Best Baby Changing Table Reviews in 2018

Looking for the best baby changing table could be difficult, and there are a lot of things to consider before you can say to yourself that you’ve found the perfect one. Let this concise yet compact changing tables product review of the best changing tables available in the market today help you find the best baby changing table you will ever need for your baby.

Why do you need to have a Baby Changing Table

Baby Changing Table

Baby changing table is a popular piece of furniture in the nursery room. It is designed to provide a safe and secure place for baby while mummy changes the diapers and finish the cleaning. Babies aren’t usually tame during changing time. As a matter of fact, they resist being changed and they get fussy the entire process. Good to know that a lot of changing tables manufactured nowadays comes with built-in shelves and compartments you can use to store your baby’s diapering essentials. They help you organize your baby’s supplies such as clean nappies, wipes, ointments and creams for rashes so you know where to find them when you need them. You can also store baby’s toys to give during changing time to keep your baby preoccupied. Keeping your diapering essentials within reach offers convenience and saves you time in cleaning your fussy baby safely and as quickly as possible.

A baby changing table not only organizes your baby essentials, but also keeps them clean (focusing on good hygiene), ready for use by your baby. You will want to ensure that baby’s nappies and dresses are dirt-free and neat-looking.

Changing tables also provide comfort for the parents doing the changing. The elevated feature of the changing table lessens physical strains and aching back of the parents who does the changing on a sofa, bed or even on the floor.

To help you get started, here’s a helpful video to show you why you will need to have a baby changing table:

How to pick the kind of baby changing table for you and your baby

With so many baby changing tables available in the market, how would you know you’ve found that best changing table for you and for your baby? Let’s start with the basics.

1. Sturdiness – Changing tables are usually made from solid wood with restraining metal-plated or wood-constructed barriers to protect babies from slips or fall. Some changing tables also have a metal bar under the table to provide additional security. Find the one that has wide features as you will be needing a lot of space during diaper change. In picking up the best changing table for your baby, choose the one that is strong enough to hold babies with weight of up to 30 lbs. You may want to pick the one that doesn’t easily wobble or shake at the slightest movement so ensure that the support bars, beams, and other frames and structures are tough and solid. Babies make a lot of movements, and you wouldn’t want to risk the safety of your baby because of a flimsy, substandard made baby changing table.

Most baby changing tables come with a safety strap feature or safety belt to hold the baby in place. Some manufacturers devised a safety system for their line of changing tables. The South Shore Angel Changing Table has a unique “Smart Glide” system that has an integrated safety catch and soft-closing mechanism to prevent accidents.

Opt for baby changing tables with certification and that meets all the safety standards to ensure that your baby’s safety won’t be compromised. Safety rails should be high enough to protect the active baby from rolling over and accidental falling. As much as possible, look for the kind of guardrail that will prevent babies’ arms from sticking out. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that the changing tables to have a railing that is 2 inches tall or more, on all 4 sides. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) recommends that the changing tables should have a barrier on all sides.

The combination of railings and safety belts frees both your hands conveniently to move and change diapers quickly. Despite this, always keep one hand on your baby and never leave your baby unattended for security.

2. Height – How high or low would you want the baby changing table is up to you. But just to be sure, choose the changing table that is at the same height of your waist level to avoid physical strains and backaches brought by leaning over to your baby during diaper change. You will be doing a lot of diaper change in a day so having a changing table where you can stand and lean on comfortably can already ease the pain of the diapering process. Find the one that is suitable for your height. Some changing tables go as low as 35 inches and high as 40. If you’re shorter, you can buy the smaller one, but if you’re tall, opt to get the changing table that is higher.

3. Functionality – Functionality is generally a broad term which can mean more than being useful. In baby changing tables, being functional is when you will have to look in if that particular piece of furniture and its features and forms meet your needs and other considerations or if it does not otherwise. You want to make the most of a baby changing table aside from its sole purpose of changing diapers for your baby.

Many baby changing tables are built and designed to be put to other use aside from being a changing table. Some of them can be easily converted to a rack or bookshelf or as a storage for your child’s things once the changing table is no longer needed as is. Most parents look in for this feature since a baby changing table can be easily outgrown after a while.

