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Everything To Know About Buying Breast Pumps

It shouldn’t be a question whether or not you are going to breastfeed your baby—because you should! Breast milk is still the healthiest and the best food for your little one. The coming of many researches that show us that breastfeeding is not only packed with all sorts of vitamins and minerals that your baby needs during the first six months of life but also comes with disease-fighting chemicals that shield your baby against several health issues. So typically, among the considerations a mom has to go through before childbirth is to look for the best breast pump in the market. So typically, among the considerations a mom has to go through before childbirth is to look for the best breast pump in the market.

A breast pump basically is a tool that will allow you to express your breast milk in times when you aren’t able to breastfeed your baby directly. Many women like to use pumps so they can reserve some milk for the baby in times when they are out for work.

Do you need a breast pump?

Regardless whether you want to exclusively or partially breastfeed your little one, you will still need a breast pump to allow you to go on with your normal life more efficiently after childbirth. The only difference would be the frequency that you are going to use the pump. But for you to be guided well here are some reasons why you might need a breast pump:

1. Your baby is not nursing well. If this is the case, you will need a good breast pump to help ensure your breast milk supply.

2. Breast pump will work for you if you like to have an increase of milk supply, or in case you want to induce lactation to help a baby you did not birth. In cases like these, a pump should be able to help you really well.

3. You want to go back to work hence you won’t be around all day to feed your baby. You will be surprised how long breast milk can last. Do your research to understand proper storage of your breast milk so you could use it for days.

4. You intend to go somewhere or you will be leaving your baby for more than a couple of hours. Since there are other aspects of your life other than being a mother, there will typically be a time when you need to go somewhere and you might not be able to bring your baby.

5. Expressed milk is something that you plan to do, for any reason.

Kinds of Breast Pumps

Basically, you will be tendered with three choices when it comes to breast pumps, and these are:

1. Battery Powered Pumps

2. Manual Pumps

3. Electric Pumps

The most popular choice would be the manual pumps because they are extensively available in the market due to their affordability. The manual type works through a lever that sucks and expresses the breast milk. The tool comes with attached container where the milk is collected.

There are different types of manual pumps in the market today. There is a specialized type that comes with small tube that is pumped continuously from the larger tube to create a vacuum that helps express the milk into an attached container. There is also a different kind of manual pump, known as the bicycle horn pump, which is available with a hollow rubber ball found at the breast shield. As good as some of these products are being advertised, most experts actually discourage the use of the bicycle horn pump because cleaning and drying them is next to impossible.

Manual breast pump gets a bad rap because they are slower to use compared to the electric version. Because of this, experts recommend that they should be used occasionally, particularly only when travelling. Despite this downside, manual pumps are very inexpensive and they won’t need any electrical source or battery in order to operate. They are very compact too that they can go inside your purse without trouble.

On the other hand, electric breast pumps and battery powered pumps are the best breast pumps because of the convenience they give. The unit either makes use of batteries or is plugged into an electrical outlet to power a pump that creates a suction motion to extract milk. It may come with long tubes connecting the electric pump to the breast shield. The pump also comes with control panel that regulates the amount of suction by means of a dial or a switch.

There are specialized pumps which can be adjusted in order to create varied patterns of suction. If you have the cash to spare then it is best to go after these units. They can be adjusted easily to allow you to get just the right setting that will mimic how your little one actually breastfeed. These units can also come with additional features like let-down phase, which is a natural reflex that signals that start of breastfeed once the nipple area is stimulated.

As good as electric breast pumps sound like; there are downsides to their use. For one, you should be prepared during emergency situations wherein an extra battery or an electric source is out of reach. Because of this, most experts advised that an extra manual pump should always be available to help you maintain your breast pumping schedule without delay. Also, going for expensive electric or battery powered pumps may not be a good option in case you are only going to make use of them on certain occasions.

