Best Tandem Baby Strollers Reviews in 2018

Have you ever heard about tandem baby strollers? Well, if you are a parent of children, you probably had; but if you are a new parent looking for stroller ideas, this article might be of great help to you!

Exerting your efforts in looking after a couple of children can nevertheless be an arduous task. The difficulty is magnified even more when you are dealing with children of the same age, like twins or triplets. This is so because, in dealing with twins for example, you have to arrange their schedules for bathing, eating and other activities. More often than not, walking with your twins must be done simultaneously. 

This requires a stroller which is able to accommodate two children in the least such as tandem strollers.

It is to be noted, though, that unlike weighing the different merits of single strollers, choosing tandem strollers involve more emphasis on the usual factors we normally consider in buying. You are choosing one stroller for two or three children, after all.

With all of these in mind, this review shall focus on giving you more insight on tandem baby strollers and just how you can obtain more knowledge about some products in the market.

A Brief History on Tandem Baby Strollers

Tandem Baby Strollers

The earliest double stroller dates back to the 19th century. During such time, many specialized baby products have appeared in the market. The earliest reference to tandem baby strollers is traced to an 1881 novel entitled ‘What the Angels Saw on Christmas Eve’. In this novel, a certain character found himself unable to enter his home due to a double baby carriage in the doorway. This being so, an idea for the travel of babies was coined.

Despite that, production of twin perambulators has temporarily declined due to the first and second world wars, but for the years that followed, a rapid population growth was noted. In the 1948 issue of Popular Mechanics, a feature was made on "double-decker" stroller. The inventor, Mr. Harris W. Jones, eventually got a patent for this device as it was originally made to facilitate the international travel of twin year-old sons. Three years later, that same magazine featured a collapsible "suitcase stroller" which came with a twin model. It could even accommodate a third child. This was created by Roy Lane Trimble and such model has served as a foundation for the conventional tandem structure of the double strollers we see today.

Some Handy Tips to Tap

As mentioned earlier, the purchasing decision for tandem strollers are often more crucial because it involves only a single product, but caters to two (or more) children. This being so, the following considerations might come in handy:

1. Envision Your Preference.

It is already given that there are indeed many tandem strollers in the market. Would you like a side by side type? Or would you wish for a tandem baby stroller where your infants face each other while you take them out?

2. Consider the Usage Concept.

The usage concept refers to the type of terrain a stroller can glide through and the nature of errands you make while taking your babies out for a walk. If you wish to use it for long leisurely walks, you need to choose those with big, flexible wheels for unpredictable terrains. But if you usually take your babies to the malls or grocery shopping, convenience and portability must be your focus.

3. Check the Auxiliary Features.

Strollers usually come with storage baskets for diapers, toys, towels, food and other baby paraphernalia. Others, on the other hand, have trays and cup holders. You need to check which features are compatible to your needs and make a decision on it. It is not a thing to fret, however, if you find durable strollers at affordable prices which lack certain features you wish to have since separate materials are readily available in the market.

4. Prioritize the Security of Your Children.

The security of your child must be the overriding factor in your purchasing decision. Most baby stroller products come with five-point harness to secure your baby, most especially if they are squirmy. Some models also come with wheels with locks to prevent unnecessary movements. Moreover, many strollers come with features which can shield your babies from the elements and the harsh ultraviolet rays. It is to be noted, however, that products which bear the certification of the Australian Safety Standard AS/NZS are guaranteed to be safe.

5. The Feasibility for Regular Cleaning.

Babies may end up dirtying their strollers especially when they are being fed on the same. Well, it is not like you can prevent such from happening. Therefore, you must also check whether the materials composing the stroller allow regular cleaning. For example, seat covers must be made of fabrics which are of lesser seams and are easily capable of quick drying. Surely you do not want to have to spend longer days without giving your babies the chance to see the environment.

6. Factor in Your Child's Characteristics.

It is just right that you also know the weight of your babies and whether the same is compatible with the capacity of the stroller you are currently examining. Also, you need to take note whether your child is squirmy, as such may require tighter security features.

