Super Foods for Pregnant Women

There are super food that a pregnant woman can intake that will surely give them the right nutrients and minerals they need. Each set of super foods provide different nutrition.

Super Foods: Linseed Oil, Sesame Oil and Perilla Oil

The special characteristic of sesame and perilla are that amongst all the minerals contained. The main constituent is protein, fat and calcium. 

The protein is of extra special quality, and the amino acids are slightly better than the animal proteins. The aroma given off during the frying of sesame contains the histidine type of amino acid, and is very good when mixed with spinach and vegetables.

Mixed together with all sorts of vegetable dishes, some chilli oil can be added. You can also try Korean meat bipimbabis suitable for the pregnant woman. Those are even richer in amino acids than chili powder. It is therefore considered a more nutritious food.


To prevent imbalance of nutrients, consumption of grains are recommended. You can also use it to correct an existing imbalance.

A vegetarian diet often lacks protein and unsaturated fats. However, it can be corrected with the bud and kernel of grains. When using grains to correct nutritional imbalance, ensure organic products are used. Those are free of risk from pesticides.

Super Foods: Beans and Oysters

It is recommended to consume more high protein foods such as beans and oysters. My country’s foods characteristically are low in protein and fat but too high in carbohydrates. Additionally, the protein contained in beef or chicken soup can contain a lot of minerals. It can help reach a nutritional balance.


Meat is essential for the mother and developing child. They are high in cholesterol and fat. Thus, it is very important for those with high blood pressure or diabetes to only consume low-fat meats. For beef, choose cuts from the shoulder or leg, for chicken choose leg or breast meat.

Super Foods: Vegetable Oil with Green and Yellow Vegetables

When cooking with meat, use soybean oil which contains unsaturated fats, use sesame oil to mix with your food. You can also use walnut oil, olive oil and brown rice oil. Those of which can in turn prevent the build up of animal fat in the body.

Furthermore, meat with garlic, onion, lettuce, sesame and green or yellow vegetables is a great accompaniment. Chicken with shrimp paste is also a good accompaniment, but beware of eating excessive salty foods during pregnancy.

Fish and Seafood

super foods

Fish and seafood not only have good quality protein, they also have a large quantity of essential amino acids. Deep-water fish in particular have high levels of unsaturated fats. Eat them frequently. Oysters and shellfish should be eaten when in season. Outside of these times, they may become poisonous.

Super Foods: All Types of Seaweed

Fish, seafood and seaweed when accompanied together can give a full supply of vitamins and minerals.

Dairy Products

Milk contains a great portion of all the nutrition that humans require. It is a good source of quality protein, vitamin D, calcium and fatty acids. For an adult’s daily required nutritional intake, a glass of milk contains 15-20% protein, 25% vitamin D and 25-38% of calcium needed.

Milk protein also contains lots of essential amino acids. It is not only rich in nutrients, but is also easy to digest. There are some people whom after drinking one mouthful of milk are unable to digest. They will also suffer from flatulence and diarrhea. This is because they lack the enzymes to breakdown the lactose in the milk. But after drinking a few times, this problem should disappear. For those unable to digest milk, substitute with yogurt.

Yogurt has been through the fermenting process. Therefore, lactose has already been transformed into lactic acid. That is already easy to digest and improves calcium absorbance.

Calcium is the most important mineral contained within milk. One glass contains approximately 250 mg of protein. Not only is this quantity much higher than other foods, but it is much easier to absorb too. The fat contained in milk contains Vitamin D which also aids the absorption of calcium.

Calcium is an important nutrient during pregnancy or when menstruation has just ceased. In order to supplement this calcium intake, you must drink at least two glasses of milk per day. People with high cholesterol or obesity, can drink low fat or fat free milk. Only the fat has been removed from these products, all the other nutrients are present.

That’s much it for the super foods needed by a pregnant woman.

Sandra Henderson

Editor-in-chief at Babiology and a proud mother of four passionate about sharing pregnancy and baby growth knowledges

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