Tips and Tricks when Buying Pumps

Never ever be tempted to buy used pumps. Although there will always be those times when you will be attracted to buy used items due to their affordability, you should never do it with breast pumps. In fact, you are not even allowed to borrow a friend’s pump! This is because breast milk carries bacteria, including cytomegalovirus and HIV, which can contaminate the pump and pass on the bacteria to your little one. On the other hand, motors on the pump typically lose their strength after some time, which is why they aren’t very effective for breast feeding.

At this point, you may raise your eyebrows in disbelief because there are rental pumps and hospital pumps around, and obviously they are shared by several mothers. Well, their case is different compared to the pumps you would normally use. Hospital pumps are created in such a way that they do not let the breast milk goes into the inside of the pump.

Go for the right size of breast shields. It is typical for you to find that that the shield that comes with your pump may not exactly be the right one for you. In order to rightly detect which one is good, check your nipple while you pump. If your nipple starts to get painful after pumping or if they turn red or white then you might be using a wrong size of shield. There are videos on Youtube which will help you determine the right sizes of shield for your breast, but if you are still having some problem then it is best to consult a lactation expert.

Always clean your pump every after use. Although you may not need to sterilize them every time but you need to wash it with warm water and soap after each use. After which, you can simply rinse it with hot water.

Never mess with the tubing unless you see breast milk on it. If you see small water drops going into the tubing after you pump, you can simply turn the pump back to dry the tubes. But if you see milk inside the tubing, you can check the manual for proper cleaning instructions.

Go for a pump at the weight that is convenient for you. Even a 5 pound pump can give you trouble after some time of using. In case you will be travelling more frequently, then a pump that you can carry conveniently should be something to consider.

Memory display is a cool feature to get! So you don’t have to set up the unit every time you are going to pump, you may want to go for a breast pump with memory display/program. By recording your desired setting, you’ll be able to use the unit more conveniently.

Always shop around before buying. You will be able to read breast pump reviews online and even at hospital birthing centers. If not, you can talk to a lactation consultant within your area for proper assessment. A little research will help you save cash on useless purchases and it will definitely save your time.

Breast Pump Reviews

Because breastfeeding is an integral part of your child’s life, it is a must that you choose the breast pump properly. Stop the guessing game and learn to scrutinize the product well by reading reviews and checking on its features. As a mom, it pays to be very careful when buying products for your little one because they are not only expensive, some of them may cause problems. So does your due diligence before you decide to purchase one.

Spectra Baby USA S2 Double and Single Breast Pump

Breast Pump

In case you are one of the many who can’t handle breast pumps because of their noise then the Spectra Baby USA S2 Double and Single Breast Pump should be something to try. It operates quietly so you don’t create a scene every time you want to pump. The product also boasts on its varied features such as double pumping, timer, and a night light.

It is specifically made to meet the needs of breastfeeding moms out there. Positive reviews about this product are rising especially because it is something that will guarantee peace of mind. Indeed, it is a powerful pump that will ensure continuous supply of milk.

Comparable to other Spectra pumps in the market, this unit comes in closed system, which is a feature that creates a barrier from the milk and the pump for hygienic purposes.

This unit is a direct rival of the Medela Symphony, and somehow surpassed the later with its innovative features. Another thing that makes the S2 a powerful pump is because it is hospital grade, which means that it is efficient enough to support continuous milk supply. It features a maximum suction strength of 300mmHG, and it can be used either as a single or a double pump.

The S2 is very flexible and it operates with a touch of a button. You can set a pumping program to match the speed and the rhythm that you are comfortable with. It comes with features that will really leave moms in great awe. For one, it starts in a “massage mode”, which stimulates the letdown reflex of the body. After which, the pump will go into an expression mode, which is a deeper and a slower mode of suction to resemble the way the baby nurses.

