Best Nursery Gliders Reviews in 2018

A nursery glider is a must-have for every nursery room. Many first time parents would feel bad if they missed having beautiful nursery glider furniture in their home. Nursery gliders are made for a purpose and they are especially helpful and beneficial for mommies and their babies. Now, there are several available nursery glider furnitures available in the market today but how do you pick the right one for you and your baby?

But wait, what exactly is a Nursery Glider?

Nursery Glider

According to Wikipedia, a nursery glider or platform rocker is a rocking chair that makes movements the same as that of the swing seat. Its frame consists of a seat that is attached to the base through a double-rock linkage. The arms’ non-parallel suspension stimulates the movement of a rocking chair, swinging back and forth. The swinging motion is what stimulates soothing and calming effect to a hungry or fussy baby.

Manufacturers also maximized the function of a baby glider that it is sometimes referred to as the nursing chair, baby chair or baby gliders. And to give ease to its functions, many baby nursery gliders are remodeled and reinvented to provide the maximum comfort ever.

There are two classification of baby nursery gliders:

The traditional rocker glider – These are solid wood constructed rocker-gliders that can be adorned with pads and cushions. Many of these types are RTA which makes it easy to transport or transfer to another spot in the nursery room.

The upholstered glider – These baby chairs are all-throughout upholstered, giving maximum cottony, cozy-feel for mommy. These are currently the most-sought after baby gliders in the market.

Nursery Gliders: What to Expect

Nursery gliders provide more comfort than you would ever think. Some would believe that a soft, cozy cushion can already take the place of a baby glider, but it really isn’t the case. Some may even say that it’s not worth it and it can eventually be outgrown and will just end up in your storage rooms. People can be quick to complain about how the addition of a baby nursery glider can have a toll on the financial aspect of the household, aside from the spacious requirement it would bring. But if you’re after the convenience and relaxation to accompany you in your parenting journey in the long-run, you need a nursery glider.

A nursery glider can do wonders for you and your baby more than you would expect. More than being a mere furniture for display, a baby glider that gives you want you need can be an investment as you continue to parent your baby. A good baby glider assists you in the following:

Putting baby to sleep – The first days after your baby’s childbirth is crucial. It may tend to be frustrating for the first time mothers who are already feeling exhausted that baby still couldn’t get the sleep she or he wanted. Yes, we know that babies are also making adjustments to the outside world after having been pampered in our wombs for months. But, mothers need help to get used to this situation too.

Babies need the warmth of their mothers. They often demand having the feeling of being skin-to-skin with their mothers. Being held by the mother soothes the baby which enables him to fall asleep easily. And it could be tiresome to be holding and rocking the baby on a standing position. A nursery glider has cushion and it makes the back and forth movement helps baby put to slumber without any difficulty.

Feedings – Babies require more frequent feedings and nourishment for growth and baby development. Feeding babies have to be done in an upright position and because of their frailty, they need to be cradled with much caution. Supporting your baby’s soft body can produce strain to the aching backs of mommies. Night-time feedings could be bothersome most especially. There are some babies who wake up in wee hours of the morning because they are hungry.

Whether you breastfeed your baby or feed them via bottle, the fact remains that doing this while on a standing position is painful, not to mention that it puts too much pressure on your arms and back. In a nursery glider, you can feed your baby while being comfy. Plus, the baby glider’s armrest can help you support the body weight of your baby without adding tension to your arms and shoulders.

Story telling time – Babies like to be spoken to and they like to hear their mommy’s voice all the time. A nursery glider can be a great place for all those bonding moments which you as a parent wouldn’t want to miss. A baby glider is sturdy but cozy enough to allow movements while mommy reads stories to her baby. Then, mommy and baby can go straight co-sleeping in the baby glider so there’s no need to transfer baby to the crib or bed. Nursery gliders help save time while ensuring the connection of parent-child relationship are established.

In general, a nursery glider is one important tool that is very helpful to the parents and their baby. More than anything else, the bond that is created, the attachment formed between mommy and baby for doing activities together can be facilitated by a nursery glider. Great, loving times can happen when you’re in a comfortable, durable baby glider.

Things to Look for in a Nursery Glider

There are a lot of nursery gliders available in the market to choose from. But knowing the basics, as well as your preferences, can help you narrow down those choices to the baby glider you are looking for, fit for both you and your baby. Here is a quick guide to help you decide what to look for when buying a nursery glider.

