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Twins: Twice the Effort, Twice the Joy and Twice the Nutrition You Need

Older Expectant Mothers and Expecting TwinsSpecial attention needs to be paid to older expectant mothers and women expecting twins. This is because there are high risks of premature births, toxemia and deformities. To ensure that this group of pregnant women undergoes a smooth pregnancy and deliver twins successfully, the following lifestyle and precautions are to […]

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Infertility: Have you done an Abortion?

Understanding the Problems and Undergoing TreatmentOvercoming InfertilityIf can be rather depressing when a family is ready for children but realize that infertility is present in any one of them. This is especially apparent in Taiwan due to negative mentality towards the inability to procreate. However, with strong determination and understanding of the causes of infertility, […]

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Reproductive System: Male and Female Anatomy

Vital Pregnancy and Labor OrgansUnderstanding the Male and Female Reproductive OrgansProcreation, through the female’s reproductive system, is the most fascinating realm amidst the wonders of natural law.The reproductive parts such as ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, testicles and other organs, along with the process of conception, pregnancy and childbirth are important steps of procreation. Hence, let […]

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Prenatal Classes: What is Sistine Prenatal Education?

Sistine Prenatal EducationCultivating Talents via Sistine Prenatal EducationAn ordinary couple implemented a prenatal education system and then gave birth to a child with a genius IQ score of 160. Their prenatal education system is then known as ‘Sistine Prenatal Education’ and became a popular method amidst parents. Sistine Prenatal Education’s most unique feature is educating […]

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