Best Baby Toy Chest Reviews in 2018

If you're a parent or are about to be a parent, you already know the importance of proper toy storage. Having the right toy chest cannot only save your feet from stray blocks but will also make it easier for you and your child to keep their room or play space clean and well-organized.

Why you a Toy Box?

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First, a toy chest makes it easy for little ones to choose and put away their own toys which mean you can start teaching independent play and cleanup early on.

Second, nothing is more convenient for a parent than being able to simply toss toys into one large storage container at the end of play time, saving tons of time on clean up. At first glance, a cheap plastic tub rather than an actual toy chest might seem to be an inexpensive and convenient storage option, but tubs aren't attractive, tend to bend or crack after a certain amount of use, and the lids can be awkward for toddlers to close. So what qualities should you look for in a child's toy chest

Factors to Consider when Buying a Toy Chest

Like any other product make for kids, the most important factor should be safety, but other qualities such as durability and ease of use are also crucial to consider.


It goes without saying that a properly designed storage solution that is made for children should be kid safe. For toy chests, this should mean that it should be made with non-toxic materials, should not have sharp edges, the lid shouldn't be able to easily crush small fingers, and if it is a heavy storage bin, it shouldn't be able to tip over easily. A good storage bin will be solid enough to not tip over and will handle the antics of athletic climbers, but will also be designed to avoid squished fingers, splinters, easily swallowed parts, or other dangers. Canvas totes and soft-sided boxes are a great option for many families, though keep in mind that they may not last as long as a solidly built chest.

Sturdy and Long Lasting

Durability may not be of utmost importance for items that your children will only use for one or two years, but when it comes to toy boxes, you should try to find a well-constructed container that can handle abuse and will last for years. Make sure any container you buy is easy to clean, resists scuffs and dents, and can handle food spills, sticky fingers, crayon marks, and all of the other destructive activity it is likely to experience. There are so many things your child will grow out of: clothes, shoes, baby toys, car seats, and the list goes on. Why not buy a toy box that will serve your child for their entire childhood?

Multiple Uses

Part of using the same toy chest for many years is finding a box that can be used for more than one thing. Many chests can also serve as a bench seat, which is a creative use of space especially if your child has a smaller bedroom or a small play area. Some double as a footboard for a child sized bed. To ensure you get the most use out of your storage, try to find a chest that not only has more than one use, but will also be equally appropriate for a toddler, kindergartener, and preteen so that you can continue to use it as your child grows. You may find a toy box with cute baby animals on it, but consider whether your child will still want to use it when they're 12.


The size of toy chest you choose will depend on how much available space you have and how many toys you want to store. A small container may be a better fit within the confines of a child's room, but may not have room for many toys, while a large container can be difficult for young children to reach into, and may become a collecting point for all manner of disorganized or unused items. Ideally, there should be enough room in the container to hold all of the toys your child uses on a regular basis but small enough that there is no room for items your child has outgrown. If you plan it just right, by the time you have trouble fitting everything into the toy chest, your child will be ready to part ways with a few worn, broken, or unloved items.

Easy Access for Kids

This issue is especially important for toddlers and small children, but can be an issue for everyone if the toy box is too difficult to open, has too small of an opening, or is too deep to reach the bottom of. Make things easy for yourself and for your children, and choose a container that isn't too deep, is easy to reach into, and does not have a complicated latch. This is especially important if you plan on encouraging very young children to help keep their own space organized and clean.

Five Best Toy Chests 

Sauder Pogo Bookcase/ Footboard

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One of the best features of this storage solution is that it combines both shelving and cubbies in one unit. Bulky items are easy to grab from the bottom bins, while books and smaller items can stay well-organized on the upper shelves. Although it is made with an engineered wood product instead of solid wood, it is sturdy, and a surprising number of toys can fit into the moderately sized bins. It is the right size to be used at a foot board for a child-sized bed but also looks attractive as a wall unit, and the company sells matching children's furniture such as desks, dressers, and night stands if you need more storage space.