  • Super quiet
  • Fully adjustable program
  • Closed system
  • Powerful, adjustable suction
  • Night light and timer
  • The threading of the bottles is so poor
  • Some says it is uncomfortable and hurts them
  • Can only pump a little
  • Noisy

Philips AVENT in Double Electric Comfort Pump

Breast Pump

When it comes to breast pump, who could forget the brand Avent? Considered as one of the brands that moms love the most, this Philip Avent Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump allows you to continuously breastfeed your little one while letting you do other things. The unit works really fast which makes it the perfect choice for busy moms. Its features will allow you to simultaneously pump on both of your breast with just a touch of a button! Cool, right?

This unit is also BPA free therefore guaranteeing mothers’ peace of mind. The bottles, pumps, and the cushions are entirely BPA free. Furthermore, the unit has a sanitary design that stops the milk from coming in contact with the tubing. It comes with three flow setting which will give you the chance to sit back and relax while the pump does the job. The unit is also available with a textured massage cushion to encourage milk flow. Furthermore, the pump is very compact which makes it a perfect travelling companion! Each purchase comes with two free Philips Avent Natural bottles and nipples therefore making it such a steal!

  • More comfortable pumping position
  • Soft massaging cushion gently stimulates breast milk flow
  • 3 expression settings
  • BPA Free
  • Cushion available for purchase seperately
  • Available with a 24mm large nipple flange that moms may not find helpful
  • Loud
  • Not for big breast it will hurt you according to reviews
  • Some says it has a poor suction

Philips Avent Single Comfort Pump

Breast Pump

If you want a sleek unit that you may use with battery and electric power then the Philips Avent Single Comfort Breast Pump should be your best choice. This feature makes it a very convenient pump for moms who are always moving. It is very easy to use that you won’t have to deal with uncomfortable leans just to be able to pump properly.

The unit comes with massage cushion made up of rubber therefore creating less stress on your skin. With only a few parts, it is something that anyone could assemble in a blink of an eye.

Cleaning the Philips Avent Single Pump should be very easy because of the limited number of parts. You can simply run it on soapy water and then into the sterilizer. The unit is compatible with all ranges of Avent bottles, from the natural bottles to the classic ones. Expressing your milk is also quick and easy!

  • More comfort means more milk, in less time
  • Unique massage cushion to gently stimulate milk flow
  • Unique design of breast shield
  • Can hurt the nipples
  • Not enough suction power
  • Several complaints that after month of use it broked

Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump

Breast Pump

If you want to settle to a cheaper breast pump but high quality and very functional then the Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump should be your best choice! It is high quality; it does the job well, and will give you peace of mind because of its ease of use.

The pump operates in three power sources: AA batteries, AC adapter, and car adapter. The pump only weighs a pound which is why it can be conveniently carried anywhere. It also features eight suction levels which can be adjusted depending on your needs. It further comes with four cycle speed.

It is a very ideal pump for moms who are going to go back to work after their maternity leave. The pump offers portability and flexibility. It is also value packed. It comes with piston pump that creates a relaxing and stimulating feels like you are actually nursing your baby! It comes with various adaptable features to mimic the sucking motion that a baby does when breastfeeding.

  • An ideal pump for mothers returning to full-time work, the Purely Yours Breast Pump offers the utmost in flexibility and portability
  • Lighter and it has 2 bottle holders
  • Total control on the speed and suction
  • Can easily carry the machine and the bottles with only 1 hand
  • Costs much less
  • Adapter is easily brakes
  • Noisy
  • Not too sturdy just mild

Bellema Mango Portable Single Breast Pump

Breast Pump

When shopping for items, do not buy the idea that the cheap are always a disgrace while those expensive ones are always a good choice. Take the case of Bellema Mango Portable Single Breast Pump, despite the fact that it is much cheaper compared to other units in the market but it never fails to give high quality service.

Bellema Mango Portable Single Breast Pump, a product that is committed in bringing high quality breast pumps to every mother out there. The product is specifically designed by experts with long years of experience and good reputation in the industry. Due to this, the Bellema Mango Portable Single Breast Pump now is known to be one of the best choices of mothers across the globe.