Comfort – A nursery glider should give you comfort and protection since, basically, you and your baby will have a lot of physical contact and movements together.

o Cushion – A nursery glider is all throughout upholstered and padded which can be easily detached for spot cleaning, unlike the wooden rocker which is kind of uncomfortable to sit on especially for long term use.

o Armrest – Check the armrest. Position your arms to it and see how it could help you support your baby. You will be needing an armrest that is durable but comfortable while you hold your baby on the nursery glider.

o High back or low back. Modern baby gliders are custom-made fit for parents’ ease. Some would opt to find a baby glider in which they can put their head back to rest during dozing times. Others would prefer a high-back for a sturdier support for their head and shoulders.

Sturdiness – Most baby nursery gliders are wooden constructed with metal enclosing ball bearings to ensure a smooth gliding, rocking movement to occur. It should also offer a generous seating compartment and made to be durable and strong enough to accommodate mommy and baby in a relaxed position.

o Check for screws, parts, and frames if complete. Look if mechanism fits and works. Call the store or manufacturer for a missing part or an immediate replacement.

o Test the nursery glider by sitting on it. Feel the rocking movement of the glider before buying. More importantly, you should feel safe and secure in it.

o Durable fabric – Since many moments in the nursery gliders will leave you with stains or spills, it is better to invest on to the fabric that is durable and that won’t fade easily. Find a fabric that doesn’t easily wear out. Look for a baby glider with removable pads and cushions as these provide convenience in cleaning or washing.

o Choose a glider chair that has a locking mechanism. This should be the case when looking for a nursery glider especially with kids around the house who are exploratory and curious. Your toddler tends to be fascinated by the movements of a glider and with a locking mechanism, you can have a peace of mind that they will be safe even if they sit or climb on it. No worries for accidents and finger pinches with these clever lock mechanisms.

o A completely enclosed base is helpful to protect the moving parts of the nursery glider and keep it in a steady position when you are not using it.

Functionality – Most baby furniture created nowadays are intended to be flexible to adjust and convertible to go along as your baby grows. Baby manufacturers tend to put in mind that parents of today would prefer practicality in choosing a baby furniture to include in the nursery room. There are nursery gliders that can be turned to a personal stationary sofa or couch for your baby once he grows.

Stylish – Most nursery gliders have fabrics and shades to match the most color of furniture and you can have it coordinated with the nursery room décor. There are those that have designs and styles that make it appear less than a glider-rocker but more of a beautiful furniture in the house.

Additional Features:

o Recliners – A nursery glider that reclines when mommy lowers the back of the chair or raise its front is another helpful feature to look in. Some baby gliders have a headrest that can be adjusted. These additional features all the more provide maximum comfort for both mommy and baby.

o Ottoman – There are baby gliders that include ottoman in the package while there are others that are sold separately. Ottoman is where you can place your feet up while using the glider. But it can also double as a place where you can put a book after story reading or bottle after feeding. The ottoman provides convenience for essential things to be within arm’s reach.

o Chair pads or pillow cushions – Some nursery gliders can be bought with a chair pad or pillow cushions which can be especially helpful to your back. Plus, it adds more comfort to mommy while seated on the glider.

o The swivel function – More than the smooth gliding effect of most gliders today, the swivel function aims to provide a full 360° rocking and movement experience to both mommy and baby. This can be soothing for baby and mommy during the nursing process or bonding moments.

o The massage – Some nursery gliders have a built-in massage function to ease out those aching, sore muscles as a result of holding the baby for so long. This added feature helps mommies to relax better while nursing their babies.

Guideline in Choosing:

A Review of the Storkcraft’s line of their best-selling Nursery Gliders

There are a lot of brands that sell baby nursery gliders in the market, and you can readily order them online or in a physical store. Each of these baby manufacturers give you the same kind of protection, security, and comfort you look in for a baby glider.

When it comes to baby gliders, one of the most known and best-selling nursery gliders come from Storkcraft which had its humble beginnings back in 1945. It is a household name for baby furniture in the US. Their line of furniture is with quality and competitiveness at a fraction of the cost. This is why perhaps they are famous in this business.

Storkcraft is proud of its high-quality, innovative baby furniture that ranges from baby cribs, changing tables, dressers, beds and bunk beds, glider rocker chairs, and mattresses. Storkcraft is known to have long-standing but impressive history as a manufacturer that provide products with quality, stylish, and safety at an affordable price. It also places emphasis on producing products that provides customer satisfaction and incorporates innovation as compared to other manufacturing companies.

