Best Nursing Pillow Reviews in 2018

How do you know you need a Nursing Pillow? What is it for? Couldn’t any pillow do the job? Well, in a mother’s life, pregnancy and the moments when your child is still a baby could be the hardest. However, these are also the moments that are the best. No matter how hard pregnancy could be, everything is worth it when you see your little angel. Every night that you had to stay awake and every time you can’t have some time on your own; all of it would still be worth it. But again, it doesn’t take away the fact that it’s tough that’s why there are products that are available on the market to help mothers on these tough moments. A Nursing Pillow is one of them.

In this review, we will cover all the basic considerations to assure that you are going to get the best nursing pillow that best suits your needs and your lifestyle. We would also feature some of the top brands and products and compare them to see which one has the best features and specifications.

What is a Nursing Pillow?

A nursing pillow is a special pillow that is specifically made for mothers who are breastfeeding their babies. However, this could also be used even before birth. Most breastfeeding pillows have great support system so it could be used by expectant mothers during the last trimester of their pregnancy or even before.

In addition, nursing pillows could also be used by babies who are not yet able to sit on their own. Because of the special design, it could support the babies. These could also be used even when they are feeding from bottles to assure that they will not be rolling around which could get dangerous.

Will you need a Nursing Pillow?

nursing pillow

It is not required; you could use your pillows if you want. However, a nursing pillow will give you the convenience and comfort as this is specifically made for the purpose. A normal pillow doesn’t have the features that a nursing pillow possesses such as back support and pockets. Normal pillows don’t have straps to support the babies and for effective breastfeeding.

Even if you do not intend to breastfeed, the nursing pillow could still be used when you are bottle feeding the baby. It’s much more suitable for them as the pillow is designed to support and make them comfortable in any way they drink milk.

How to Use a Nursing Pillow

Each nursing pillow has a different shape. But most of the time, these are used when you’re sitting. These can mostly be used anywhere but you have to keep in mind that your baby as well as your safety should be kept in mind. That being said, here’s how you can use your nursing pillow.

When you have found the sitting position you are most comfortable in, you should prop the place the pillow along your lap or your side or near your arm. You have to choose the place where you will be placing your baby while breastfeeding. Some of the nursing pillows available have wrap around design to support you and the baby. Usually, this will help the pillow stay in place. If you have already secured the pillow, you then should gently place your baby with his feet in the back and his tummy facing your body. Be careful and assure that the head is supported and is slightly elevated so they wouldn’t choke. You may want to adjust them carefully if you think they are uncomfortable or it is hard for you.

For bottle feeding, you could either use the nursing pillow to support your arms and elbows while carrying your baby and feeding them from the bottle. However, as earlier mentioned, this could also be used by pregnant women and those with back problems. It’s very easy to use. You simply have to prop it between your bent legs or prop it to raise your head. You can do anything as long as it makes you feel comfortable and supported by the pillow.

Here’s a video helping you with how to use a nursing pillow:

Types of Nursing Pillows

There are different types of nursing pillows in the market. The usual difference is with the shape and how many babies could be fed simultaneously. Nonetheless, here are the most common types of breastfeeding pillows you are most likely going to find.

  • U-shaped pillows – These are the most common ones. Basically it has a U-shape and you put the baby in the middle of the pillow, right on the curve. It gives support as well as safety for them. Or it can be used when you’re carrying your baby for feeding time.
  • Wrap around pillows – These are the ones that usually have Velcro or straps to connect one end to the other. The wrap around is used to secure the pillow tightly and to support mother and child.
  • Body-contouring pillows – These are usually big pillows that could contour the body for maximum support. These are often used by mothers during their pregnancy days and they then bend it to create the best nursing pillows when they have given birth and are nursing their babies.

Considerations when Choosing the Best Nursing Pillow

Estimated Length of Nursing

This could be the very first thought that you should have. How long you’re going to be nursing could greatly affect the decision you’re going to make when it comes to buying a nursing pillow. If you intend to breastfeed for 3 or 4 months, you don’t really have to worry that much about the size and the length of your pillow. Well, unless you would also be using it before your birth like in some featured pillows, Naomi Home and PharMeDoc pillows.

Nonetheless, if you wish to continue breastfeeding a few months longer, you will need a bigger pillow. This is to help you hold and support your baby even when they have gotten bigger. You might only need it for a few months before they could actually walk. But still, you need to cater to their needs when they are using it.