When you buy this unit, the box comes with breast pump motor, a breast suction kit, a bottle base, storage bottle, bottle adapter, nipple set, power adapter, a manual, and a warranty card. The product is backed with limited warranty for a year, which starts on the date of purchase. Because of this, peace of mind is truly something you can get when you opt for this breast pump.

The unit is also highly adaptable. Its bottle adapter will allow you to use the pump with standard sized bottles like Dr. Brown’s. Furthermore, its small size makes it a very good travelling companion. You can bring it anywhere you go because it can conveniently fit your bag.

  • 9 adjustable vacuum power
  • 2-phase pumping: stimulation & expression
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Gentle comfortable pumping
  • Closed system anti-backflow
  • Easy to assemble, operate and clean
  • Compatible with Philips AVENT natural/classic plus wide neck bottles
  • Includes bottle adapter to convert to standard bottles like Dr Brown's
  • FDA approved, all parts are BPA free, one year limited warranty
  • May not give enough milk
  • Instruction manual  not so clear
  • Too many parts to assemble
  • Can't buy replacement parts

Bellema Mango Plus Portable Single Breast Pump with LCD Display

If you want high quality products that do not cost an arm and a leg then you may want to settle with Bellema. For one, there is the Bellema Mango Plus Portable Single Breast Pump with LCD Display that is loaded with features to give every mom the chance to breastfeed their little one much more efficiently.

It has an anti-backflow design and a closed system feature that prevents the milk from going into the motor, therefore making it more hygienic. It is highly adaptable too that it can accommodate both the Philips Avent bottles and the Dr. Brown’s standard bottles with the use of a bottle converter available for free in every purchase. What’s even better is that the unit comes with LCD screen, operating through AA batteries that lets you control the setting more easily.

If you will be travelling more often, you will be happy to realize that the Bellema Mango Plus Portable Single Breast Pump with LCD Display’s lightweight feature gets you the ability to bring the unit anywhere you are without any hassle! It is also BPA free so you can ensure that you are using products that are void from any harmful chemicals and substances. And for your safety, you will be very happy to know that the unit is FDA approved.

The Bellema Mango plus Portable Single Breast Pump with LCD Display also comes with 9 adjustable levels and a Memory Function that will let you remember your previous desired setting. It is made with soft silicone cushion that guarantees comfortable pumping through gentle massages. It is very easy to assemble and can be cleaned easily.

  • 2-phase pumping: stimulation & expression,
  • 9 adjustable vacuum power
  • Lightweight and portable
  • LCD screen display provides real-time status
  • Memory feature remembers preferred settings
  • Compatible with Philips AVENT natural/classic plus wide neck bottles, includes bottle adapter to convert to standard bottles like Dr Brown's
  • FDA approved, all parts are BPA free, one year limited warranty
  • Closed system anti-backflow
  • Some report that it is complicated to use
  • If some parts are missing you can't buy a replacement
  • Slow sunction


And since you have all the best breast pumps in the market above, it is now time to choose the one that fits your budget and specifications. Whether you are eyeing for a single use pump or something that you may use for both your breasts at the same time, you are given with the best option above.

Aside from breast pumps, now is also the perfect time to find a good baby double stroller for your growing child. If you have twins or if your kids are pretty much of the same age then a double stroller will save you from the hassle of bringing two or more strollers at the same time. Some of these strollers come with feature that allows you to remove a seat so you can place your shopping bags instead! There are also different wheel features for every stroller there is. Some are designed to be used on smooth surfaces while others can take even the hardest job of all.

It pays to look around for reviews of baby products before you shell out your hard-earned cash on them. Choosing the right and the best product will save you from lots of stress. And since these baby products make life truly easy then it is just right that you went through all the considerations that you need to do before settling with one. Find a unit that can get the job done at a fastest way possible, something that will also make your pockets happy and will give you the service that you are looking for. Remember that not all expensive items are good deals and so, always make it a point to do your research.

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