Best in terms of Quality and Innovation

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller (Colour: Orange)

Based on our comparison, we have noted that this model is of exceptional quality and innovation among the other products we have subjected to our independent scrutiny. Many customer reviews claim that this specific model is perfect for a parent with a relatively active lifestyle. Nevertheless, this works just as well with those who do not possess such lifestyle. In fact, this particular product has gained a lot of attention in Amazon, with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars giving it the 75th rank in the Baby Strollers section in the same buying and selling website.

The manufacturer, BOB Gear, is a relatively young company. It has started its operation in 1994 from the ideas of Mr. Roger Malinowski (bicycle industry specialist) and Philip Novotry (airline mechanic) in California. The Company was originally named Beast of Burden but since the initial response of the Californians were quite unfavourable due to the name, the partners shortened it to its current name – BOB. Considering the background of the founders, majority of the Company’s products are revolutionized from the bicycle concept. This is basically the reason why this model, in particular, has the ability to keep up with a more active lifestyle. Moreover, the Company has a unique commitment to nature and develops products which allow its customers to proactively interact with nature.

Among others, we have noted the following features you must know about this spectacular model:

1. Flexible Front Wheels

This model has three wheels just like that of a typical jogger type stroller. This being so, coupled with the swivel feature, this allows the maximum maneuverability. Security measures were built into these wheels also. Specifically, they have a forward lock feature just so you can jog with your babies at ease. To top that, the wheels are also made for rough terrains.

2. Ultimate Lightweight Frame

This product weighs only 34 pounds but it can carry children up to 50 pounds each. Classic! Now, what makes this product even more amazing is its two-step folding feature. Allowing the minimum amount of effort to be exerted for transport and consuming the least amount of space possible.

3. Built-in Accessory Adapter

Through this feature, you may be able to attach a Baby Car Seat Infant Adapter. Usually, this involves purchasing a separate product from BOB which is compatible to this stroller. Not only that, it also allows for the attachment of a snack tray for your children. This dual purpose nevertheless adds greater value to your money.

4. Adjustable Reclining Seat

It is inevitable that your children may experience discomfort from sitting in one position only. That becomes a much lesser concern when using this product as it has reclining seats which are flexible to your child. The seats are also padded well, so that your children remain comfortably seated along the ride. Since your children may have separate preferences, the seat can recline separately.

5. Finest Security

Like many strollers in the market, this product strives to offer the maximum security for your children. It also has a five-point harness feature which ensures not only the safety but the ability of your child to freely move while being sufficiently secured.

With regards to the overall ride, this product is able to fit through doors of the standard sizes. This is already a bonus feature considering that this tandem strollers carries with it two babies. However, you may have to go slower. Also, this product has been proven to withstand the wear and tear of time quite considerably as it can last for up to four to five years. This can even accommodate younger generations!

However, like most products, this too, despite its laudable features, has a downside. As some customers pointed out in various reviews over the internet, the handlebar is fixed, that is, it does not adjust to the height of the babysitter. Although we believe that this is arranged by the manufacturer to ensure the maintenance of the quality considering the active lifestyle image of this product, the handlebar height actually says a lot about the overall experience. You see, the height of the handlebar affects the posture of the babysitter and the maneuverability of the tandem baby stroller as a whole. Fortunately, the handlebar is made for the average height. This being so, no further problems are imposed except for those who are exceptionally tall or the other way around. Moreover, the Company has manufactured a handlebar console specifically to address this problem. So, unless your height exceeds or is below the average, no further problems should be noted. We believe that this issue is rather small and cannot affect the overall quality of this tandem baby stroller model.

Another issue we have noted is, the lack of features for the babysitters such as cup holders and airport bags. However, such issue is hardly a constraint as these items can be purchased separately at relatively affordable prices in the market. In this regard, many consumers have also bought compatible car seats to further enhance the use of this product.

If you wish to know more about the functions and features of this product, you can check out this video below:

For Innovation and Flexibility:

Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller

We have to admit that this product almost made it to our number one spot. But hey, that does not mean, that this is not just as good as the other strollers, isn’t it? Where’s the fun in that? Anyway, to further attest to such claims, this product garnered 4.50 out of 5 stars on Amazon and that is already a pretty good indicator of the reviews regarding this product. Consequently, this was able to take up the 12th rank in the bestsellers for tandem strollers! Great, isn’t it?

