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Development and Health Care for Toddler

Your toddler can walk, eat and play all on its own. Starting now, you should give your child toys that encourage them to be more independent. Let your toddler know that Mommy believes in him/her, and that she’s by his/her side watching. Height82.6cm-85.1cm (Boy) 81.8cm-84.4cm (Girl)Weight9.7711.72kg-12.30kg (Boy) 11.23kg-12.03kg (Girl)DevelopmentFuller imagination. Can control when they go […]

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Development and Health Care for a 11 Month Old Baby

Your 11 month old baby can by now say one or two syllables like “Mama, Dada.” He or she can also roughly understand what Mom is saying. Read picture books out loud to help grow the vocabulary of the 11 month old baby. Height76.5cm (Boy) 75.6cm (Girl)Weight9.77kg (Boy) 9.28kg (Girl)DevelopmentStarts walking. Long-term memory appears.Nursing intake210-240cc powdered […]

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