4. Design – Most baby changing tables nowadays are designed to be elegant and stylish, without compromising its purpose. The trend in the baby changing tables is to give comfort to mommy and the baby, while being neat and classy in its appearance.

a. Open shelves and drawers or compartments – Depending on your preference, opt for the kind of baby changing table that keeps your baby things handy and convenient for you. Changing tables with open shelves allows you to easily retrieve what you need in an instant. Plus, this gives you easy access to know which supplies need to be replenished. Drawers and compartments, on the other hand, conceals your supplies for a clean and organized look. This also hides the supplies away from the sight of curious and exploratory toddler your baby will become soon. Some changing tables offer a combination of both such as the South Shore Savannah Collection Changing Tables with its design of having two practical drawers and three open storage compartments.

b. Pull-out or fixed – Some baby changing tables have baskets or hampers that can easily be removed to transport diapers or clothes elsewhere in the house so there’s no need for another laundry basket or container when moving baby things from one place to another. Cleaning is also easier for shelves that can easily be removed than those that are fixed.

c. Color – Most baby changing tables come in Espresso-finish, Pure White, Cherry or Dark Chocolate hints to match the trend of furniture colors of today.

Most baby changing tables has a change pad that can be bought together with the changing table or separately. A change pad is an essential piece of baby equipment that protects baby from hard surfaces such as the baby changing table. It also prevents the table from getting soiled and keeps it clean and dry, ready for use by your baby.

Always use the recommended change pad and foam mattresses that goes along with your baby changing table because they are specifically created to fit and suit the changing table’s specifications. Some pads already come in waterproof so you won’t worry enough with spills, stains, and leaks during changing time.

Cleaning your baby changing table is not that hard to do. Most of the baby changing tables are made of wood, with non-toxic finish that cleaning can just be done by wiping it out with a damp cloth or with mild soap to make it shiny and free from dust again. Some pull-out compartments and baskets are made of polyester, canvas or cotton fabric that you can just do spot cleaning if it gets soiled or stained.

Additionally, most baby changing tables are collapsible; and they can be easily assembled and dismantled thanks to the instructions and guide usually included in the packaging. This makes it convenient to transfer from one place to another.

What are the most popular brands of baby changing table in the market today

Many manufacturing baby furniture companies create their own style and collection of baby changing tables that provides style and comfort for the mommy and baby. They have their unique team that conceptualizes and re-invents furniture designs that can address many needs that parents and their babies may have in a baby changing table.

This article reviews three well-known baby company that manufactures baby changing tables:

1. Badger Basket Company – They have been in the baby furniture manufacturing business for over 70 years, creating beautiful and comfortable furniture for infants, babies and children. Their line of changing tables that are included in this review are as follows:

a. Badger Basket Baby Changing Table with six baskets in Espresso

b. Badger Basket Modern Changing Table with three baskets and hamper in Cherry

c. Badger Basket Company Sleigh Style Changing Table with hamper and three baskets in Pure White

2. South Shore Furniture – A Quebec based manufacturing company founded in 1940, they create affordable, ready-to-assemble furniture and décor items for home and office use. Their baby changing table, the South Shore Savannah Collection Changing Table in Espresso variant is included in this review.

3. Delta Children – Delta Children was founded in 1968 and has since began its offering of stylish children’s products with quality and safety at affordable prices. They manufacture their own collection of nursery furniture such as the Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table, in Espresso Cherry variant, which can also be found in this review.

Editor’s Choice for the Best Baby Changing Table

​Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table, Espresso Cherry

When it comes to baby changing tables, safety first comes in mind. Along with the other considerations, the Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table is a good buy. Their baby changing table comes in five different colors to choose from – Dark Chocolate, Black Cherry, Black, White and Espresso Cherry. It boasts of safety rails that encloses all four sides around the top of the table assuring a durable, strong support while your baby is on the table. There is very little chance of baby rolling over and falling. It also meets the standards for safety and anti-tipping and has been tested for lead and other toxic elements, making it generally safe and harmless for your active baby.

Its open shelves give flexibility in storing baby’s things. You can just use it as it is and get nappies within arm’s reach or use a bin or container that can help you store and organize things. Also, with its wide base and vast storage space, you can generally put in any basket or caddy to tidy up your baby essentials in place.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Not too heavy
  • Sleek and simple
  • Affordable
  • Made in China not USA
  • Height can't be adjusted
  • Too low for most moms

Editor’s Pick for the Best Fashionable Baby Changing Table

​South Shore Savannah Collection Changing Table

The South Shore Savannah Collection Changing Table looks very elegant and stylish with its two practical drawers and three open storage compartments in Espresso finish. This Savannah Collection boasts of their country-style changing table that can grow along with your baby. Their designs are made with maximum safety that have a trendy look, so you can expect that this furniture will never go out of style. Their changing tables work well with most types of décor and it saves you bucks big time since you don’t have to buy and replace it with another should you want to renovate and redecorate your child’s bedroom.