The manufacturer, Contours Baby, has been in the baby gear industry for 70 years and throughout such time, it has managed to provide products of great quality. In fact, this is a family-owned business and it takes pride in being so as it further strengthens its commitment to the importance of the family and making every moment count as the children grow up. The products that this company offers combine the modern style, simplicity and the utmost concern is for the safety of your family. So, their products have been highly recommended throughout the ages.

For this specific tandem baby stroller, however, we have noted that it has nevertheless complied with the Company’s commitment to the family. Accordingly, we have summarized its noteworthy features as follows:

1. Seven Seating Configuration

Yes, you read it right! It is seven! By far, this is the most versatile product we have ever come across and it even allows your babies a space of their own at their own pace. This configuration works out independently, that is, each of your child can be positioned according to their own preferences. You may have them facing each other or in the same direction, to the back or front. What’s more? You can even see and check whether your kids are alright without having to walk towards the front of the stroller from time to time.

2. More Car Seats

Since this accommodates two babies, it is only right for it to accommodate two car seats as well. However, this tandem baby stroller does not only compliment with car seats of contour baby brands! Its universal car seat adapter can even cater up to 10 different brands. You would just have to independently purchase the specific car seat for the brand of your choice. This offers you not only flexibility and convenience in travel; but the freedom to choose as well.

3. Independent Storage

This baby tandem baby stroller may be stored using an easy-fold mechanism to require lesser effort in the storage process. Both seats can be folded and the folded version is more compact than expected with a size of 21 by 26 by 38.5 inches only! Moreover, this specific unit can stand on its own; that is, you would not need to find a sturdy wall for it to lean on. Also, the seats may be removed and are easily able to fit cars of smaller frames. Convenient, isn’t it?

4. Peek-a-Boo!

The windows of the canopies of this model are made of mesh material. This protects your babies from the elements and some insects and ensures that you get to check them from time to time even with the canopies fully extended.

5. Wheels on the Roll

The wheels were developed as shock absorbers! Made with rubber, these wheels do not only guarantee maximum maneuverability and flexibility, it also ensures that your children do not get the short end of the stick in rough terrains for long leisurely walks. They can even sleep while on the ride.

6. Top Security

This product offers your children top security! It has a five-point harnesses which come with pads for your children’s comfort. The wheels also lock automatically to avoid unnecessary movements during temporary stops along the way.

7. Child-friendly Seats

The seats are padded well with a relaxing head rest to ensure that your children get to rest while on the ride. Moreover, the seats are positioned at a sufficient height from the ground so that their toes cannot come into contact with the soil. The manufacturer has even placed an adjustable footrest for your children’s convenience!

This product comes in two different colors – Laguna and Envy Green. The only downside we have noted with this product is that it is relatively bulky and heavy as it weighs up to 38 pounds. However, this can never discount the value it gives to your money! To know more about this baby tandem baby stroller, you may check this video below:

ZOE XL2 DELUXE Double Xtra Lightweight Twin Travel & Everyday Umbrella Stroller System (Black)

Based on our independent review, we have come to the conclusion that this product can give you the greatest value for your money. Did that tick your curiosity? Well, it is because this comes at a very affordable price on top of its renowned features. This product has obtained a Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) Certificate which is issued to ensure that a specific product is cost-effective and meets the ASTM standards as well as the federal and state requirements. Apparently, such certification coupled with the exemplary features of this product allowed it to take the 73rd rank in Amazon with a customer rating of 4.40 out of 5 stars.

This product is manufactured by ZOE strollers which is one of the leading companies in the juvenile industries. Unlike others, it is not owned by a huge conglomerate; instead it is founded by a typical family of two pairs of twins! This layout nevertheless allowed the Company to focus on providing quality products at the least cost.

This particular model, in fact, conforms to the Company’s dedication towards cost effectiveness. Among others, we have noted the following value-adding features:

1. Light as a Feather

Believe it or not, this double stroller only weighs 16 pounds but it can accommodate children weighing up to 50 pounds each. This nevertheless ensures easy transport and manoeuverability as you would not have to exert much effort in pushing your babies along.