This is one of the most important features that you should consider. As said, there the U-shape pillows and the ones that are body contouring. But along those lines are various different shapes. The shape should cater to the mother during her pregnancy. It should be able to give her utmost comfort and support especially on the last months and weeks. This is the moment that the bump is the biggest and the heaviest and it could almost be impossible to have a comfortable sleep. The shape of the nursing pillow could provide support to her bump as well as her back.

For the baby’s benefit, the shape should be able to give them comfort and support especially when they aren’t yet able to sit on their own. This could also serve as a safety barrier when you have to leave them for a while. But it’s very important that the pillow will not suffocate them especially during the times you are not looking.

As for the breastfeeding time, the shape should be able to support both of you. It could get really uncomfortable to support your baby when you don’t have a pillow. The breastfeeding pillow should cater you and the baby, most of all.


As mentioned, a type of pillow is the one with the wrap around style. One thing that is linked to this is that it should fit the mother. Some pillows are way too big for smaller women; some can get small for bigger women. When you are looking for the best nursing pillow, we recommend that you try to fit it first. Try fitting it with the Velcro or the strap closed as well to see if it could be uncomfortable for you.

For these types of nursing pillows, we also recommend that there is less designs on the cover such as frills since it could just make it hard to fit.


The material that is used could do a great difference if you want to have a great nursing pillow. For example, cotton could be really comfortable and soft to the feeling. On the other hand, foam could be stiff. Each one has a different choice when it comes to the feeling that their pillow gives to them. The type of material that is used could help you decide on what you’re going to get based on what you want your pillow to feel like.

Just be assured that you are going to get something that is safe to use and could be washed easily.

Comfort and Support

Of course, this is what a lot of mothers would want. Whether it’s for them during their pregnancy or for the baby, it should be comfortable to use. A breastfeeding pillow’s primary function is to give support and comfort to the mother while breastfeeding the baby. There are different features that come into play to provide the comfort that a mother wants. There’s the shape of the pillow as well as the material that is used. Both were specifically featured above.

When you’re buying the best breastfeeding pillow, you have to remember that it should support your arms and your elbows especially when you’re breastfeeding the baby. If you fail to consider this, you’d probably be having the hardest, most uncomfortable and even painful time. The pillow should support both your arms and elbows.

For the baby, the pillow should support his/her head and body. The pillow should also be able to make the baby reach to your nipples easily. The ones with the straps could help in keeping the position of the pillow in place so the baby won’t slip down.

Ease of Use

When you have to breastfeed a baby, you want to set up everything you need fast or else your baby will definitely be crying a lot. We all know that we should keep their needs first. When they’re hungry, we have to feed them as soon as we can.

The ease of use will come to play in this crucial moment. It should be very easy to set up or at least, to use. It should also be user-friendly to first-time moms. Not those kinds that will keep you asking “What’s this?” or “What’s this for?” If there’s a strap, it should be easy to lock and very easy to take off as well. Another thing is that your pillow also has to be useful anywhere you might need it. You should be comfortable on using it in a sofa or in your bed or perhaps even in your car. Since babyies don’t choose the place and time that they will be hungry, you have to be ready.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning your breastfeeding pillows frequently is a must. Spilled milk could make the covering crusty and smelly. Sometimes, small insects like ants are attracted and it could bite your baby. Of course, we want to assure that they are always okay.

Usually, only the covers are cleaned. Therefore, the covers should be easily detached by way of zipper or perhaps something that is easy to open. If you want to know how much you should be cleaning the covers, we urge that you try to drop water on the cover even a small amount will do, and see whether it soaks the water or it repels it. If it does the former, then you would most likely have to wash it as much as possible. If the insides could be cleaned, it’s also important that it should be as well. However, it should be able to maintain its shape.

Try to see whether the product could be cleaned by hand or by machine or both. Also, try to see whether the cover could be easily placed back.


There are breastfeeding pillows that have pockets. These pockets are really convenient since you don’t have to reach out to get the baby bottle. All you have to do is to sit down and relax while your baby is feeding and when done, you could place the bottles on the pocket.

This is also great place to put your phone in since a lot of babies and mothers actually want to listen to music. It enhances the brain activity of the baby and makes them feel relaxed. You can place your phone while playing some music on the pocket and you have nothing to worry about it getting lost or getting sat down on.

