Postpartum Mistakes due to Chinese Folklore

Have you heard any of the Chinese Folklore? or have you heard any beliefs about after giving birth? Let me tell you about the two Chinese Folklore that most people know about.

Cannot Shower for 30 Days Post Child Delivery?

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This is a very well known Chinese Folklore almost all over the world. If you get a cold after delivery, it is commonly known that this will cause life-long sequela or side-effects to your body. However, it is not necessary to stay in a room with extreme heat for the purpose of avoid sweating and getting a cold. It is alright to shower, stay in air-conditioned room, or exposed to light wind, except for exposing to extreme cold air will make you suffer from bone pain and muscle contraction. Other than that, folk customs do not allow pregnant women to eat cold food. However, this has no scientific proof. Human are warm-blooded, and hence consuming cold food should not cause a cold.

Need to Lie On The Bed for 14 Days Post Delivery?

During delivery, the physique is lengthened; hence do not exercise vigorously or forcefully. However, lying in bed all the time is not beneficial as well. When you regain body stability, it indicates that you are able to do some simple exercise. This will actually help to promote recovery. Due to fatigue and pain, pregnant women will usually prefer lying in bed for quite some days after delivery. If so, there will be potential risk for varicose vein to develop as blood-clotting might occur in the deep veins of legs and pelvis. The possibility of such risk to take place is especially high during the first week after delivery.


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