Pregnancy: How to Deal with the Changing Season

How can a pregnant woman endure fatigue and perspiration during a hot summer season? How can they stay fair during a cold winter? A pregnant woman’s body is quite sensitive when going through seasonal change. Below are some simple explanations of how to comfortably navigate change in season.

Spring Season

During this season, take special care as morning sickness, skin problems, freckles, melasma and allergies are all more troublesome at this time. Chinese medicine sees spring as the windy season. It is warm, windy and dry so it’s much easier to develop allergies. The winter season results in lower levels of exercise vitamins. So when spring arrives, it finds the body’s immune system in a weakened state.

Rules to follow during spring


· During spring the skin will inevitably develop more problems due to higher levels of sunlight and wind. It is important to maintain cleanliness and wear thin clothing to help blood circulation. Any soap or cosmetic product must be free of irritants.

· Avoid eating oily foods. Eating more fruit and seaweed filled with vitamins and minerals is best.

· The temperature will increase during spring, so the body will be hotter which will lead to worsening of morning sickness. For those who are not fond of spring weather, it is not an easy season to be pregnant in.

· During the later stages of pregnancy, skin is easier to develop problems due to lower hormone secretion. The skin will appear to have rubella symptoms and will swell, or will become severely moist and develop eczema or blisters. When itchy, it could even lead to bleeding. If this condition gets worse and causes worry, please seek medical attention in a hospital immediately.

Summer Season

Be aware of morning sickness, freckles, melasma, anemia, diarrhea, hot fever and miscarriage. Summer is hot and damp from increased showers of rain. It is the most troublesome season for a pregnant woman. Perspiration will increase from the heat, activity and movement during daytime is increased, so strength is easy to fade and feel fatigued.

Spending a lot of time in air conditioned rooms is also risky. If the internal and external temperature differs too much, it could cause the womb to contract and has a higher risk of miscarriage.

Rules to follow during summer

· If the indoor and outdoor temperature differs by over 5 degrees, it is easy to develop a cold or fever. If too hot, it is difficult to fall asleep. Turn the air conditioning to 25-28 degrees and avoid direct breezes or winds.

· Through the influence of hormones, secretions will increase, so this must be observed. Summer is damp and especially due to the heat, it is very easy to develop Trichomonas vaginitis and Candida vaginitis. It is best to wear light and loose underwear. If secretions are too high or the condition gets worse, seek medical advice.

· Although very hot, exercise is still essential. If exercise is reduced, the appetite will also decrease which causes intestine function to be compromised making digestion harder, higher chances of constipation, and makes it harder to fall asleep.

· When using air conditioning, ensure that the indoor and outdoor temperature difference is 3-5 degrees. After using air conditioning for one hour, open the windows for 20 minutes of fresh air.

· Hang a bag of ice cubes on the front of an electric fan. This will simulate the same effect as air conditioning. Every summer, there are one or two cases of suffocation. In order to avoid that, you must turn off air con before going to sleep.

· When taking a shower, use warm water. If cold water is used, it will have negative effects on the body and will be a source of concern.

· Eat small quantities of easy to digest food, but eat frequently. During the hot weather, it is easy to get food poisoning from spoiled food, so please be aware. If you have diarrhea, the movement in the intestines is increased which will harm the womb. It will also develop a higher chance of miscarriage during the early stages of pregnancy.

· Perspiration, anemia and exhaustion will increase so please be careful.

Autumn Season

Chinese medicine says autumn is the convergent season. A season associated with a comfortable degree of warmth and moisture, thus allowing the body’s heat to be reduced. It is the best season for pregnancy. But it is the Yin-Chi (Yin from the Chinese Yin-Yang) season. For those with a Yin-constitution who are not comfortable during autumn, it is best to avoid pregnancy during this time. According to the ‘four dharma seal’ medical system, autumn is good for people with a cold-constitution but not good for people with a hot constitution. Traditionally, those with a hot constitution will avoid pregnancy during this season.

Rules to follow during autumn

· Due to the change in climate, the mother’s body will become weak and very easy to catch a cold.

· The temperature difference between daytime and nighttime is greater, so be careful during late afternoon periods when the temperature will drop suddenly. It is good to prepare several layers of clothing to prevent catching a cold.

· Go to a place with trees and clean, fresh air for a stroll, or to a countryside place for a walk.

· Appetite will be good during autumn but if you eat according to your heart’s desire, then weight will have excessive increase which will cause a much harder childbirth. So please remember to control food consumption.

Winter Season

During winter months, you must beware of catching a cold, gestosis, falling over and skin problems. Due to wearing extra layers of clothes, body movement will become slow and clumsy, so take extra care when walking in snowy or icy conditions. When the body’s rhythm becomes unsettled, gestosis is easy to appear, so at all times pay attention to keeping warm and continue to exercise to maintain strength. For those people with a hot constitution, it is a great season, but for those with a cold constitution, it is not easy to get pregnant during this season.

Rules to follow during winter

· During the first stages of pregnancy, the autonomic nervous system is unstable. Blood pressure is low so the mother will often get dizzy. Dizziness will feel more severe when standing up from a seated position, or when sitting in a moving car. If at any time you feel dizzy, avoid falling over and quickly sit down and keep your head low.

· Because the pregnant woman has a new life growing insider her body, the vitality in the blood will be lessened. The internal secretions of hormones will not be coordinated and so resistance and immunity will be weaker, therefore colds are slower to heal. Pregnancy causes the body to operate at a higher temperature than normal. When colds and sweats are added to the mix, the situation can become more severe. If a cough is severe, especially after 8 months pregnancy, it may lead to the premature rupture of the amniotic sac. So please pay extra attention to this condition.

· When moving from a cold to warm location, skin may develop red swelling or itchiness, especially in a woman with poor circulation. When the difference in temperature is great, the mother is especially more susceptible to harm. It is best to restrict any sudden changes in temperature, and maintain heat preservation in all the appendages such as hands and face etc.

· If you huddle up whilst cold, the body’s rhythm will become dulled and metabolism with slow down. This is more prominent when exercise is insufficient. If the body weight increases, gestosis is easier to develop. The colder the weather, the more important is exercise to improve the body’s metabolism.

Small Block of Common Knowledge: Nine foods to Prevent Anemia


Chicken contains protein, fat, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B and is helpful when eaten with food containing iron.

Dry Nuts

Walnuts, peanuts, pine nuts, chestnuts, almonds, dry nuts, all have lots of protein, iron and fat. They especially contain good quantities of both saturated and unsaturated fats. They are healthy for the veins, prevents anemia and help maintain soft skin.


Eggs and milk are considered whole foods and contain high amounts of calcium, protein, phosphor, vitamin B1 and B2, and niacin. This can help to prevent vascular ageing and can normalize liver function.


Spinach has high levels of all types of vitamins, especially vitamin A. Calcium and iron are also high and this is the best form of alkaline food for a pregnant woman.


Seaweed and wakame contains high levels of easy to absorb iron. It is good to mix seaweed or deep-water fish with soup or rice. It is good to mix with onigiri (Japanese rice-ball snack), stewed seaweed or cold seaweed salad.

Dried Fish

Contains lots of calcium, protein and minerals, and can relieve anemia.


Aubergine contains good quantities of iron, phosphor and calcium. It is effective in treating anemia, acts as an effective diuretic, and eases constipation.


Prepare fresh cows, chickens or pigs liver. Fried is very good, alternatively, boil until well cooked.


Roots, fruits and vegetables have lots of vitamin C and can help complex irons transform into easy to absorb iron. Citrus foods have a particularly high level of vitamin C.

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