child and strictly follow the safety instructions of any high chair you have purchased. Most of all, follow heartily the manufacturer’s recommended weight and age limits should there be any.

In conclusion, always put your baby first in your purchasing decisions whether baby high chair or a different furniture for your baby! Hope we helped.

Sandra Henderson

Editor-in-chief at Babiology and a proud mother of four passionate about sharing pregnancy and baby growth knowledges

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