How it looks like

Not all moms really care about the looks of the pillow. But a lot of mothers are looking forward to buying something adorable and cute for their baby. How the nursing pillow looks like from the cover to the actual shape and features will come into consideration. That is why a lot of nursing pillows come in a variety of color. Not only are these great to look at but sometimes, those with colors are less likely to look dirty than the ones with white or lighter color.

Some mothers are also looking for more stylish patterns that they can match with the other things of their babies or with the theme of the house. At least, even when they have to leave the nursing pillows on the living room and a guest suddenly comes; it won’t look unmatched and out of place.

Tummy Time

The tummy time is when you put your baby on their tummies for a short period of time every day. This is to help strengthen their neck muscles and to allow them to learn basic motion such as crawling, rolling and pushing. Breastfeeding pillows could be used on these moments.

Propping the nursing pillow on their tummy will help support them. In addition, this could give them a new perspective of the room. Since they usually just lay down, they won’t see much of the room. When they are propped, they could see more of the room and this could distract them from the discomfort of their position. The nursing pillow will also relieve any of the pain they might feel so there would be more enjoyable tummy times than ones that are filled with painful crying.

We would like to remind you; do not have tummy times before your baby is 3 to 4 months. Their neck muscles still aren’t that strong to support their head and may not be safe.

Editor’s Choice for the Best Nursing Pillow:

My Brest Friend Twins Plus Deluxe Nursing Pillow

nursing pillow

First off, it can help you feed two babies at the same time. That feat alone could be really hard so being able to do this on your own with this pillow makes it the best nursing pillow that you can get. It gives extra comfort and support to the mother while feeding the two babies. With the warp around feat, you won’t have to keep on tugging it just to assure that it stays in place while you feed your babies.

When it comes to cleaning, it has a zipper that will allow you to take the cover and wash it.

It has become one of the best brands when it comes to nursing pillows because of its ability to help parents even when they are along with their babies. It’s very safe to use and could give the much needed calm and peace to any mother who’s nursing their babies now.

  • Adjustable back support
  • Comfortable and soft
  • With cover for easy cleaning
  • With side pocket
  • Velcro can be so loud so don't use it when releasing the pillow, back support isn't that great since it's too low for some people

Best Value for Money:

Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow

nursing pillow

This pillow costs around $55. For a pillow, it might be too much for some. However, when it comes to a nursing pillow that can be used during and after pregnancy, it’s pretty much a good investment.

Because of its size, it can easily be used for a longer time. Even when your baby gets older or even becomes a toddler, they can use this as their own comfortable pillow to sleep in.

It has a body contouring effect that allows full support for all moms out there who’s having a really difficult time with their heavy bulges. It’s hard to fall asleep. But this one gives them support not just for their baby bumps but also their backs. It’s pretty easy to use and could be used in any position you want.

  • Dual purpose (nursing and maternity support)
  • Can support both mom and baby
  • A little pricey
  • Really intended for sleeping support when pregnant

Other Popular Breastfeeding Pillows

PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow

nursing pillow

This one is another body contouring nursing pillow that is also great for pregnancy. It has more of a J-shape so it’s really great for back and bump support. When it comes to nursing, the edges could be curled to the right position to help support you and the baby. What we really love about this is its ability to relive back pains and even neck pains that’s related with various sleeping positions while pregnant. However, this isn’t as effective for breastfeeding as it is with helping pregnant women.

  • Multi-purpose pillow
  • Very comfortable
  • Very soft
  • Can support both mom and baby
  • It could easily tear especially when trying to pull off the covers or put it back. It could also get a little stiff or flat for others

The Twin Z Pillow – Blue

nursing pillow

Whether for bottle or breastfeeding, it’s definitely a great nursing pillow that mothers of twins should get. It’s just got the right softness to it. It also has a back support for mothers. The thing with this is that, it may not be suitable for petite women. It’s not adjustable so that will be a big problem when you have to breastfeed them. Nonetheless, this is great when the twins are bigger and could be bottle fed. You just have to be warned, however, that you should not let your babies sleep in the Twin Z Pillow. It may be a choking hazard.

  • Multi-purpose pillow
  • Great for bigger babies
  • Coomfortable
  • Becomes unlevel when one baby is bigger than the other, not really for smaller mothers
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