2. Guaranteed Wheels

What we actually liked about this product is its after sales support. ZOE strives to maintain connection with its customers by offering those services even after purchasing. Specifically, if you find your wheels broken; you may bring your stroller to any ZOE office for repair or replacement.

3. A Compact Fold

In addition to its unbelievably light weight, this product is capable of a quick folding mechanism thereby making it perfect for any means of transportation such as land and air travel. Yes, you've read it right - air travel! This feature is seldom offered among stroller products, mind you.

4. Bonus Items

While other products do not offer many other features, ZOE's tandem stroller gives you a total of three cup holders! Two for your babies, and one for the parent. Awesome deal!

5. Confident Walk on Sunshine

This ZOE stroller even has a three-panelled canopy to ensure that your children are protected from the sun's rays. Also, it has a magnetic mesh cover so that you can check on your children from time to time without removing the whole protection feature!

6. Plus Size Storages!

Now, this product does not only offer the usual large basket below the seats; it also gives the parents a storage pocket for phones and keys. Ultimately, you wouldn’t want to place those important stuff in the bottom, would you?

This ZOE stroller can be purchased in seven colors – Black, Eloise Plum, Orange, Yellow, Aqua, Lime Green and Red. That is definitely a wide variety of choices. You may find out more about the product in the video below:

Other Products in the Market

Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller

This product is manufactured by JOOVY strollers, a US-based company. It weighs only 21 pounds but it can accommodate children up to 90 pounds. The front seat is flexible in the sense that, it can recline for up to three positions! Also, it has a big canopy to ensure that your child is protected from the UV rays. If you tag your children along while grocery shopping or walking in the park, the needs of your children are well taken care of by the product’s large storage basket. On top of that, your things can be meticulously organized through the built-in parent organizer. This model has parking brakes and five-point harness system to ensure that your children are sufficiently secured without limiting their movements too much. It has two cup holders for each of your children and it has a universal car seat adapter to increase its utilization.

  • List Element
  • Light weight for a double stroller
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • With basket underneath for extra storage
  • With reflective material on canopy for late walk
  • Tight or small for some toddlers
  • Does not stand when folded
  • So many things to set up before you can use it
  • Front seat does not recline enough

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double, Carbon

This specific tandem baby stroller actually features advanced innovation. With a Double Sit N Stand feature, it can actually grow with your child. It can support the different stages of development until they weigh 50 pounds each. Also, it can accommodate up to two car seats from Baby Trend or from several other branches. The children may sit or lie down while on this stroller. It is also relatively easier to store, as it has a one-hand fold feature. Its security features involve a five-point harness and parking brakes. Overall, we believe that this product is sufficiently good especially for proactive children.

  • Sturdy & well built
  • Easy maneuver
  • Thinner when folded
  • with different colors to choose from
  • A little difficult to fold
  • Some report says that the wheels are deign more for smooth roads and not for rocky and grassy 
  • Front seat is too far for fast reaching

Joovy Caboose Stand On Tandem Stroller

Another quality product of JOOVY Strollers, this particular model includes a sit or stand feature. Practically, with this feature, your children get to enjoy the feel of hopping on board to this new tandem baby stroller model. The front seat can be altered into two different positions depending on your preference and can welcome aboard two children with a minimum age of six months and a maximum weight of 45 pounds. If you own a car, this model offers you a universal car seat adapter which can fit many major brands in the juvenile market. Moreover, with the car seat on, an older sibling may stand on the back of the front seat. This model also has a large storage basket for necessary things to bring along. To compliment this storage feature, you may want to purchase a Caboose Parent Organizer. It is to be noted that such organizer is sold separately. With regards to storage, this model offers a convenient fold system and does not take up a lot of space in the rear of your car or corner of your room. This tandem baby stroller is best for parents having children of different ages; just so you can take them along on the same boat.

  • Handle bars are sturdy
  • Quality construction
  • Sunshade is removable
  • Wheels can be lock
  • No built-in parent console
  • Can be difficult to fold/unfold
  • Not much room for toddler when infant seat is used

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