  • Attractive & well-designed
  • Easy to access bins and shelves
  • Sturdy and good quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Press components may break
  • Open Bins may look disorganized
  • Open bins catches more dust
  • Some experienced with bad deliveries (parts are broken)

Tot Tutors Kids' Toy Storage Organizer

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This storage unit is a fantastic option for parents and children who struggle to keep collections of toys or smaller toys sorted and easily available for play. The big benefit of a bin system over a traditional storage box is that each bin can hold a different kind of toy, making it easier to organize your child's bedroom or play space. Dolls, stuffed animals, play food, building blocks, and trucks can all have their own bin rather than co-mingling in one giant box where they would be difficult to find. The bins are particularly great for children who are old enough to lift the bins themselves but the system could be awkward for particularly young children and may fall out of favor once your child becomes a pre-teen. However, there are still a lot of reasons to like this design, which comes in several color options.

  • Great for small toys like blocks
  • Easy to clean
  • You can organize the toys or things by colors and sizes
  • Plastic bin may crack or break
  • Open bins may look disorganized
  • Not for big toys
  • Some toddlers can't reach the top

KidKraft® Limited Edition Toy Chest

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This classic toy chest is made from solid wood and comes in several color options. It doubles as an attractive bench seat, and has removable caster wheels on its base, making it easy to move the chest from room to room. Clever details such as the no-pinch lid hinge and scooped edge of the box make it easier for young children to access their toys without the fear of squished fingers. Aesthetically, this is one of the best looking storage solutions on the market for a child's room or play area, and because of the modest, neutral coloring, it will blend in with your existing furniture. Furthermore, as your child grows, they can continue to make use of this chest to store blankets, clothes, or shoes, and the solid construction means that it will last for years.

  • Incredibly sturdy, rugged design
  • Doubles as a bench seat
  • Can be used for any age of child
  • Pricier than other option
  • Single bin may hard to organize
  • Some reports that the safety hinge easily breaks

Little Tikes Bright 'n Bold Toy Chest

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Made from kid resistant and durable plastic, this toy box can hold 6 cubic feet of toys and can handle almost anything your child throws at it. With a single large compartment and two smaller bins below, this storage bin is a flexible option for families that have a lot of large toys. The lid fits loosely, storing toys out of view of visitors, but unlike wood chests, the lid is gentle on tiny fingers. Additionally, the lid can be detached so that the chest can be used as an open topped bin instead. Certain details have been neglected which would make this box even better, such as handles to make it easier to lift and carry it from place to place, and although the plastic is unlikely to snap or crack, it does have a tendency to bend. This is especially true of the lid.

  • Rugged plastic construction
  • Doubles as a bench seat
  • Huge storage capacity
  • Plastic may bend if abused
  • No carrying handle hard to move
  • Lid or cover comes off that may hurt your child
  • Too dip for toddlers

Large Jute Storage Bin for Toy Storage

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Fashionable, inexpensive, easy to use, and flexible! There's a lot of ways you could use these storage totes, and if your child outgrows them, you can use them as attractive storage for other items around your home. These totes come in two sizes, and while the small totes are ideal for little toys or blocks, the larger totes are great for blankets, stuffed animals, or other bulky items. Best of all, when not in use, these totes collapse into a small footprint and can be stored under the bed or in a closet. The lining is waterproof, and the jute material is naturally strong, however, it's unlikely that this kind of fabric container will be as durable as solidly constructed storage bins.

  • Attractive and fashionable
  • Collapsible & store easily
  • Cost a fraction of other storage options
  • Do not stack and can look untidy
  • May not last as long as other storage
  • With strong chemical smell
  • It is too small


Ultimately, the storage solution you choose will depend on how many toys you need to organize, the age of your child, and whether you prefer fashion or function. Many families will probably have to make use of several kinds of toy storage as their child grows, and cheap options like the jute storage totes are an excellent and inexpensive way to store extra toys. However, out of the five storage options listed here, there is one clear winner.

The KidKraft® Limited Edition Toy Chest is a great all-around option for just about every family. Thanks to its durable construction it will withstand all kinds of mistreatment, yet is attractive and will compliment your home decor making it well worth a price tag that is admittedly higher than comparative press board or plastic designs. Best of all, you'll be able to make use of it from your child's earliest days to their adolescence thanks to its large capacity. No matter which option you choose, making use of a toy chest ensures that you and your child avoid the frustrations of having too little storage, and will make it easy for everyone to keep toys and clutter off of the floor.

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