Editor’s Pick:

Stork Craft’s Hoop Glider 

In terms of affordability, the Stork Craft Hoop Glider comes first in the list. With less than $150, you can already afford a nursery glider from one of the most reputable baby furniture manufacturer in the US.

The Stork Craft Hoop Glider has the same essential elements a parent would look in for a nursery glider – it is made of soft polyester to give a comfortable feeling, and with its enclosed metal ball bearings, you will feel secure while having the experience of an incredible smooth rocking movement together with your baby. It has padded arms and arm cushions that have a pocket siding to conveniently put your other essential things such as baby bottles, a book or baby cloths. The cushions in the back and seat as well as the arm rest are washable by gentle hand washing.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable
  • With low-back advantage
  • May not be too sturdy
  • Rear backrest are woobly
  • After several use it squeaks

For Stylish Mommy

Stork Craft Tuscany Glider and Ottoman

The Stork Craft Tuscany Glider and Ottoman is your pick for a stylish and elegant nursery glider. It boasts of a charming look and trendy appearance that has colors available in Cherry and Beige combination, as well as Espresso variant.

The features of this nursery glider is its sleek design that can accentuate not only your baby’s nursery room, but also your house décor. The padded design gives an appearance of a cozy lounge and its high-back resembles this baby glider to a high office chair. Talk about versatility, the Stork Craft Tuscany Glider and Ottoman is sophisticated and classy while assuring security and safety for your family.

  • Comfortable
  • Nice cushion
  • Classy and versatile
  • Glider squeaking
  • Seat maybe too narrow
  • Some report says it is low in quality

Editor’s Choice

Stork Craft’s Best-Seller

The Stork Craft’s Custom Hoop Glider and Ottoman is, by far, the best choice from among the three when it comes to comfort, durability, and affordability.

This nursery glider has a wide selection of color combinations that is not only visually appealing, but also enhances the overall theme of the nursery room because of its exquisite designs and finishes. This glider is easy to coordinate the decorations of the nursery. It also provides ease for the sitter and will make nursing a pleasurable experience both for mommy and baby because of its generous seating room capacity. It also features back and front cushions as spot-cleanable, making your nursery glider looking fresh and clean, not to mention taking hygiene into consideration.

It is also affordable and with a little more than $150, you will be able to own for yourself one of the best seller baby nursery glider of the famous Stork Craft company. After all, they have been in the industry for more than 70 years, mastering their craft and incorporating new methods and technology to provide quality, safety, customer satisfaction at an affordable price.

  • Advantageously very easy to put together despite its heavyweight
  • Elegant and sophisticated
  • Economical choice
  • Easy to clean
  • More comfortable than the 2 other slider
  • Heavier as compared to the other two baby gliders
  • Not sturdy enough
  • Padding are not thick

Nursery Gliders Installation Guide 101

Stork Craft’s nursery gliders are made ready-to-assemble and comes with an instruction manual to help you put these pieces together. But if you’re still finding it difficult to assemble this beautiful pieces of nursery glider, you can find here videos posted online to help you get through with the installation process.

A Nursery Glider to Help you in Your Parenting Journey

Nursery gliders are a must have in the nursery. Imagine that you and your baby will spend more time together and you want to be there for him, but in a comfortable and relaxing position. This is where baby gliders come in. Nursery gliders offer ease and trouble-free parenting for mommy. In return, baby is calm and pleased. Result is that both mommy and baby are happy. No worries and problem solved, thanks to the baby glider.

Nursery gliders are a necessity and in the long run, you will realize how advantageous and beneficial it is for you in nursing or parenting your baby. It can help save your discomfort and ease-out troubles both in the areas of physical and emotional aspect.

There are a lot of quality baby gliders being manufactured and sold within your budget. You just have to know what features you will need to help you get started. Nursery gliders also help provide organization in the nursery room. Just like having a toy chest, isn’t it convenient to have all your baby’s essentials and equipment in its place so you know where everything is, and that everything is coordinated in your nursery room? A place for certain things can also make parenting less of a worry, but more enjoyable and fun in the long run.

Parenting could be intimidating especially for first-time parents. Mothers are particularly more affected by the thought of a baby coming to the family. It could be nerve-wracking to think how you could be able to comfort your baby while you comfort yourself. It is especially difficult without any other help. Good thing is that equipment and furniture like the baby glider is here to be with you on your nursing journey. Save your worries, ease out your pain and just enjoy parenthood while you continue to bond and create wonderful moments with your little one on a baby glider. You will never have to miss your baby’s first laugh or first words when you’re on a comfortable and durable nursery glider.

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