Aside from its stylish features, the South Shore Savannah Collection Changing Tables features the combination of drawers and open shelves which makes it accessible as well as easy to store and organize things. This design is not only convenient but also practical in its state. The open shelves strategically placed under the changing table can be used for storing the most commonly needed diapers, wipes, and rash or ointment creams during diaper change. You don’t have to move a bit of a muscle just to open the drawers while your baby is on top of the table waiting for you.

  • Comfortable and stylist
  • Complied with consumer health and safety laws
  • Smart Glide system with safety catch and soft-closing mechanism 
  • Heavy and bulky
  • Quite expensive
  • Many reports says it is made of cheap material and easily breaks

A Quick Guide to helping you assemble/ install your Baby Changing Table

An assembly instruction guide is very useful in these ready-to-assemble baby changing tables. It should be readable and easy to understand so that someone who has little experience or is not used to putting up pieces of furniture together can quickly follow through. It is best if the guide includes pictures with illustrations and carefully described in an easy to follow step-by-step procedure to prevent confusion and errors.

If solely relying to the instruction guide intimidates you, best to have someone with you while assembling the furniture who can help in the process. Or better yet, hire a carpenter or somebody from the manufacturing company or from the store to help you out with the assembly.

Things to do:

● Know what your baby changing table is made of. You may want a furniture made up of a material that is practically durable enough to last for years. Most baby changing tables are made from engineered wood, laminate, wood veneer and solid wood.

o Engineered wood is made of compressed wood fibers that is just as strong and tough like wood.

o Laminate are layers of plastic glued to the wood.

o Wood veneer, wood such as mahogany are glued to a flat surface.

o Solid wood is the strongest and can hold a lot of weight.

Badger Basket Changing Tables are made of engineered wood and veneer.

South Shore Savannah Collection Changing Tables are made of laminated finish.

Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table are made of solid wood material.

● Unbox your package near the area you want to put up the baby changing table.

● Inspect your materials and parts, hardware and ensure that they are complete. Look for possible broken and incorrect frames or mishandled parts and inform the company’s customer service as soon as possible for immediate replacement.

● Declutter and free the area from things that can be easily broken or will get in the way of assembling. Keep toddlers and children away from your work area.

● Gather your tools and gadgets as required. Keep your things and the parts of the baby changing table organized in tins or boxes.

● Keep the instructional manual near you. You can also have it pinned to the wall for easy reading of notes and procedures.

There are also a lot of helpful instructional videos posted online that you can view and follow and will serve as a guide to prevent errors or help you with the troubleshooting:

Important Notes

Many new parents struggle in the early days of parenthood. The coming of a baby, while celebrated, is also approached with fear and doubt. This is because a baby’s needs are far different from us adults, and so thorough preparation and research are to be done to ensure that we are maintaining the wellbeing of our baby.

In your journey towards parenthood, you will likely come across with parents who may say that a changing table is not needed, just like a baby high chair, because it will eventually be outgrown once the baby learned to sit on his own. But, just because it did not work for them means it will not work for you as well.

A baby changing table is an investment both for you and your baby. This also helps to make the diapering process a happy, satisfying experience for your little one. You know how demanding your baby can be and with the use of a baby changing table, you can change his diapers quickly, thereby giving you more time to devote to and bond with your little one.

Before you buy that baby changing table that makes your heart jolt, make effort to research on it, read reviews and comments made by those who has one or have already made a purchase of your chosen baby changing table. In this way, you will know what you are getting based from their feedbacks and you know what to expect should you encounter same, similar experience with them. If you are in a store, try the baby changing table yourself and test it first before buying it. Best to put the baby on and see if he is comfortable or not with the baby changing table. That, along with your other considerations, you ought to take seriously before making a purchase.

You will be using your baby changing tables frequently so regular checkup of screws, bolts and structures is a must to avoid possibilities of accidents. Do inspect your baby changing table frames, see if they are deteriorating and needs replacement. Keep the warranty card, if there is any, and the number of the manufacturing company for any problem with your baby changing table. You want to make sure that your baby is secure all the time.

Keep your baby changing table always clean. Avoid hanging anything like picture albums, vases, etc. near the baby changing table. You wouldn’t want things to fall on to your baby.

Having a baby can be a little overwhelming but if you keep everything else organized, you will feel that parenting is a rewarding experience, whether or not you use parenting guides. Baby furniture like a baby changing table gives you the basic assistance that you need in bringing up your child. This little assistance is sure to make parenting fun and enjoyable both for you and your little one.

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