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When it comes to post-delivery management, there is traditional medicine and recipe that are recommended for mothers to intake. What could those traditional medicine be? What food in particular? Let’s find out.

Traditional Post-Delivery Health Recipes

Traditionally, there are foods or recipes that are useful to women after delivery.

traditional medicine

Their main function is to create more blood cells and mainly constitute of animal protein and fat. These are very helpful to mother who consumes mainly carbohydrate but lacks protein and fat.

Kelp and Sea Mustard

Kelp is the best ingredient for postpartum dietary. Kelp contains rich iodine, calcium, minerals, vitamins, etc. which can help in womb shrinkage and hematopoietic action. In addition, it also accelerates metabolism, promotes lactation secretion, and also aids in eliminating fatigue due to delivery. It also assists in post delivery recovery, and relieve constipation.

Normally, beef or meat will be included as ingredient in kelp soup, however this is not recommended by Chinese medication, saying that it will cause blood clotting and inhibit breast growth. Thus, it is better to replace beef with fish or shellfish.


Seaweed is good for fatigue recovery and able to reactivate the ability of digestive system. It serves as an efficient diuretic, and helpful in flatulence elimination. This ingredient can be obtained easily as many foods are made out of seaweed. Cook seaweed together with garlic and raw ginger thoroughly until they lose the original shape, then add rice and boiled together into porridge. This is very helpful to treat post delivery weakness, digestion difficulties, joint pain, fever and colds.


If mother has no lactation secretion 3-4 days after childbirth, or the amount is too little, eating eel will stimulate lactation secretion. Eel also has rich vitamin A and unsaturated fatty acids which are of great help to mother’s body.

Pig’s Feet

Pig’s feet can smooth out lactation secretion and improve the quality of breast milk. Cooking peanuts and pig’s feet together is an effective recipe in boosting lactation secretion.


Although pumpkin is sweet, its sugar content is very low and is easy to digest, which is good for a mother with a weaker digesting ability. Cooked pumpkin soup or pumpkin porridge can serve as diuretic. It not only eliminates flatulence, tight chest, and thirst, but also improves the quality of sleep.

Common Knowledge: Consumption

Consume Pumpkin According to Different Body Condition

Pumpkin promotes good diuretic capability. It is good for weak livers. However, it does not help in post delivery swelling. The swelling which appears after delivery is because of the accumulated water content in the women’s body. So if you drink pumpkin soup right after your delivery, it will not help reduce swelling instead, it will cause physiological depression, leading to more water content and heat, hence the recovery will be prolonged. To reduce swelling after delivery, keep trying to perspire. One month after delivery, if the swelling and diuretic issues persist, for those with post delivery gestosis and obesity, they can try to consume more pumpkin.

Suitable Supplement for Post Delivery

There is an order in consuming Chinese tonics or supplements. Reverse or negative reactions will occur if not consumed appropriately. In addition, the tonic recipe should differ by individual and should choose what most suit for an individual.

Eat after delivery

The traditional Chinese medicines should be taken after delivery. However, it must follow the ascending order of a Chinese saying “Eliminate congested blood, then consume tonics”. In other words, eliminate and clean congested blood out of body before the intake of tonics or supplements. It is encouraged to consume Chinese medicinal soup around 1 or 2 days after delivery, in order to discharge lochia and clean dirty blood. If the congested dirty blood is not removed from your body, it will lead to abdominal pain and pain at the position of dissected perineum or caesarean section pains, so as stimulating puerperal fever, anemia dizziness, vaginal or postpartum wind, weaker digestive system and so on.

Replenish Blood after Discharging Lochia

After cleaning your blood, it is a basic knowledge to replenish it. If there is still lochia discharging, remember to take blood-cleaning prescription.

It takes 10 to 14 days after delivery to completely cleanse your blood. During uterus contraction, consuming ginseng and other relevant Chinese medicine will disturb the blood-cleansing process.

When the blood is completely cleansed, it is advisable to consume energizing essence soup or tonics namely “Ba Wu Soup” and “Shi Quan Da Bu Soup” in Chinese. In addition, “Ai Hwa Soup”, “Chi Chen Powder”, as well as Ephedra, citrus, bellflower, angelica, dried ginger etc. can serve as medicinal ingredient for “Wu Zei Jia Wei Soup”. Chinese medicine prescriptions that can only be consumed after 2 weeks include ginseng, angelica, citrus, licorice, and raw ginger.

Due to post delivery blood loss, you will be weak physically, having weak muscles and joints. To solve this and for illness prevention, it is necessary to consume tonics and supplements.

Tonic will not cause weight gain

There is a misperception that tonics will cause weight gain after delivery, but this is not a well-proven fact. By customizing tonics and supplements according to different body condition or individual, it will boost the metabolism, producing the circulation of body air (Qi), strengthen the muscles and skeleton, and promote blood circulation, helping to actively burn unnecessary fat. In addition, it can also prevent puerperium-stimulated illness and complications.

Common Knowledge: Chinese Medicine that are Useful in Post Delivery Recovery

- Ginseng (Not suggested for breastfeeding as it will reduce lactation secretion)

- American Ginseng, Astragalus (More effective if it is consumed along with Angelica)

- Velvet, Cinnamon, Aconite (Good for cold hands and legs or weak limbs)

- Radix, Lily, Topaz (Good for constipation)

- Angelica, Polygonum, Chinese Wolfberry, Gelatin (Good for blood recovery)

That’s it for the traditional medicines that should be consumed by mothers. You can also seek advice from elders about this.

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