Post-Pregnancy Sex and Contraceptive Methods

The uterus post-delivery is very clean. It is in a condition of easily getting pregnant if you don’t use contraceptive methods. It is quite inconvenient to get pregnant again right after delivery and postpartum period. Therefore, you must be prepared to have contraceptive methods to prevent frequent pregnancy.

When should be the First Post-Pregnancy Sex?

At least 6 Weeks after Delivery

contraceptive methods

If it is a normal delivery, the first post-pregnancy sexual activity can be around 2 to 3 weeks after delivery. If sexual intercourse is conducted before this period, there is a potential risk to be infected by bacteria or viruses, or causes internal bleeding due to incomplete contraction of the uterus. Also, by considering the pain due to the surgical wound, normally, sex is appropriate to be resumed only after 6 weeks. Of course, if you considered the recovery of vagina condition and size to the original condition before pregnancy, as well as normal fluid secretion, it will take around 3 months. In overall, the pregnant women’s body should be roughly recovered to the original condition in 6 weeks after delivery.

Contraceptive is required for the First Post-Pregnancy Sex

It is quite often that there is a misperception of no pregnancy will occur when there is no menstruation. However, if the ovulation ability is regained, the women will easily get pregnant. Therefore, contraception is essential for the first post-pregnancy sex or starting from 4 weeks after delivery.

Prepare Condom

A condom, another form of contraceptive methods, does not affect a woman’s health. In addition, it can protect the female from the bacteria from the male, prevent her from infection, and it is the most suitable contraceptive method for post-delivery or post-pregnancy. Since the uterus is not fully recovered yet, hence it is easy to be infected. Therefore, from the hygiene perspective, it is better to use a condom as contraception.

Ligation if you do not want pregnancy

Ligation is the vasectomy surgery of closing off a blood vessel or other duct or tube in the body by means of a ligature or clip. It can achieve a 98% success rate in contraception. Compared with tubal surgery, it is easier to recover with high recovery rate. If you are willing to, you can conduct ligation recovery operation for two times, but if two times or above is requested, there will be certain level of difficulties. If you do not want unplanned pregnancy, this method can be considered.

Post-Pregnancy Contraceptives

Count your Safe Period

By utilizing the menstruation cycle, the rhythm method can be applied. Try to avoid sexual intercourse before and after ovulation period, when the ovum can stay alive one day after ovulation period, whereas sperm can stay alive for 2 to 3 days. According to a constant menstruation cycle, the possible period of getting pregnant is the first 18 days during the past 6 months for short menstruation period, and the first 11 days for long menstruation period. For those without constant menstruation cycle, the failure rate of applying this method is high.

Oral Contraception

By taking oral contraceptive pill, it will adjust your hormones to suppress the ovulation. Other than the effectiveness of 97%, it also provides adjustment to the irregular or non-constant menstruation, as well as reducing the menstruation pain.

Oral contraception is an essential method. Within the 5 days since the menstruation starts, consume one contraceptive pill. Just in case when you forget to eat, it is still alright to consume 2 contraceptive pills within 12 hours. However, when you have forgotten to consume more than 2 contraceptive pills, the failure rate of contraception will be very high. If you have forgotten the intake for a few days, you must throw all your pills away and start a new set. The common side effect of contraceptive pills is nausea, which can be usually overcome by consuming around bedtime. Contraceptive pills will definitely not affect the ability of pregnancy and not cause deformity. It is a safe medicinal pill.


This method is suitable for female who has a higher amount of vaginal secretions. When it is being inserted before sexual intercourse, the vagina will produce bubbles that can kill sperm. It is also effective in treating Trichomonas Vaginitis. The effect will disappear 30 minutes after insertion, and it is better not to clean your vagina 6 hours after usage of spermicides. There are two types of spermicides available with similar effect.

Intrauterine Device (IUD)

In Taiwan, it is commonly known as “Zuo Le Pu”. This device can prevent the zygote from stopping at the uterus. Generally, it is used by women with past pregnancy experiences because it is not easy to insert into the vagina or uterus. This method is effective, once it is installed, its effectiveness can last at least three to five years. It is best to apply when an unplanned pregnancy is not desired. It can be removed whenever pregnancy is preferred.

After the menstruation period, IUD can be installed in less than 5 minutes by the professionals with a simple operational procedure. The failure rate is only 3%. In the case of getting pregnant with IUD installed, it will not cause any negative impacts if IUD is removed during the early stages of pregnancy.


Condom is an elastic or plastic covered on the male reproductive organ, preventing sperms from entering the vagina. When in use, the end of condom should be pinched to remove all the air to prevent the risk of spoilage.


Its appearance is similar to IUD but it contains lutein inside. It can secrete lutein at the uterus everyday with an appropriate amount, contraception can be done with no side-effects expected. The lutein will make uterus become slimy hence it is difficult for the sperms to approach ovum. Inside the oviduct and vasectomy, the normal sperm activities are hindered. Similarly, Mirena and IUD are more suitable for women with past pregnancy experiences, especially for women who don’t want to get pregnant in 5 years. In addition, it helps to relieve the menstruation pain and anemia.


Insert the pessary into the vagina before sexual intercourse. It is only suggested for females who suffer from pain during intercourse. Compared with condom, its advantage is the lower possibility of getting spoiled or damaged.

Emergency Contraceptive (After-Sex Contraceptive)

When masturbation occurs when there’s no pre-contraceptive measures taken, consuming this emergency contraceptive pill can achieve certain effect of contraception. After 72 hours when sexual intercourse ended, consume one time, and after 12 hours, consume the 2nd time. The effectiveness of contraception is around 75%. You must confirm that there is no menstruation after 2 to 3 weeks since emergency contraceptive is consumed. When there is pregnancy, make sure to consume this contraceptive during 5 days within ovulation period to ensure no effects to the fetus. Do not use this randomly, as it must be subjected to doctor’s prescription.

Hypodermic Injection Device

This device is a new contraceptive method with only 0.07% failure rate, which is the most successful contraceptive method among the others. It is being done by planting a thin and tiny envelope containing hormonal agents into your arm. It is just an easy operation by Gynecologist. It will suppress ovulation to achieve contraception.

It has excellent effectiveness, not only reducing the amount of menstruation, but also allows flexibility in daily activities. Once the device is removed, the ability of pregnancy can be regained immediately. However, it might leave a scar. Besides that, due to the usage of hormonal agents, the menstruation period after removal might be irregular. The contraception effect can last for 3 years. It must be removed after 3 years.


It is a surgical procedure which blocks the vasectomy or oviduct. Although the contraception successful rate is high, however if you want to recover in order to get pregnant, a recovery operation is required. Therefore, be extra vigilant in making this decision.

Contraceptive Methods with High Successful Rate or Effectiveness

- Oral Contraceptive Pills

- Spermicides


- Mirena

- Condom

- Hypodermic Injection Device

Above mentioned are the contraceptive methods that you can choose from based on which one you feel like using. You can also seek your partner’s advice which one he’d like you to use.

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