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Infertility: Have you done an Abortion?

Understanding the Problems and Undergoing TreatmentOvercoming InfertilityIf can be rather depressing when a family is ready for children but realize that infertility is present in any one of them. This is especially apparent in Taiwan due to negative mentality towards the inability to procreate. However, with strong determination and understanding of the causes of infertility, […]

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Reproductive System: Male and Female Anatomy

Vital Pregnancy and Labor OrgansUnderstanding the Male and Female Reproductive OrgansProcreation, through the female’s reproductive system, is the most fascinating realm amidst the wonders of natural law.The reproductive parts such as ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, testicles and other organs, along with the process of conception, pregnancy and childbirth are important steps of procreation. Hence, let […]

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Preconception Health Checkup: Pregnancy Complications

Identifying Diseases from AbnormalitiesNormal physiological functionality is the basis of a healthy mother. An unhealthy female reproductive system is the cause for infertility and miscarriage. If symptoms such as those listed below persist, head down to the gynecologist for a checkup.Abnormal MenstruationNo Signs of Menstruation for MonthsYou need to question if there is a problem […]

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Preconception Health Checkup: How to get Pregnant

The Importance of Preconception Health Checkups and Treatment of Prevailing AilmentsAny form of disease a mother suffers from will inevitably affect her child during pregnancy. Therefore, preconception health checkups are necessary to identify prevailing diseases and undergoing appropriate treatment if there is any detected. What are the types of preconception tests? What are the conditions […]

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The Basics of Natural Family Planning

Before engaging in family planning, make sure that your financial situation, you and your partner’s age, as well as the potential age gap with your child, are within considerations.The First Step to a Blissful Pregnancy –Family PlanningYour child’s growth and development require immense responsibility and duty. Hence, it is essential that you are physically and […]

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